ways to build customer crust & loyalty
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7 Ways You Can Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

TRUST is a very big thing!!!

TRUST is a powerful core to build up loyalty customers that will come back to your site.

See how you can build trust and get your blog rolling right now!!

Let’s see what you would learn in 7 Ways You Can Build Customer Trust & Loyalty:

  • The Root Of Trust & How You Create It

3 Pillars Of Trust
#1 Brand
#2 Ambassador
#3 Website

  • 7 Ways You Can Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

#1 Find Out What They Want & Give It To Them
#2 Be Consistent
#3 Go Beyond What Is Expected
#4 To Engage & Ask For Engagement
#5 Even A Tiny Thing Matters
#6 Rapport: Make Readers LIKE You
#7 Listen To The Readers


The Root Of Trust & How You Create It

The root of trust is REPUTATION.

We build up a reputation by creating value.

But, how can I create value?

Simply keep the 3 PILLARS that I’m gonna talk about in mind, even newbie bloggers can easily build trust from the readers!

The three pillars are the basement for you to create value by adding helpful content.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend money on building all these pillars.

You just have to put effort and spend time to build these three.

Remember, building trust is not about spending money but creating VALUE!

Sandy’s HINT

The 3 Pillars (brand, ambassador, website) >> Value(content) >> Reputation >> Trust


3 Pillars Of Trust

  • Brand
  • Ambassador
  • Website

Let me break all these down in the next few sections.

#1 Brand

Get a nice logo and have brand colors

A brand is not only about nice looking but also represents YOU.

Have brand consistency on your website and social media can make people recognize you once they see those image, logo, photo, etc.

Guess what? People inherently TRUST a brand.

And that is going to gravitate people come to you and your website, social media, your YouTube channel and all these kinds of stuff.

#2 Ambassador

Ambassador is who stands behind that brand.

You are the ambassador for your blog.

Everything you do matters.

To be a great ambassador, being active to help people, creating content with great value and interact with your readers can build trust from your readers.

Take time to ENGAGE and reply to what people are asking.

#3 Website

  • Create a thoughtful user experience
  • Remove the ads
  • Easy to find information

Your website would consist of USER EXPERIENCE.

As a result, when somebody lands on the site think about, “ Do they inherently trust the look of the site?”, “ Is it easy to read? ”, “ Is it easy to navigate? ”

These overall experience that they would have when landing on your site can be one of the vital factors to affect whether the readers would trust you or not.

Your website is like the tourist guide, which takes people where they want to go.

Also, the ads would affect how the readers feel about your website as well.

It’s common to see ads banner all around the content page.

Now, ask yourself if you would click those ads? Probably NOT!!

The ads might work, but you can only get a one-time benefit from it.

To sum up, the ads hurt the user experience and leads to the loss of trust from the readers.

What we hope to see is that your readers trust you and they will COME BACK to visit, doesn’t it?

Now that we build up the three pillars of trust, let’s learn more about how to add value and establish a great reputation so that we can gain customer trust and loyalty RIGHT NOW!!



The 3 Pillars (brand, ambassador, website) >> Value(content) >> Reputation >> Trust


7 Ways You Can Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

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#1 Find Out What They Want & Give It To Them

There is a GOLDEN RULE in the internet world.

That is, find out what they want and give it to them!

Just as simple as that!!

People are looking for solutions to their problem through the search engine.

The one who can solve their problem and give them what they want would get their trust!

But, how to do it?

Let’s take a look RIGHT NOW!

Where to find out what readers want:

  • Quora
  • wikiHOW
  • Social media group
  • Discuss forum
  • Comment area

The readers would leave a footprint on the Internet.

All you have to do is tracing back and collect the clues behind those footprints.

By cruising around the platforms above, you can find out what people are looking for.

People would complain about something.

People would ask questions.

They would talk about what they feel and think.

Those clues can help you think of what they want.

Next, give the readers what they want through your content!

Sandy’s HINT

How to find forums in your niche: “ your niche “ + “ forum “ or “ your niche “ + “ phpbb


#2 Be Consistent

  • Content
  • Video
  • Email
  • Social media

Take your online business seriously.

Keep adding content consistently in your blog.

Creating videos weekly.

Sending a series of email to your readers.

Take time to interact with your friends on social media and be a HUMAN!!

People would be easier to trust the one who offering valuable content since they think that you are always there and being active to help others.

What’s more, keep a consistent schedule can grow traffic organically.

Lastly, don’t be panic about this, just follow your schedule would be fine.

