How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?

Watch out, blogger newbie!

Or, those who want to work in a flexible tempo and for yourself!

Are you looking for a way to make money online?

I believe that working a 9-5 job is not the life you want.

So, ………..

Let me show you How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing, which is a good way to earn revenue online!!

In How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing, I will walk you through the following:

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Why Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Choice?
  • What Do You Need To Make Affiliate Marketing A Success?
  • Best Way To Get Success In Affiliate Marketing!
  • Affiliate Marketing Success Story

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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Definition Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online business model. The business rewards the affiliate marketer for each sell they make though their sharing links and get the visitor purchase the product or service.


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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  1. Find out the customer. Do some research to find your targeting market and customer.
  2. Build up a website. Add content related to your “niche”. It can be how an article or product review.
  3. Customer buys the product through your links on websites. And you will get the commission from each sale you make.
  4. You Make Money!


Why Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Choice?

4 ” Don’t ” and 3 ” Can ” that prove why affiliate marketing is a good choice.

  • You “Don’t” need to design or own the product.
  • You “Don’t” need to deal with the shipping issue.
  • You “Don’t” need to cope with the after-sell problems.
  • You” Don’t ” have any risk in affiliate marketing.
  • You ” Can ” get the commission through each purchase.
  • You ” Can “ make money through your interest.
  • You ” Can ” help others by sharing what you know and love!

Simply share the things you know, help others through the knowledge and know-how in a certain niche. You can get enormous benefit from affiliate marketing.

Why not give it a try?

In the next part, I’ll walk you through all the steps you need in affiliate marketing!! Watch out!!

You will be surprised at how simple you can start an online business journey just in few steps!



What Do You Need To Make Money Online In  Affiliate Marketing?

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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6 steps & 4 Attributes To Bear Fruit In Affiliate Marketing

In this section, we can dive into the business process in both technical and mental aspects.

Six Must-Need Steps:

  1. Find A Niche
  2. Build Up A Website
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Add Content
  5. Promote Product Or Sevice
  6. Get Traffic

#1 Find A Niche

Do you believe you can actually work with interest and make money at the same time??!!

Choose an interest, whether it’s a sport, health, cooking or movie, ….etc

The topic you pick will be the ” niche” for your online business.

See how you can pick up one interest as niche just in few steps here!!

#2 Build Up A Website

After you choose a niche, then let’s dive into the website building part.

Select a niche-related theme and do the set-up stuff, your website can be build simply under 30 seconds!

#3 Keyword Research

Pick up the topic you’d like to write in the content.

Doing the research of keywords.

It is necessary to select keywords in low competition.

See how I choose the keywords in an amazing platform!

Click here to learn more detail about finding keywords for a website!

#4 Add Content

In the third step, you start writing some niche-related content.

You can share experience or technique to educate people.

For instance, if you are in a swimming niche.

Here are some content ideas to write about: how to learn swimming for a newbie, what to eat before and after swimming, ……

Of course, it is possible that running out of ideas.

Click here to see how you can find ideas and content inspiration from other’s post.

#5 Promote Product Or Service

Now, you pick up a niche, build up the website and write the content.

The next step would be adding the affiliate links to the contents!

Research and sign up for the related affiliate program. Then the members can start to promote all the products for the company or business owner!

Whatever is your niche, there are many programs for you to enjoy!

#6 Get Traffic = Revenue

After you have several contents, the website starts getting some visitors which is ” traffic “.

The better the contents are, the more traffic would come to your site!

What’s next, you can make a great deal of money if you have lots of traffic!


4 Crucial Attributes

  1. Don’t focus on how much you earn in the first month
  2. Treat this a business seriously and wholeheartedly
  3. Willing to give yourself adequate time
  4. Treat business, like every other achievement in life

Doing an online business is not only about the technical aspect. Moreover, you need to have some right attitude and attribute over it.

Many newbies quit their business in the first few months since they didn’t get the expected result.

If you are suspecting a successful result in affiliate marketing, then I can tell you surely that you’re going to disappoint.

What I can promise to you that only those who put effort persistently and never give up can bear the fruit in the end.



Best Way To Get Success In Affiliate Marketing!

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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If you want to get success with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you having comprehensive and professional training.

Keyword researching, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

I tried to build up the whole thing myself, but turn out to be in vain.

There is too much stuff that I can’t really organize and find a way out of it.

The digital world is like a giant maze without export. I got lost and felt overwhelmed.

After trying a lot but failed, I decided to challenge one more time with the right guidance so I can get on the right direction!

Right now, my online business is getting rolling.

Everything is doing on the way it should be.

And I don’t feel lost again!!!

I know I’m one step closer to my dream!

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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You’re at the point of decision.

You can either continue down the path of the least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled.

The path of the least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received.


IF you want something different to happen.

IF you want to change the direction of your life (or your relationships, or your finances, etc.).

You’re going to have to do something different.

Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome.

Click HERE and start your new journey and turn your life into a new page!!!



Affiliate Marketing Success Story

How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing?
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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Let’s jump in the REAL story and see how these guys achieve their success!

Successful Story In The Niche Of:

  • Travel Niche
  • Pets Niche
  • Make Money Online Niche (MMO)


Travel Niche

Pets Niche

MMO Niche

  • Member Name: mday849
  • How long had been Sgrecrx working on his website? 2 years
  • Before And After Story:
    • Before: mday849 used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse for 50+ hrs a week of only $17/hr.
    • After: Earn almost $30000 per month.
  • Income prove: My First $30,000 Month – Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

You see……….

