How To Get Traffic To New Website?
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How To Get Traffic To New Website?

Do you just start a blog and want to get traffic to the new website?

Or, you are a newbie blogger with some contents already but having no traffic yet?

Well, this post is for you!!

There are a bunches of ways to drive traffic online such as “ 52 ways to drive traffic” or “ 25 tips on driving traffic “ and blah blah blah……

That’s too overwhelming!

However, not all the tips are suitable for newbie bloggers leveraging those methods to get traffic.

In other words, picking up the RIGHT STRATEGY for you would be more important than other things when it comes to driving traffic.

So how to get traffic to new website?

In this post, we are going to DO LESS and GET MORE with SUITABLE methods!

What we are gonna do is focusing on a few main methods and mastering it to get traffic for your new website!

In How To Get Traffic To New Website, you will learn:

  • 6 Brilliant Traffic Strategies For Beginner

How To Get Traffic To New Website For Beginners
#1 Google, Bing, Yahoo & SEO
#2 Relevant Forums & Discussion Boards
#3 Quora & wikiHOW
#4 Social Followings
#5 BONUS: Word of Mouth

  • 3 MORE Advanced Traffic Methods To Get Traffic

#6 Guest Blogging Contents That Ranks
#7 Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
#8 Facebook Ads

  • Hot Seat Questions You Might Want To Ask TOO

#1 Social Media & Branding
#2 Guest Blogger
#3 Discussion Boards

5 Brilliant Traffic Strategies For Beginners


While looking for ways to get traffic, you would find out that there are tons of methods.

You can try all of those as you want.

However, not all the tips are suitable for newbie bloggers to leverage!

Furthermore, using the wrong or not suitable way to drive traffic can be a waste of time and effort!

As a result, I’d like to guide you step by step on the suitable methods and make good use of them in the following content.

Let’s DO LESS but GET MORE traffic right now!!

How To Get Traffic To New Website For Beginners

As we go through these methods, I will break each down into 3 sections, which are:

  • What is it?
  • Why using it?
  • How to start?

And we will accommodate it into the entire post.

#1 Google, Bing, Yahoo & SEO

What is it

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and SEO are the search engines that millions of people use daily with billions of search queries!

Why using it

It’s a great chance to your site in front of people looking for websites.

How to start

  • Determine what keywords people are using to find content.
  • Base your content around low hanging fruit keywords that you’ve researched.
  • Ensure you’ve optimized your content for the targeted keyword.
  • Let Google, Bing, and Yahoo know about your site and content.

There are tons of powerful big dog in the online world.

It’s hard for newbie bloggers to compete with them.

But the GOOD news is that even a blogging beginner can get ranked on the first page by using these SEO techniques.

However, a blog couldn’t get much trust even it is optimized well without great content.

Make sure your content offering great value to the readers so that they would trust you and even stick on your site!

#2 Relevant Forums & Discussion Boards

What is it

An online place where people get together discussing certain topics within a niche.

Why using it

  • Good place to gather information for your niche.
  • Ask questions to other niche experts.
  • A good place to elaborate.

How to start

  • Type: “ your niche “ + “ forum “ or “ your niche “ + “ phpbb “
  • Join the forum and start engaging within it.
  • Become part of the community to build credibility.
  • Build a following.
  • Let the readers come to you.

Build credibility > Build following > Traffic

The point in leverage forums is to help and engage with people to build trust with the readers.

Next, they will come to you for asking advice and the great thing is that you slowly start saying your answer with your blog post links in it.

#3 Quora & wikiHOW

What is it

  • A place where you can submit answers to community member questions.
  • A place where you can ask questions and have others answer.

Why using it

  • A great way to build authority and credibility within the niche.
  • Your answer can show within the Google knowledge graph.
  • An additional source of qualified traffic.

How to start

  • Go to: Quora / wikiHOW
  • Build your profile and start asking questions
  • Help people by answering the questions
  • Rinse and repeat the steps above

What do I recommend you is that stick to one or two and rolls with those.

Next, the very first thing is to ask the niche-related questions in the forum.

Don’t go crazy and sign up for each of the those. Be FOCUS!

Lastly, don’t underestimate these Q&A platforms and feel free to jump into that!

#4 Social Followings

What is it

  • An audience within social media platforms that follow you
  • The 6 Corner Social Media
  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn

Why using it

  • Great way to build authority within your niche in a relaxed format
  • Helps you humanized your brand

How to start

  • Sign up to relevant Social Media channels
  • Start to follow and engage with industry/niche expert
  • Engage and interact with your audience. Be a human!
  • Link to your Quora or wikiHOW answers, forum post, guest blogging content, etc.
  • Repeat the above tasks.

This method is a great way to take you outside of the work mode and put you in the real world.

Tell people who you are beyond the offer behind the blog post.

Treat readers like FRIENDS and FAMILY.

For instance, you can say, “ Hey! I just answer a question today! Check it out.”

Don’t be too commercial and salesy.

People don’t like that and would be scared away by you!

To ENGAGE, INTERACT with the audience. Be a live human!

#5 BONUS: Word of Mouth

What is it

  • It’s when you share your website within a networking opportunity.
  • Or when a client mentions your business to another person.

Why using it

  • A great way to reach people within your local community.
  • Present speaking opportunity

How to start

  • Create some business cards and apparel such as a hat, T-shirt, etc.
  • Sign up to niche related Meetup and attend events.
  • Sponsor local event or sporting events.
  • Hold local contest

Don’t’ forget.

There might be REAL people interested in your niche.

Word Of Mouth has tons of possibilities to spark local event or any other thing that can make great exposure for your online business to these REAL people.

