how to create images for website
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How To Create Images For The Website In Less Than 5 Minutes For Beginners?


Only those designers who know how to design the graphic can create great quality images for the website, right? WRONG!!!

You know what?

It’s one of the biggest myths that most newbies have about creating graphics for the website, which is also the psychological obstacle that stops them from making a great one!

Are you afraid of making images by yourself?

Or, are you not confident of the image you make and you want to fix that?

In this post, I’ll show you the everyone-can-operate tips on how to create a professional and nice-looking graphic for a total beginner!!

Let me break the myths you have and prove how to create images for website quickly and nice-looking!!

What’s in this post:

  • 3 Myths You Have About Creating Graphics
  • 4 Benefits of Creating Nice-Looking & Effective Images For Website
  • The BEST TOOL To Create Images For Website!
  • See How You Can Create Images For Website In Less Than 5 Minutes!! (For Beginner)



3 Myths You Have About Creating Graphics

What Stops You From Creating Graphic?

How to create images for website
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  • It is difficult to make good quality graphics for those who know nothing about Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  • It would be time-consuming to make a graphic.
  • You have to hire a graphic designer to make great images for your website.
  • It takes lots of effort to learn how to create images for website.

I often see bloggers creating decent images or some of them would just quit making one since they are not professional and know almost nothing about designing graphics.

Well, as a designer, I can tell you that design is hard to learn and it takes lots of time and effort to learn how to make a great one.

That’s the truth.

But, the GOOD NEWS is that we have tons of great recourse online nowadays, which are designed well to break the gap between us and design.

That is, those tools online can help EVERYONE to create a good design especially for blogging graphics and social media pictures.

Woo hoo~~ That’s definitely a piece of great news, isn’t it?

So let me guide you on how to make good use of the recourse online step-by-step.

Also, I will prove to you how simple is it to make great images for your website!!

By the end of this post, I can guarantee that you would be confident of your artworks and even fall in love with making images on your own!!



4 Benefits of Creating Nice-Looking & Effective Images For Website

How Stunning Graphics Can Help Earn More Money?


How to create images for website
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  • Increase 12% more TRAFFIC
  • Gain 150% RETWEETS
  • Create 2.3 more times ENGAGEMENT on Facebook
  • Receive 2 times more SHARE in social media


Before we get started, here are some crucial facts I would like to let you know to enhance your motivation for learning how to create images for website.

According to “ 45 Visual Content Marketing Statistics, You Should Know in 2019 “ based on the statistics report from Hubspot, people tend to spend more time looking at informative graphics than they do with text.

Also, infographics can increase by 12% more traffic than those who don’t have one.

In the aspect of social media, it would much easier for bloggers to promote their content if they have images in it.

From the analysis of BuzzSumo, it says that those blogs post with images once every 75-100 words would gain social media shares twice more than those don’t.

You see…….

The importance of the image we put in the blog post can’t be ignored.

Let’s take a look at how images can exactly help to boost your online business!


  • Better ranking
  • Better conversion
  • Better promoting
  • Easy branding



Better Ranking > More traffic > More money

Images Are Vital To SEO.

Not only can image ranked in normal search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also in image search, which could help lead to more traffic and visitors.

Take Images as part of CONTENT, not the secondary stuff in a blog post!!

With image leading more traffic into your website, the likelihood of making more sales, getting more subscriptions would increase as well.

That is, you can earn more revenue!!



Better Conversion & Promoting > More traffic/ purchase/ subscription/ share > More money

There are lots of reasons why the image can help create better conversion and would be effective for promoting content.

However, there is one obvious question that can tell you why.

Simply ask yourself this question:

Would you rather read the content with the nice-looking and informative image or the one with lots of text and only a few are images?

No one would resist content with images of high relevance and great quality!!

That’s why it creates better conversion and sales for your website!



Branding > Better promoting > More traffic > More money

What is branding? Most importantly, how does it relate to the images?

Branding is the strategy to create a visual identity for your business.

With visual elements such as logo be stamped on the images you create, it would be easier to promote your blog business.

Moreover, as people share the images with your logo on social media, the image would promote automatically!!!

The more people share and see you content with branding images, the more traffic, recognition and fans you would have if you have great quality and valuable content!!

Now that you know how crucial is it to create images for website.

Then, let’s move on to the practical part…..

So how to create images for website……..



The BEST Tool To Create Images For Website!

To begin with it, you have to forget the original myths about making graphic.

It’s not about difficult techniques or born sense of beauty.

Instead, EVERYONE can make it, so do you!!!

How to create images for website
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  • Easy to learn to create images for website
  • Tons of images templates to pick up for making graphics
  • Quick editing & downloading

The reason why I highly recommend Canva is that it is so simple and easy to use that I think my 80-year-old grandpa can understand it!

The editing platform has only a few buttons so that you would know what and where to click.

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial, then you can make great graphics!!


See How You Can Create Images For Website In Less Than 5 Minutes!! (For Beginner)



Sandy’s HINT // What to do before getting rolling?

  1. Why do you want to make the graphic and what information do you want the readers to get from the images?
  2. Pick up the module on Canva
  3. Collect the materials for the images (picture, icon, logo, etc)

Sandy’ RECOURSE // Color name & Icon


As you can see, ……..

It is so simple to make great images.

As a designer, I use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to make the images before.

When first giving Canva a try, I was totally amazed by how easy to make great quality images with it!!

As a result, I suggest that you must try Canva!

If you want to know more about the detail about Canva or any further questions, feel free to ask me in the area below!!

The Last Thing To Do…..

After watching the tutorial, do you know how to create images for website?

How are your images?

Please SHARE those great artworks with us in the comment area below!!

Also, tell us what do you think about Canva!!

Is it simple to make one?

Or, do you still have some obstacles to creating an image?

That’s great!!

SHARE you any other questions about making graphics so that we can help more people to improve!!





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