It is not a shortcut, instead, you have to take the business seriously and keep putting lots of effort into it.

In the end, you can wait and get the fruit of success!

Right now, …………..

Are you ready to turn your life into a new page??

Or, you just want to live in the same way and make no difference until you regret?

Give yourself a new chance and start a new journey!



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  1. Happier At Home says:

    Hi, Sandy!
    I wish I had found your post prior to today!  You give some great starting information and I learned many things from you.  Thank you!  In your research, I’m wondering what affiliate programs you’ve found to be best.  I’m just beginning, and have really only looked into Amazon Associates.  Do you have any advice on choosing the right program/(s)?  Thanks for your research!  Looking forward to learning more!

  2. Henderson says:

    This is a very good review on affiliate marketing. I believe that anyone can make money from affiliate marketing as long as there is a will to work and you have a topic of interest. This topic or area is what is called a niche. You have written step by step guide to help beginners who are just going going in and I believe that this are the same steps that anyone who is successful in the business has taken. I am also just starting off. I am currently on training and it’s been awesome. Great one!

  3. SeunJeremiah says:

    Thanks for explaining in depth on affiliate marketing, there’s no doubt that it is a passive income source. It is highly competitive it is true but still it may be so easy to make money online with affiliate marketing. To be successful, one need to learn what works and what doesn’t while promoting your products, as well as been patient because though it works it doesn’t work like magic 

  4. Roland says:

    Getting the right niche is the first and most germane point to make success with affiliate marketing. For one to get it right, there’s need to build the website on an area of one’s interest and passion and as such, their would be urge and willingness to work towards the success of the  business. The tips you have here has covered every area that any aspiring affiliate marketer would need and that made this very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. Making money is possible with affiliate marketing but it must be done in the right way possible and the right approach are what you have listed.

  5. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for  your post. You provide a road map to succeed in affiliate marketing.

    You have a very clear pathway to move affiliate marketing business forward, finding niche, building a website, creating useful content, attracting traffics, and monetizing the traffic. 

    I always thought it is difficult to carry our my own affiliate marketing business. After reading your article, I feel you unlock the mystery and I have the confident to start my own affiliate marketing business.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. 

  6. JealousLi says:

    For the people who don’t want to go to work, they building a niche website for affiliate marketing that can earn money online. Some of my friends don’t have a job too, they build their own websites to do affiliate marketing but they make a lot of money, they are all told me say just It was very hard and tried to start doing.

    Once a few months later, the website has traffic, they can make money online quickly, so I also want to try to Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing.

  7. Stella says:

    Making money online is one of the great way people to use gain financial freedom at the corner of our home I found many useful tips one can settle for when creating a website for online business. The crucial thing in creating website is to get it monitized. How to easily get our website monitized is one of the major challenges many people are facing. It started with the issue of getting a loyal traffic that can visit our website regularly. Creating a perfect niche is very important. I learnt this after wasting little of my time.

  8. drinkteahub says:

    Thank you for breaking down the process of getting started in affiliate marketing in small and easy to understand steps. There is so much poor quality information on the internet about this method of making money but you’ve clearly done a lot of research and can back up what you say with case studies. I’ve realised there is no get rich quick scheme that is not done kind of scam and what you propose us very different, that is, a proven method of making a decent long-term income. Good things come to those who work hard at it and don’t give up. Persistence is the key 

  9. Hi,
    I had a good around your website and it’s full of really helpful content.
    I just just wondering if you would have any advice about low keyword content?
    Best Wishes,

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Gayle
      Thanks for leaving a comment:))
      About the low keyword content, I suggest you to target the long-tail keywords to write the content. Also, using a great keyword research tool is crucial. The keyword research tool that I used to use and highly recommend would be Jaaxy. With Jaaxy, you can find lots of long-tail keywords idea!! Moreover, it has other awesome function to help your content to rank better easier! You can give a try and go back to share what you think about Jaaxy!!

      Please feel free to ask any further question. I will help you out as soon as possible!!
      All the best to you, Gayle.

  10. grea8J says:

    That is my best part with affiliate marketing as well. The ability to work any time you like and from any part of the world. And the affiliate community is all about helping one another to grow. I like that too. That mindset alone can make this world a better place. As a newbie to affiliate marketing, I’m wondering if affiliate marketing means the same thing as blogging.

  11. Antonio says:


    Thank you for writing this concise article on affiliate marketing, which was very helpful. It has everything you need to know to be successful, but with no effort from your part will result in failure. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Rome was not built in a day and so is your website. It takes months of writing good content before being recognised by the search engines and you start getting organic traffic. It takes a lot of  effort, which will eventually be rewarded. It is not quick but should eventually happen.



  12. shirian says:

    Always my big question was how to make money online In Affiliate Marketing to be owner of my sustainable business. I was browsing and then I came across this long Well-written article. I would like to say thanks about your efforts to explain this precise information to internet marketing enthusiasts like me.
    I have read your review post about Wealthy Affiliate and I got impressed about Keyword Research Tool(Jaxxy). I love it! I am looking forward to set up time and work with soon. Thank you

  13. Dan Sicat says:

    Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses nowadays. You just need to find the right training on how to make it work. Success sometimes depends on the niche you choose. Some niche are very competitive that is very difficult to rank. However, with the right SEO training and being consistent with your tasks to do, I am sure you can make it succeed. Success is not done overnight. There is no easy money even in online businesses. When you see people saying earning thousands of dollars overnight, you need to doubt it. Maybe it is true with already established online marketers but they were not able to achieve that in just a few days. The result they are showing is a result of years of endeavor.

