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How To Build A Brand Website?


What EXACTLY Is Branding?

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  • Brand = logo / visually identity
  • Branding = stamping your logo across virtual properties

= creates a visual identity of your business

  • Brand can be: logo / name / symbol / all three

What is Brand?

A brand is a visual representation of YOU!

Also, it can be your business name, your name or your niche.

In the past, the brand was used for cattle to identify the owner of a particular cow.

And how we brand nowadays is totally the same as how it was used originally.

A brand is essentially a visual identity.

It composed of visual elements such as logo, image, profile and so on.

What is Branding?

Branding, a strategy of how we leverage on business, is creating a visual identity of your business.

As a result, it’s a way for people to know what your site is about based on what they see right away.

What I discover in branding and brand is that people are quite afraid of doing branding themselves since they have some common myth that prevents them from branding.

In fact, branding by your own is not that hard as your imagination.

In addition, you are the one who knows exactly what you really want.

As a result, it’s better to brand yourself not hiring someone or invest money on it.

How Branding Can Make You More Money?

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  • Help you to stand out from the competitors >> More traffic
  • Easily recognized by people >> More traffic
  • Create nicer user experience >> Better conversion >> More sales >> More Money

People Remember Brand

According to the facts based on scientific research, people remember brands more than they do people.

That is, it is more likely for people to remember a brand.

Take a famous chocolate brand for example, do you know who is Mars and Murrie?

Probably not! You know what? Me either!

However, people know M&M’s!

You see the difference right?

A brand can be remembered!

That’s one of the greatest value of a brand.

As a result, by branding your online business, you would be remembered by people easier than those competitors who don’t.

But how you can connect your brand with people to let them remember you?

Brand Create Emotions

EMOTION is one of the keys that connects your brand with the audience.

What kind of feeling do you want people to have as they step into your online business?

For instance, when kids see Disney, they would feel excited because those brands create emotional imagination for them.

They can think of happiness and wonderland full of fun stuff when they see it.

That’s how the brand connects to people.


5 Myths That Stop People From Branding

  • You must invest money to build up a brand
  • You have to hire a graphic designer to design the logo
  • Have an engineer writing code of the fancy and nice-looking theme
  • Branding is complicated.
  • It is hard to brand for those who don’t know how to design or branding


Can YOU Brand? Who Can Brand?

Do you have any one of the myths on the above bullet points?

If so, is the myth the reason why you haven’t brand for your website?

Right now, I’m going to break those myths you have in branding.

To tell the truth, branding yourself might be hard and quite complicated in the past.

Thanks to the development of the online world and society, there are bunches of great branding tools online nowadays that can help ANYONE to brand!

All you need to do is learning some simple and easy-to-start tips for branding.

Next, make good use of those tool resources and apply what you learn in this post.

Believe me or not, you would feel that branding is full of fun and joy instead of something that is hard and complicated.

To sum up, EVERYONE can brand themselves!!


4 Pillars Of Your Brand & How to brand?


  • Name: You or your site
  • Logo: image or domain
  • Identity: tagline or values
  • Colors: 2 or 3 flat colors

3 Actionable Steps To Brand For Beginner

#1 Application

#2 Simplicity

#3 Start with identity

#1 Simplicity

  • Make it as SIMPLE as possible.
  • No ads or banner distractions on the sidebar.

Less is more. Be simple.

I highly recommend you to do the brand as simple as possible. Don’t be busy.

If you do the online research and case study about some authorities, you can find out that most of their brand is nice-looking and clean.

With a simple and clean brand, people would feel cozy and comfortable as reading the contents.

Also, it creates a better conversion, which means more sales and subscription!

#2 Application

(show the graphic how you can make good use of logo)

  • Image
  • Email
  • Article
  • Video
  • Social media

Originally, the brand was used to stamp the logo on the cow in order to identify the owner for certain cattle.

Time goes by, branding doesn’t change the way how it is used by people for their business nowadays.

The form changed, but the main concept remains the same.

How you can apply the brand in your blog is to make good used of the logo on everywhere in the site such as the image besides the content, video you embed in the blog, graphic you share in the social media and so on so for.

What’s amazing about a brand is that it would start to expand itself once people share your content on social media.

#3 Emotion & Identity

  • Emotion
  • Logo
  • Color
  • Icon
  • Font

When it comes to creating a brand for a website, it’s better to start with emotion and identity.

Firstly, determine what exactly you want in your brand!

What I recommend you to start is thinking the identity of your website and what emotion you want to establish and want people to feel as people stepping into your site.

What is the emotion you want to give to the audience?

The emotion and identity vary in different niche.

Earning money feeling? (for MMO niche)

Warm and cozy feeling? (for knitting or home decoration niche)

What do you want the readers to feel as they step into your site?

When you decide the emotion and identity of your brand, everything such as the fonts, the logo, the color would just trip down naturally.

Finally, once you determine what you wanna do in your brand then you can start using these tools that is great to start creating a brand in the next section.


Great Tools For Branding

Before Getting Start

There are a bunches of tools for branding.

However, don’t dive into using those tool right away.

Before you start to find the tools to start branding, think about what EMOTION and IDENTITY you wanna do branding with your website.


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  • Brand: Graphic
  • Money: FREE & Premium (up to you)
  • Users: For those who don’t know how to design
  • Advantage: Easy to use, quick editing

When first using Canva to make graphics, I was amazed by Canva how easy and simple to use it making graphics.

As a designer, I can guarantee that Canva’s editing platform is much easier for anyone to use other than Photoshop or Illustrator!!

What’s more, it takes a much short time to make a graphic in the process of editing and downloading.

There are tons of module that are already put on the editing dashboard so you can save lots of time on collecting material or ideas to make a graphic!

Lastly, most of the functions are FREE!!

As a result, if you want to ask me where to start designing pictures and putting a logo, I will 100% recommend you to get things rolling with Canva!


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  • Brand: Graphic logo, graphic material
  • Money: Free or Premium
  • Users: For who are looking for branding graphic materials
  • Advantage: tons of branding materials to pick up


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  • Brand: Font logo (font selection recourse)
  • Money: Free
  • Users: Those who want to brand by creating a logo with font
  • Advantage: free, tons of font choices, easy to use

Sandy’s HINT // How to pick up the suitable font for my brand?

  • The emotion you want the reader to feel with your brand
  • The identity of your brand?
  • What kind of graphic and font can deliver the emotion and show the identity?

[ Example 01 ]

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Brand name: Macdonalds

Brand color: yellow & red

Emotion: Happy

Identity: Fast food

[ Example 02 ]

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Brand name: Problogger

Brand color: dark blue

Emotion: professional and trustworthy

Identity: help people to how to blog



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  • Brand: Logo, graphic editing(similar to Photoshop & Illustrator )
  • Money: Free
  • Users: For those who want to do further editing for logo & graphic
  • Advantage: Free, easy to download

In the previous two resources for branding, you know Canva and Dfont. com.

Dfont. com is helpful for collecting and finding font logo while Envatomarket is suitable selecting branding element for graphic logo.

As for Canva, it can be a quick editing platform online where you can put all the branding pieces together to make some graphics for any of content.

Lastly, if Canva is not enough to fulfill your special need for branding, you can consider giving Gimp a try, which is free and can be quick download!!


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