The point is to be CONSISTENT.

Sandy’s HINT

The Ideal Publishing Tempo: At least 2 contents(article, video, etc) each week.


#3 Go Beyond What Is Expected

Remember the equation for building trust?

The 3 Pillars (brand, ambassador, website) >> Value(content) >> Reputation >> Trust

Before you get trust from people, value is part of the crucial steps to build up trust.

According to this logic, you can see that people would tend to trust you more easily since you OVER-DELIVERED the value of what they expected.

Let’s see how to go beyond what is expected.

What to do first:

  • Go to your most popular post.
  • Think about what is expected from the readers.
  • Write down a list of expectations.
  • Check if you fill in those expectations.
  • See what you can do to go beyond those expectations.

What you can do to go beyond what is expected:

  • Add some additional images.
  • Do a video and embed it on the site.
  • Do a sample photo.

To do more research on what to do for over-delivered value to the readers, you can go back to click on the links I shared in #1 Find Out What They Want & Give It To Them.


#4 To Engage & Ask For Engagement

To engage is to Humanize your brand and reach out to people.

Where can you engage with people:

  • Discussion forum
  • Q&A platform
  • Video platform
  • Comment
  • Social media group

How can you engage with people:

  • Answer their question
  • Reply to their comment
  • Share what you know or recourse
  • Ask for their engagement

From Passive To Active

The act of ASKING can build trust!

It seems to be not making sense, but it works!

Usually, we stay in the passive position when managing the blog.

We wait for people’s asking and requirement.

This time, be ACTIVE!

Asking for people’s engagement and tell them what to do.

For instance, instead of saying, “ please leave a comment if ….”, you should ask for their engagement like, “ tell us what you thought about this product and leave a comment below.“

Moreover, be active not only inside of your blog but also outside of it.

Whether asking a question and answering in the Q&A platform or just interact and reply to people’s comment in social media group can gain trust and establish credibility.


#5 Even A Tiny Thing Matters

  • Grammar mistake
  • Inconsistency of the website layout
  • Incomplete or missing information

Stuff like grammar error or incorrect spelling can really damage your brand.

Even a small mistake such a spelling, inconsistency of the page can harm the brand and lost your reader’s trust.

As a result, it’s super important that you pay attention to these small things.

They really can hurt you.

Sandy’s HINT

  1. Do double or triple check before publishing.
  2. Ask someone to read your content and give feedback about your content.


#6 Rapport: Make Readers LIKE You

People tend to TRUST people they LIKE.

By telling your experience and story in the content, people can relate themselves to you, so that you can build trust from the readers easily.

  • People like three kinds of people:
  1. those who are like themselves
  2. those they would like to be
  3. those who like them back
  • What Rapport demonstrates:
  1. The reader’s PAIN.
  2. Understand his or her PROBLEMS.
  3. Have some COMMON EXPERIENCES that you can share that proves you understand his or her pain.

Build up connections with people by relating their pain, problems and common experience in your content.

What’s next, give the readers what they want by offering solution and value.

Additionally, show the readers instead of telling them.

What I mean by that is using the best way for the readers to absorb what you said.

To sum up, being the people they like and offer what people want in an easy-to-absorb way can build up trust.

Sandy’s HINT

  • Find out the COMMON POINTS with your readers.
  • Build up the rapport by connecting the reader’s PAIN, PROBLEMS, and COMMON EXPERIENCE.
  • Video > Picture/Photo/Image > Words


#7 Listen To The Readers

  • Read their comment and reply
  • Do what they want you to do
  • Ask what they feel before/after the purchase

We learned that researching the online platform to know what people want.

In this way, you might know what they are looking for but that’s not enough.

Those are based on what you think about what they think.

This time, ASK the readers directly.

The act of asking could help you get the points.

Most importantly, you let the readers know you CARE about them and want to help them out.

This would build trust!!




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  1. Hi Sandy,

    all very important points you have made here to build up customer trust and loyalty.

    Personally I thought engaging with readers and staying consistent are my favourite ones for building up a solid relationship of trust and coherence between yourself and your customers.

    Great work!

    1. Sandy says:

      Hello, Will
      Thanks for your reply, I totally agree with you!
      Engagement and consistency are definitely crucial but easy-to-ignore points!!


  2. Hello and thanks so much for sharing these important tips which can make a business successful.

    1. Sandy says:

      Thank you so much, Norman!!
      I appreciate your comment!
      All the best to you:))


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