  14. water life says:


    Very interesting your article

    I am busy with WA and have set a goal to get up and finally get out of the 5-9 hour work

    There is so much information in this article, the 6 steps you mentioned are very important and I believe what we should pay attention to is ” Keyword Research

    We need to give ourselves enough time to be able to get to the level of 5-9, perseverance is the key

    Thanks so much for sharing

  15. Chloe says:

    Hello there, thanks for this wonderful review on affiliate marketing. Its been my plan after retiring from my current job, I plan to retire later this year and going into making money online have been my interest. Thanks for coming up with this post, and from what I have read here its quite easy to make moeny from affiliate marketing. Although I think I’ll have issues picking a successful niche. Any help on that?

  16. Christian says:

    This is a great overview of  affiliate marketing and I think it will be great to help people get started.   The links to the case studies were helpful.  The key to this business model is persistence and consistency.  Success will not come overnight.  You must slowly build over time.  

  17. I’ve read many affiliate marketing posts, but this is by far the easiest to read and the one that makes the most sense. You have laid it out in a step-by-step format that even the newest member of affiliate marketing can understand.

    I think you are exactly right. People have to think outside of the box instead of doing the same thing over and over again with the same poor results.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That describes perfectly people who are constantly getting burned by scams.

    An excellent post.

  18. Darren says:

    Great article and very inspirational.  Love how everything is laid out, clear and concise.  I am going to bookmark your website as I have just started out with my first affiliate marketing site.  I have been doing it for 3 months.  My site content is getting bigger by the week I am doing rough 2-3 posts per week so fingers crossed.

  19. Néstor Llamas says:

    I personally think affiliate marketing is a very interesting and profitable online business model nowadays. It is a standard type of business assented today, every important company has an affiliate program, better or worse than the competence. It is an enjoyable job that anyone can do without investing money at all, it is not like for example investing in cryptocurrencies. You just must know the technical details that will boost your content, traffic, and revenues correctly and properly. And willing to write articles periodically, relevant and interesting for the audience you are targeting.

    Being that said, that’s why I started recently doing this kind of job in my free time, as I am currently a freelance web developer, also working from home. I like working online from home. In a near future more and more people will stay at home working online in their respectives jobs, depending on the type of job, as many of them can’t be done from home obviously.

  20. jessetoikkanen says:

    A very nice, informative and very thorough article about affiliate marketing. You clearly told why affiliate marketing, how and gave a specific guide to start any sort of make money online business, basically. In this are of industry, there are huge amounts of different suspicious programs and platforms and its allways good to have this kind of honest and helpful content available as your article offers. thanks!

  21. Thank you for your article and that great success story. I always like hearing how much people at Wealthy Affiliate made. It gives me some hope to keep making that next article on my niche website. 

    I agree that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. And Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to do it. There are billions of people online so anyone could make an income on an affiliate marketing website. Wealthy Affiliate gives a helpful guide, to getting the website started, and how to build the website, and get traffic. It is how I have done it so far. The Premium membership has taught me a lot about making money online. 

  22. Affiliate marketing is easier said than done. A lot of people that go into this line of business find out that it is not as easy as they thought. I think the problem is that they set their expectations too high and were unrealistic on what it would take and how long it would take to start to earn something reasonable. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make this line of business work but it is totally worth it because when the money starts coming in you would be amazed of just how easy it would become.

  23. Anne-Sophie says:

    Hello there! I love your article. It is very clear and straight to the point. I am very happy for you that your online business is a success. 

    I discovered recently Affiliate Marketing and that is something very fulfilling. Building a website is nowadays so easy, it’s crazy. Generating traffic is the key, though. Cheers, Anso

  24. Melinda Curle says:

    What I love about your post is that you give a timeline for how long it will take. It takes a lot of persistence to make it online in affiliate marketing. It is a great way to create an income, but patience is the key. The bonus is that you don’t have to risk a lot of money up front with affiliate marketing and you can learn along the way. Joining wealthy affiliate helped me to stick with it because I was investing a monthly amount of money and that knowledge pushed me a bit harder to learn and take action. It really is all about taking action.

  25. Chris says:

    Great article! I recently started an online business in affiliate marketing and I have to say the points you make in your post are on point. The most critical part about being successful in this type of business is patience. Don’t expect to make tons of money overnight, it takes some time and effort. You have to keep plugging away with the tools that you have learned before you start seeing the returns. Thanks for reaffirming these points for me!

  26. Ronan says:

    A great review on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing!

    You have laid out the key points and features of being able to make a full time income online.

    This is definitely a post someone new to affiliate marketing you should read as there’s some really good points in this.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a place where there is a wealth of knowledge to learn affiliate marketing. I myself have had some awesome success from it!

    Great post, thank you!

  27. Don Barnes says:


    Wow,  if I knew this before I started this, and of course I am a little further ahead now than the last two weeks. Hard work does pay off though it just takes time. or many different web sites.

    Great piece here I liked it and actually made me re think a couple of things Thank you.

    Bad Duck 

  28. Dave Sweney says:

    Thanks for this informative article on how to make money online from an affiliate marketing program. This is a market segment that you hear a lot about these days, and I can understand why, since shopping habits have changed as more and more people get what they need online.

    It represents a perfect opportunity to get a piece of those sales without having to invest in a lot of inventory or take the risks that a brick and mortar business owner has. I like the concept and believe it will continue to grow over the coming years as more stores move to an online business model.

