How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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Marketing funnel

How To Create Marketing Funnel?

Still wondering how to create marketing funnel? Let me guide the way!!

Don’t take the marketing funnel too serious. It’s not that hard to understand. The main point is that you know why should you operate the marketing funnel and how to create the funnel your own. Once you find out the funnel which works then you can start to scale it!!

How to create marketing funnel? It’s all about practice and try something new!! I know it would be a little bit overwhelming if you are a total newbie to the marketing funnel. That’s why I try to use the diagram and the actual example to explain it. Moreover, there are some final tips at the end of this post. Keep those tips in mind and you can create profitable funnels easily.

In this post, I’ll walk you through:

  • What is a funnel and how does it work?
  • The components and tools needed for a funnel.
  • How to Map Out a Marketing Funnel?
  • The Final 5 Tips of Marketing Funnel


What Is a Funnel & How Does It Work?

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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Don’t be too panic about that the marketing funnel seems to be complicated and hard to work well in your online business. It’s like a tourist guide leading their tourist to the destination they want.

The destination can be the solution you offer to them. In the process of guiding, you should make sure your content is informative and focus on solving the visitors’ problem.

The tourist guide’s service attitude can be the user experience of your website. The better the user experience, the easier for you to build up trust and credibility from the visitors, which means you can get better conversion!

Key points:

  • The marketing funnel > A tourist guide leads his or her tourist to the destination they want.
  • The destination = your solution to solve the visitors’ problem = what you want the visitors to do (sign up, purchase,…)
  • The tourist guide’s service attitude = the user experience of your content and website.
  • Better service attitude = Better user experience = Build up the connection and trust with the visitors = Better conversion
  • Better tourist guidance = Good quality and informative content = Better conversion

The four-stage of the marketing funnel

1. Awareness

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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In the first stage of the marketing funnel, visitors are looking for a solution to their problem. And there comes your content which can be a blog post, video or anything that brings in the traffic into your website.

The key point is that your content had better standing out and raise the curiosity of the visitors so that they would be attracted by you and then click the link!!

Key points:

  • People learn about your brand/product/service
  • Via a traffic source such as a blog post
  • Video content
  • Social media post
  • Paid traffic source
  • Sandy’s hint: Awareness source can be a problem that people can relate to.

2. Interest

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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In the ” Interest ” stage, people are walking through your content and figuring out the solution or information they want. It’a moment building up trust and credit with visitors. Don’t be too commercial and eager to sell something to them. Otherwise, the visitor would feel uncomfortable and want to get out of your post. That’s not what you want them to do right?

What matters the most is the user experience and whether you can solve their problem or not.  As you give them the solution and already build up credit, time to guide them to the final suggestion, which will lead the visitors to the other post.

Key points:

  • They’ve consumed your content.
  • They want to find out more in your content.
  • Get them into the next page.
  • Show how your product/service can solve their problem.
    • Guide them to your review
    • Opt-in for a course
  • Get them to follow you.

3. Consideration

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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The visitors then be lead to the next section which can be the other post, a landing page, a product page, a sales page or a review. In the phase of ” Consideration “, you are trying to introduce and convince visitors to do what you want them to do such as clicking to the product page on Amazon, purchasing the product you offer or signing up their email, etc.

Before they do what you want them to do, you should prove that you are the solution that can help them solve the problem.

Key points:

  • Prove that you are the right choice.
    • Comparisons
    • Testimonials

4. Conversion

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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You are almost done! The visitor is only a step away from the result! By making good use of the discount, free offer or bonus, the visitors would attract by this deal and finally do what you want them to do more easily.

Key points:

  • People are almost convinced you are the right solution for their problem.
  • You need a compelling reason for them to click “buy” right now.
    • Discount
    • Free offer
    • Bonus
  • Make good use of urgency.


The Components & Tools Needed For A Funnel.

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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To start creating a marketing funnel, what you need is an idea to get it rolling. The idea can be an article, video content or any other things you can think of.

For instance, you’d like to write a content talking about how to quit 9 to 5 job or how to make money online in affiliate marketing.

And then you have to determine what is the result you want. The result is converted from what you want the visitor to do such as purchasing or signing up for a certain platform.

Key points:

  • What do you want your visitors to do?
    • Opt-in
    • Purchase
    • Sign up
  • Determine what your website’s result is.
  • You can have more than one conversion.



How to Map Out a Marketing Funnel?

How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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I used to map out my marketing funnels. Remember the first time I learned the marketing funnel stuff, it was a disaster!!

I was overwhelmed by the funnel method and didn’t know where and how to start.

Thanks to the mapping methods, I finally figure out and get better understand the marketing funnel.

What I like and suggest about mapping out the marketing funnels is that it will help you to operate the funnel technique better!!
Let’s move forward and see how to map out the funnel!

Why is it important to map out the marketing funnel?

  • Make your thinking more clear.
  • Manage all the funnels together. Before find out the successful funnel that works, you need to test different funnels. The marketing funnel mapping can help you to enhance the efficiency of finding an effective funnel.
  • Keep track of the funnels in Google Analytics. Set up ” Goals ” in it, which is a great method to find out the funnel with high conversion. The map can help you have a better understanding of setting up the goals.

How to create your marketing funnels 

  • Map out the structure of four marketing funnel stage
    1. Awareness
    2. Interest
    3. Consideration
    4. Conversion
  • Think about the ideas of Awareness
  • Write down the result (Conversion): sign up, purchase,….etc
  • Map out the process of how to get the visitors to the result

Mapping tool recourses

By using this free mapping tool, you can create the funnel more efficient!! Don’t be nervous about mapping out. Don’t think too much about whether it will be a successful funnel or not.

The most important thing is about testing, testing, and testing!!



The Final 5 Tips of Marketing Funnel!
How To Create Marketing Funnel?
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  • It’s better to have only three steps of the funnel which will make a better conversion.
  • You can have more than one funnels in your blog post!
  • The 3 steps of building a “ successful “ funnel:
  1.  Build up multiple funnels
  2. Find out the funnel that works, which means having a high conversion rate.
  3. Scaling the funnels by creating videos, live webinar or any other ideas you can think of to get more traffic.
  • It’s all about to open your mind and try something different. Once you find the successful model of the marketing funnel, you can start to copy the same strategy and scaling it!!
  • Never spending money on buying traffic unless you find the funnel that works, or you are going to lose the money.


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