The point is to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and try something new.

Do not limit by the online world.

Remember our online business is actually connected to the REAL people on the other side of the screen.

Never underestimate the power of offline methods.

Give it a try and you can get REAL traffic!

3 MORE Advanced Traffic Methods To Get Traffic

#6 Guest Blogging Contents That Ranks

What is it

An opportunity to put your content and you in front of a different reader audience.

Why using it

  • Great way to build YOUR brand
  • An additional source of the traffic to your site
  • Leverage other blog’s SEO power

How to start

It’s a great method to leverage other blog’s SEO power to your blog!

if you find a guest blogger has a blog that ranks really well. There is some Google juice there that can past on your own site.

What you can do is go to the forum or discussion area and engage with people.

As you do the feedback and comment, take a look at the site whether the blogger has an area for ” WRITE FOR US ”.

#7 Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

What is it

A paid platform to bid on keywords that show up in the top position of search engines.

Why using it

  • A good way to jump start your content within the search engine.
  • It’s a great way to measure and test the performance of content with CTA’s.

How to start

  • Sign up to Bing Ads and/or Google AdWords
  • Set an initial budget for your campaign
  • Ensure your ads are RELEVANT to where you are sending them to


Bid on: “ Best way to get traffic “

The ad copy says: “ What is the best way to get traffic? “

Leads to post: “ What is the best way to get traffic? “

  • Track result, tweak, scale and leverage


PPC is a super-fast way to get the top spot of the search engine for varies keywords.

But, you have to pay for it.

The GOOD news is that, In many cases, you can find some sort of coupon code within AdWords.

In addition, SETTING THE BUDGET is really vital!

Otherwise, you might go too far and couldn’t get the result you are expected.

In addition, once you set up all that kind of stuff that you set up the budget, bid on your targeting keywords, then next it would be really vital that you ensure your ads are RELEVANT!

RELEVANCE is the most important thing when it comes to AdWords.


#8 Facebook Ads

What is it

  • A platform to advertise to Facebook users.
  • Many types of ads can be run such as mobile, banners, video etc.

Why using it

  • A great platform to show your ad content to a RELEVANT audience.
  • Ad Demographics can be super targeted.
  • Fast way to build social audiences within Facebook

How to start

  • Visit the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Determine your goal
  • Set your audience
  • Create your ad copy
  • Set your budget
  • Place your order

If that user has the demographics that Facebook knows about, then your ads will show.

Here is the cool thing, the more scale down or targeted demographic, the lower the cost would be.

When you start to really pale down that demographic and then you can create copy about that.

You can lead them to the page that talking specifically about who they are.

And that way, it has more possibilities to convert especially if the audience has a specific interest.

Lastly, make sure your ad copy is RELEVANT to the place you take the audience to.

Sandy’s HINT

You can go to Facebook Insight to find out the targeted audience for you to promote your stuff.


Hot Seat Questions You Might Want To Ask TOO

#1 Social Media & Branding

  • How do you strike the balance between posting your info and engaging the social media as someone who isn’t just there to sell?

Go into your social media in YOU, not your BUSINESS!!

If you go into that mindset then I think a natural balance will just naturally occur.

  • Which social media campaign would you prioritize?

It depends on the niche.

Some niches, people are on Pinterest while some are on Facebook.

You have to go where your audiences are.

  • Would you be using a personal profile or Facebook page and be yourself on the own page niche?

It depends on what kind of brand are you building.

If you are building you as the brand of your site then you will be using YOU.

If you are trying to build a legitimate business brand then it’s better to use the business name.

It is actually different from what kind of niche you are.

Some niches like a skincare niche, it’s better to be more personal about because you want to be attaching, emotional and having someone humanized and share.

Sandy’s HINT

About the branding, it’s better to TEST, TEST and TEST to see which strategy has a better effect on your online business.


#2 Guest Blogger

  • Is it an acceptable practice in guest blogging to include the links to your website?

It depends on the policy of the blog you are participating in.

#3 Discussion Boards

  • How to know whether a forum is active or not.

You go to the forum to see if there are still people being active in there.


Helpful Articles You Might Like To Read

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Before you get traffic, starting a blog, finding an evergreen, profitable and low competitive niche, picking up great methods to make money blogging and writing good quality contents that bring values to the readers are also crucial and necessary!

You would not get traffic without these elements. 

  • A nice looking and user-friendly blog
  • An evergreen, profitable and low competitive niche
  • The Methods to make money with your blog
  • Great contents that offer value to the readers

Make sure your blog has the four elements before trying to get traffic for your new website!

Learn more and improve your new website RIGHT NOW!!!


Which Of  The Methods Is The One You’d Like To Focus More? And Why?

If you LIKE this post, please do me a favor, SHARE and/or LEAVE A COMMENT below!!

Also, if you have any questions about how to get traffic to a new website, leave your questions below.

I would love to help you out:)))



  1. Driving traffic can be a challenge but what you have laid out are sure ways to drive traffic it may take some work but these methods which are proven will eventually payoff. Thanks so much for sharing an informative post.

    1. Sandy says:

      You are right, Morman!! It takes work but worth it:)))

  2. Really good information on how to generate traffic. You have described several methods to enable folks to learn how to do it correctly. Very valuable insights and information. Thanks so much.

    1. Sandy says:

      Thank you so much, Joseph! I appreciate your comment:)))

  3. Hey thanks for sharing this amazing post, traffic is the main objective for me and after reading your in-depth review, I can’t wait to start trying out your strategies, tips and guidance in the hope of achieving more visitors to my website. It must have taken you ages to write so I just wanted to say a big thumbs up from me and to just say thanks again for sharing your knowledge,

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