    The 6 steps and 4 attributes seem clear enough to me and they are not that hard to implement if you have the right training and tools. The examples you used to show how effective affiliate marketing proves the points you make, and the platform you suggest (Wealthy Affiliate) has an excellent reputation. You have opened my eyes to the power of affiliate marketing!

  29. Nazmun Nahar says:


    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful article all about how to make money online in affiliate marketing. You described very well about whole affiliate marketing. Some issue was not clear to me about affiliate marketing before. But after reading this article, everything is clear now. I am pretty sure affiliate marketing Is the best way to make money online.

  30. Brian says:

    Hi Sandy, 

    This post perfectly explains the affiliate marketing process. I love how you write “share the things you know.” I think many people over complicate the affiliate marketing process by thinking they need to be an expert on a certain subject.  The best part of this post is how you break down each step in an orderly fashion. Making it easy for someone to get started. How long have you been a member of Wealthy Affiliate? 

    Thanks again for writing this. 


  31. Brian Perisho - Fireman Marketing says:

    Great website about Affiliate Marketing and more specifically about Wealthy Affiliate.  You have done a great job of describing how the Affiliate Marketing world works and how you can enhance it through building a blog with Wealthy Affiliate.  When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate I was not totally convinced on the blog writing principles.  But trust me when I say, consistency is the key to success.  Every time I put up a new blog post I see new traffic to my site.

  32. Henry says:

    Hi! These 5 steps you have mentioned here have helped me to understand affiliate marketing better. The process involved in affiliate marketing seemed difficult for me at the beginning but you have explained it so clearly that now I view it simple.

    But the most important point I have received from your post is one of the attributes you mentioned: Not to concentrate on how much we’ll earn from the start. I take that can constitute a distraction and make us quit early if things don’t come out as planned. Do you recommend a certain period of time in which we don’t focus on how much we’ll earn? Thanks!

  33. Shan says:

    I really enjoyed reading through your article. You made several excellent points!

    I actually started my journey with affiliate marketing years ago, but I had trouble making any money. I spent plenty on various training and tools of the trade but never made much of a return. 

    That was until about 4 months ago when I found Wealthy Affiliate and became a member. Their training showed me exactly what I had been doing wrong (and what I hadn’t been doing). I can’t be happier with the results! I also love the fact that WA offers everything I need to run an online business from home all under one roof. All the training, tools, and support is all right there – even web hosting for up to 25 different domains! 

    I have your site bookmarked so I can catch all your latest posts. I appreciate you taking the time to share tips and tricks, thanks again!

  34. Carol5162 says:

    As an online entrepreneur, I believe affiliate marketing is one of the best online venture anyone can engage in. I like how you have broken down the step by step methods on what we don’t need and yet what we can get.

    The steps are well put. Finding a niche is not a hard task and finding content for that niche is going to be a breeze if indeed you selected the correct niche. Thank you for the crucial attributes that we must consider. These are such great reminders on how to go about affiliate marketing.

    Thank you for the insights. Great article!

  35. Todd Matthews says:

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to break into an online business. It definitely takes time and isn’t something that will make you money overnight, like any endeavor, but if you’re consistently posting content relevant to your niche and utilizing proper keywords, your site will eventually gain authority in the search engines, gaining a realistic shot to reach the top of Google, Bing, and other search engines. Traffic will rise and products you promote on your blog will make money. 

  36. Sondra M says:

    Thank you for sharing this informative post about how to make money with affiliate marketing.   When I am finished here, I need to check out the success story links that you shared.  

    I’ve been working on building an affiliate marketing website myself.  So, I was happy to see your comment about how most newbies quit in the first few months because they do not see the expected results.   The first few months are definitely the hardest because you pour your heart and soul into the blog posts.  Yet, it takes what feels like forever for them to get any love online if you do not keep writing more quality content.    

    So, I need to check out your success stories.  Those help keep me motivated during the hard work phase.  


  37. Barbara says:

    I have already started my own website relating to affiliate marketing and I can say is that is worth it. Depending on the niche you go with when you start your website you have different types of products that you can sell to anyone. If you are interested you should go for it. This article is helpful for anyone who is new to this world. Bye

  38. MissusB says:

    Thanks for this great overview on affiliate marketing. I have to agree with you that an aspirant on this type of online business should be very well trained on courses about content writing, keyword search, etc. Though it can be learned on your own, it would be best to undergo training with the affiliate marketing program you’re part of. This way, it wouldn’t be hard to follow certain process in the business.

    Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative source of income as long as you have the patience, perseverance and hard work. I would like to suggest to give it a go but still keep your 9-5 job and quit once you’re getting a good roll of commissions because it would take 3-4 months or even earlier to monetize from your website’s content. This is the reason why affiliate marketers should be strategic and knowlegeable in the nitty gritty of the platform. It’s really easy but you have to be patient. 

  39. I am just about to try my hand at affiliate marketing again. I tried it before but Amazon gave me a 6 month deadline to sell products. That was too short for me. If I had made the deadline, would I have had to maintain sales ? Is it the same for most affiliate programs ? I have to know these things before I step in the pool again. thanks for the information.

  40. Daniella says:

    Wow, thank you for this excellent post! I loved the reading! I am new to the online world, and I found this post very inspiring!

    I think the most challenging thing for me is to choose the niche; There are so many of them that it overwhelms me.

    Is there a tip you would give me to choose my niche? This would be very helpful:)

    I’ve read somewhere that writing a list of things that interest me is the best thing to do to find a niche. But it’s not enough. It has to be profitable. Is every niche lucrative? 

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  41. Hope Getrude says:

    I like the fact that you didn’t draw people in with the promise of instant success. Affiliate marketing requires commitment because you can only get from it the amount of work you put into it. I am in the initial stages of affiliate marketing and truth be told its more challenging than I thought especially when it comes to content writing where you must provide valid and insightful information not just to your readers but also to get a better ranking from google. All in all, I do enjoy this because creating new things and writing has always been my hobby and now I get paid to do it.

  42. crownwole says:

    Much obliged to you for separating the way towards beginner in partner promoting affiliated marketing and straightforward advances. Subsequent to perusing your article, I feel you open the secret and I have the certain to begin my very own affiliated business. I accept that anybody can profit from it insofar as there is a will to work and you have a specialty of interest. Thanks for sharing this valuable data

  43. Feochadan says:

    Thank you for a very comprehensive article on what affiliate marketing is, how it works and all of the steps involved.  I especially enjoyed your success stories.  They show that it takes time to build a good affiliate website and that the sales don’t come in the first month.  Then again, if you were taking a university course, would you be expecting to be earning $30,000 while you learn?  No!  But with affiliate marketing, with hard work, it IS possible!

  44. DerrAd says:

    I have come across several success stories of people in affiliate marketing which convinced me that it’s the right option for me to give it a try but I never understood how simple it is. Your article makes it clearer on how it really works but would be glad to know more on what will be expected on my side to also succeed. For example how much work I need to put in and how long it is expected to start seeing results. 

    The success stories really stir me up… it appears people are already making the money. I hope it’s not like a pyramid scheme where only old members at the top get the most reward?

  45. Nate MC says:

    Excellent info and you are absolutely right that people should not focus too much on how much they make in their first month or even the first few months. One of the things that have made a difference for me is treating AM as a business because that’s exactly what it is.

  46. Stuart says:

    Good Site and review on the attributes needed to become an affiliate marketer, well laid out plan of action that anyone should be able to follow, may I offer one suggestion that your links be in a bolder colour, I had great difficulty seeing them, some not even aware that they were there.  Does not stop it being an excellent article, well done.

  47. Tony says:

    Hi, I really like the idea of being able to earn an income with affiliate marketing. Like many people I am tired of the daily grind and of having to work for someone else 5/6 days a week. I am keen to look into this further and will definitely research some more on this with the help of your website and articles.

    Thank you


  48. Abayomi says:

    Excellent article on how to make money online,you have explained very well and is exciting the secret of making money online;choosing a niche,build a website,generate traffic,create good content,promote a product, and make money, this post is awesome and is an eye opener to every new person in online business,I got a powerful from your write-up which is very important that I should treat business like every other achievement in life, I love this statement because is a cogent key to success in online business,thank you for sharing this helpful post.

  49. Steve says:

    Great article introducing affiliate marketing. I have been working on building my own affiliate marketing business and I think it is really important that you stress to give it time. Rome was not built in a day and neither is a business. It takes a lot of dedication and work, but I am hopeful it will pay off in the end. I think you are also correct when you say you need to get training! Going into it blindly will really slow you down, so it is absolutely worth it! 

    Thanks for writing the post!

  50. Gillian says:

    This is a very good write up about affiliate marketing. It is my no. 1 money making business online as well. I agree that you can make money on affiliate marketing, though it doesn’t come easy, it needs investment of time, effort and money. But at the end it feels good to see the fruit of your labor once you see your income pouring in. 

    This article is helpful for beginners looking on how to make money online.

  51. Ron Mendoza says:

    What a comprehensive review you have here about affiliate marketing, and I agree with you on a lot of points you made, especially regarding persistency.  Building an online business isn’t easy — it’s not for those who are looking to make a quick buck. 

    The SEO process, especially if your doing it alone, will not get you the results you want until you’re probably eight or nine months in producing content consistently.

    And, it’s great that you included some of the success stories of people who found success in affiliate marketing, that’s a huge confidence booster for those who are starting out.

  52. Love Yourself says:

    What a fantastic and informative article.  Thank you for “simplifying” exactly what affiliate marketing is about.  I am terrified of building my own website though. I attempted it many years ago, and it was quite frankly a disaster! Has this become easier? I also found that getting people to my website was really difficult.  You say in your article that it is generated through content.  The last time I wrote something was probably an essay in school.  Do I need to take writing lessons?

    I would be very interested in affiliate marketing though because I love the idea of being able to work from home with the hours that suit me.  


  53. Jagi says:

    Thank you for the in-depth explanation of affiliate marketing. I’m just getting into it now, so am still learning the ropes. Niche selection can be difficult unless there are some guidelines to follow. It seems like you’ve laid out up quite a few guidelines here for someone who is just getting into online affiliate marketing.  

    Thanks for the tip on not focusing on the first month earning. I’ve been very focused on the and now after reading your post, I realize I need to let my site build some authority as well have some time go by before people will start buying from me.

  54. Jordan Smith says:

    Hi! This is exactly what I have been looking for in like almost a week now. I jumped into affiliate marketing about a 4 months ago and have been dragging my feet just because I have not been convinced it was as great as all the posts I’ve been reading before I started. You are clear and easy to understand. THANK YOU! I know what step to take, and I’m ready to move forward now, and I’ll definitely be on the look for more great information from you!


  55. Shane Fegan says:

    Thank you for your affiliate marketing breakdown and those dos and dont’s, which are handy to know.

    With traffic generation, I have initially found that it is hard to attract traffic, and then also the kind of traffic that will be engaged and willing to invest or purchase is even more critical.

    In terms of success, I think we can all have an expectation to succeed, it is not a given this will happen, you will need to apply yourself to your website content, niche information and how you provide this and discuss with your audience.

    Amazon is the one I use for now, which is relatively simple to use for starters, but there are 1000s out there, do you have any specific recommendations on this?

  56. Selenity Jade says:

    This is a good article, thank you.  I like how you added the three successful Wealthy Affiliate members at the end.  I agree that affiliate marketing is definitely not a scam and is a viable business model, especially if you’re looking for low-cost startup expenses at first.  It’s not a way to make fast money, but it is a way to make a sustainable business!  I’ve been fiddling with affiliate marketing for a few years now and it does work, even if I only got serious about it recently. Thanks again for the article.

  57. Anusuya says:

    With billions of people on the internet making purchases of all kinds, entrepreneurs are betting on MMO as one of their ways to acquire wealth. It is logical. 

    Your review offers a concise way of how to build an online platform for success. 

    Your elucidation of affiliate marketing in a few but powerful bullets just catches mind.

    The comprehensive but all-inclusive and affordable (<1.00/ day) Wealthy affiliate premium membership is a Godsend venture to start to build and realize your dream with sincere persistence.

  58. Patrick Chilanga says:

    This is a good snap shot of affiliate marketing. I like the focus on the mind set, attitude and emphasis of it not being a get-rich-quick scheme. Two to three years of working is quite an investment of ones time.

    I would suggest the addition of the pros and cons of the subject matter would assist in providing an informative decision. Another suggestion would be the likely challenges one would in counter in the business and possible remedies.

    A brief comparison with of the other online business would also be helpful. 

    Would it be advisable to be part of more than one affiliate program at the same time,  Ones that are not related? I feel it can increase the income but I also have the feeling it might take twice as long so defeating the purpose.

  59. Michelle says:

    It’s a great website.  I enjoyed learning more about affiliate marketing.  You make it easy with your list of steps to be done to become an affiliate marketer.  I learned a great deal from your site and appreciate how easy it was to read.  Thank you.

    Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to earn money.  You can start as a side job, work your site, and eventually be able to replace your ‘day’ job income.  And you can do it anywhere and anytime.  You work around the things you want to do.  It’s a great opportunity!!

  60. OfficialDomQ says:

    Nice Profile with valuable information. I will be sure to pass your info and website along to other insightful people I know. I’m in the Hospitality and Travel field ! I’m a Home Based Travel Agent, so I Access to many people looking to make side money ! Your webpage information gives a step by step process they can easily follow and I feel would be very interested in it

  61. Carlton says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your post and by the way, your site looks awesome. I also, want to rid my life of the dreadful

    9 to 5! I actually, work more than that! I want to find a way out of the rat race. This is what made me decide to become an affiliate marketer. I also joined WA! This was a good move. The hardest thing for me was investing time into my newly found business. I often suffered from writer’s block from the exhaustion of overworking. So, I cut back on the 10-hour a day hustle and invested more time into Affiliate Marketing. I follow the 6 steps religiously or should I say 7. Never, never give up! Thank you for your wonderful article. It was informative as well as, motivational. Much success and wishing you the best!

  62. Ah yes, affiliate marketing! I am currently working on helping people through my information while pursuing the goal of making money as well! Although I am still working on making money, affiliate marketing certainly seems like a legitimate way of doing this! What do you see as the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing in regards to making money?

  63. My Daily Pointers says:

    Thank you very much for this awesome article on affiliate marketing. I actually picked helpful tips I’m going to add to my online business. I like to blog on helpful tips to living better and your article just gave me the idea on how to incorporate affiliate marketing to add to my income stream. I’ll have to share this with my partner so he can learn a thing or two as well.

  64. AirplaneJane says:

    Your post on Affiliate Marketing is very in depth. I especially like the time line of the different niches as it goes to show that it is all about the hard work and not just the topic. I am also a user of Wealthy Affiliate and find that they are amazing with their training and help to create online business success stories if they put in the work themselves. 

  65. Hi Sandy, great information on affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the best program out there to get started online. Although I get what you saying on your post, you might want to consider proofreading before you post it or using Grammarly. You are missing a lot of punctuations, words in your content and sentence constructions are not always the best. But the information is great, thanks Sandy.

  66. Cathy says:

    The success testimonial you shared is intriguing. I always knew that the travel niche and MMO are competitive and lucrative, but I’ve yet to see anyone being successful at the pet niche. I know there’s a big market, but I don’t know how they scale in reality and on-going trends. I would love to follow your link and see how Craig makes it work.

  67. Nice Gal Nikki says:

    Hi Sandy, I found your article about affiliate marketing very interesting and informative. I know how profitable affiliate marketing can be because I’ve saw proof from people in this field. I am just starting out with this myself and was wondering if there’s any tips you can share with me? Things not to do? Things to do?

  68. Thank you for your in-depth discussion. I have been looking around and you are the first to actually explain Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scammy venture. Like any other new business it takes months, even years to become a successful. I thank you for your honesty and integrity. 

    On that note I intend to explore Wealthy Affiliates to discover more. What concerns me is the IT technical skills. I’m a pensioner and have NO tech skills. Is there any training to help me?  Bit daunting at my age!  Look forward to your reply. Cheers 

  69. Wayne says:

    Hello, Sandy.  I enjoyed reading your post. Lots of good information about how to become an affiliate marketer.  

    I especially liked the parts about “The Steps” and, more importantly, the “Attributes/Characteristics” one must possess and incorporate to become successful online.

    To me, the last one is the most important because without the strong commitment it takes to make this happen, It’s going to be a long hard journey.  I know that side because that is me. Working on making that better but that’s part of growing and learning even at my age.

    I still believe that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to go and your #1 recommendation IS the best training for all, especially those new to this sort of thing.


  70. Evelyn Kimball says:

    The “About Me” seemed unfinished.  Double check that page.

    The Posts are very good as far as attracting and persuading people to join Affiliate Marketing.  However, I feel the discussion should include that when joining affiliate marketing will not make you earn fast income right away.   I feel people should be informed before hand that once you establish your website, you have to put in great effort when working on the SEO part to be indexed by Google.  Depending on how someone will do it but it may take a while to earn some kind of an income when becoming an on-line marketer.

    The posts need some grammar check.  I suggest use the grammar check on WordPress that works fantastic.  Also, some linked videos used seemed unnecessary when you can just include in the narrative part and explain very clearly.  One video is asking you to log in or sign up.  Kind of a turned off for a reader.    

  71. Alblue says:

    Well hello Sandy, I’m eager to learn about making money online because it seems almost everyone doing it now. They are either selling things online or become social media influencer, but I’m not sure that I have the skills to do them. Affiliate marketing seems a good choice for introverted people like me, and the success story make me quite convinced this will become my online income direction. I’ll check on your Wealthy Affiliate Review. Thanks 

  72. Nuttanee says:

    What a perfect step by step on how to make money with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it is not that hard to do but you just have to start it now and stick with it by doing it frequently. Most people know about all the information that you suggested but they never implemented it, that is why they never get to try it and regret it later in life. I also think that keeping yourself educated with the latest training on affiliate marketing is also important so you can be on top of the game. 🙂

  73. Yuna says:

    Personally if i have no idea what affiliate is, this post can be overwhelmed. What is affiliate, how does it work, and what is the best way to do, they are 3 topics can talk about. For those have idea what is Affiliate marketing is, this post is helpful. Complete info of know how, and know where to sign up. “Don’t need to..” section very helpful! Love the testimonial too very motivational.

  74. Linda says:

    There are so many metrics one must look into when it comes to marketing. Who is the target? What’s the environment like? What catches these people’s attention which links them to the product? What actions can be taken? This is so helpful. Thank you for helping us all think and rethink what our next step is. 

  75. coralie says:

    I really enjoyed you post on affiliate marketing. I totally agree that a person can make money online worth the right attitude and perseverance.

    Like you said in your post many people get to impatient when they don’t earn money right away.   Your post really covers absolutely everything you need to know about becoming an affiliate marketer.  This is just so helpful for anyone going in that direction. 

    Great job. 

  76. Dr. SD says:

    You have described the matter so simply. It really offers a clear view of “How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing”.

    I am a blogger myself, but almost never been able to earn through affiliate marketing. Maybe I am following the wrong way. I noticed there are a few links within the article which driven me to Wealthy Affiliate. Is it the right place to learn the tricks?

    You said there are three niches which leads you to success. Which one is the best among those? Does the travel niche really work as you described? In fact, there are thousands of travel websites on the internet. How to compete? How long did it take to increase traffic on your websites, and when you successfully got a massive conversion? I am asking this because high traffic but no conversion is a very common issue in affiliate marketing or even in e-commerce. So, how did you manage this? Is it only SEO or it also includes rapid advertisements?

  77. Matt says:


    It’s good to see a chance online no matter anywhere, and it’s the best way for everyone to start building from nothing like me. The affiliate program does a lot of help for making money on the internet, but it does also require consistency, patience, and hard working. 

    It’s very nice of you to provide a link to Wealthy Affiliate, and I think the best part of it is they do provide a 7-days free course for me to try. I do have concerns that whether you ever tried other programs before and landed in Wealthy Affiliate eventually? 

  78. gr8megawinner says:

    The Website: Making Money Anywhere, The Blog: How to Make Online in Affiliate Marketing. I agree with all the processes before earning money. The best place for training a newbie like me in Affiliate Marketing is the Wealthy Affiliate. It always starts with a customer who would visit your site and customer buys the products you are promoting or giving a nice review and then you make money. Sounds simple but you need a ton of effort and an endlessly positive attitude. No matter anyone guide you on do’s and don’ts and the can and can’t, the steps is hard work and patience, building a nice website needs more than having a website you need to know the widgets, the SEO, plugins, links with SEO, links with sites  selling products, etc. then we need to know how to gey keywords of different forms and requirement, title, content, product, getting a niche, be on the first page of Google (you wish) getting traffic even security and rules and regulations of say Amazon, CJ Click Bank, etc. Attributes should be long-range and forward-looking, Give your online business the respect, seriousness, and value it requires and give reasonable time consistently. For me, ways to get success is Complete learning (from Wealthy Affiliate University) Perseverance and Smart work. know what are the main priorities among your priorities and Look ahead on the game. Enjoy your niche.

  79. Gravatar Support says:

    Hi. After reading it boost my confidence level. One of my biggest challenges is to get traffic to visit my website and therefore made the sale. Other than using keywords, is there other methods?

    I can see you are progressing very well and the sales are coming in. Anyone who is passionate about something can share this on the internet and made money online.

    Thank you for sharing this useful and important information.

  80. Michel says:

    I also love affiliate marketing for the same reasons you do. There are no risks involved unless you do PPC advertising, the work that is done today can pay you many times over next year and you can choose out of an endless array of products to market – the sky is the limit.

    I know it takes a while to make money on a consistent basis doing this, but it was great to read your success stories and how over time gradually their income grew.

    What is the minimum number of articles would you reckon a blog should have?

  81. Shashwat .Prakash says:

    Hey Sandy

    I really liked going through your post. It lists out some very valuable tips  to get started in affiliate marketing. Well, I am new to this concept and it took me some time to understand the business model.  I must congratulate you on a job well done. I. especially liked the way you have described each step, it’s so detailed. I agree with you that at some point of time, we need to have professional training in this business. I am gonna look into WA real soon.


  82. Anthony Swinson says:

    Nice to see you spreading the word to people who may be interested in doing something else for a change instead of working. I have also learned this information not too long ago, and for months I’ve been working hard to get to where I want to be, need to be. 

    Excellent content, keep it up!

  83. Jane says:

    Hi, thanks for your article. Seems like you’ve covered all areas and although there’s a lot of information there which might seem a little daunting for beginners, you’ve broken it down nicely into bite size chunks. I love that you’ve added success stories as well. I’m in my first year of start up and have yet to make mega bucks. I think the most important thing to remember is that to build a successful business that will keep growing, you need to be patient and consistent. These things don’t happen over-night but if you treat online business like a job and not a hobby, with hard work and perseverance, it will happen.

  84. Hi Sandy. For a number of years no I have been searching for a way to make an online income. I have tried out several different methods so far including mlm, Bitcoin and various other ones. None of them made me a cent but some cost me a small fortune. I have thought about affiliate marketing and blogging but I didn’t understand it much until now. Getting your own niche and selling products on it sounds very interesting I,’m definitely going to try it out. Thanks Jim

  85. Paul says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful post.

    A lot of people fail online because they expect quick, easy and fast money. The information you shared on the topic “4 Crucial Attributes” is very helpful. Based on my experience Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and the best thing is you can start it with low investment.

    Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires. – Bo Bennett

    Personally, for newbies, I would advise not to choose the MMO (Make Money Online) niche because the competition is quite high compared to other niches and involves a lot of work, effort, and patience.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

  86. Dario says:

    Hy just found your post and glad I’ve done so.

    This is a very good article for anyone whos interested in starting their own website and making money.

    It may be a bumpy road at first, you have to figure out some things on your own aka what works and what doesn’t.

    But eventually, if you keep up and pay attention through the process you’ll get the ball rolling.

    It does require work from your part but all good things do as well and its worth it.

  87. captainm7 says:

    I actually enjoyed reading through your article which has given me more insight about affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing being one good source of making money online, there are a lot of scams out there and one would need a community.

    You have given a detailed information about affiliate marketing and has broadened my knowledge to improve on my skills in the business although i am still new and at the beginner stage, this was a much needed read for help. Thank You so Much. 

    Warm Regards.

  88. Twack Romero says:

    If ever anyone is in any doubt and needs a clear, precise template on how to become an affiliate marketer, then they will have found it if they read your article. As I read through I was coming up with questions only to find that you were answering them as I was reading further into the post.

    You’re right though, this kind of business doesn’t automatically succeed the moment you get your website up and running. Finding a ‘niche’ that you are happy with and will be able to write plenty of content for, is a must. As you pointed out, it helps when you find out who your target audience is and then whether you can see if they need something you can provide.

    For anyone out there who is thinking of going into the affiliate market industry, this is a must read. The examples are proof enough that this works if you put the time and effort in. 

  89. Monalisha says:


    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about the making money anywhere. You have recommended affiliate marketing as the way to make money anywhere. I agree with you. Affiliate marketing is a way of online business. You have informed us that how does affiliate marketing work. I have read the full content and it is very clear to me that affiliate marketing is a very good choice. In this review I got many information which were really unknown to me. Through your article I could understand that the easy way to success in online business affiliate marketing is more preferable to me. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family. 

  90. Denis Carpenter says:

    Hi Sandy,   

    I will make a few comments on your site.                                                                                                                                    Your about page is well written & “down to earth” & you are talking to potential readers in a conversational way.                    I, like you, love to travel as an Australian living in Thailand.  

    I do not have experience actually making any money yet, but I am learning through the lessons here at WA.    

    Having other members endorse Wealthy Affiliates will only assist you & your credibility.

    My only negative comment is the call to action & links are very faint & not easy to see. That may be my display.  

    Wishing you well in your Making Money Anywhere site  

    Best regards  


  91. Dean says:

    Thanks for this post, it is a breeze of fresh air as it make the life of a Blogger or online entrepreneur so much easier as you obviously have done a great deal of research and put  lot of effort into you articles, so thank you for that.

    I have a question regarding getting more traffic to my site, would you suggest just chipping away on my content and working my keyword and SEO or what is your thoughts on investing some cash into adds to get ore traffic.

    I am asking because I am trying to get approved for a few affiliate programs, but I must have more traffic before i can get approved.

    Thanks again for this post. 


  92. Greg Cook says:

    Hi Sandy. Thanks for that very informative explanation of Affiliate Marketing. You are so right, it does take persistence and hard work, but the rewards are worth it. Earning a passive income online is the ultimate way to work. Choosing the right niche for you and adding quality content is key. You’ve laid the process out very clearly in your post so anyone new to Affiliate Marketing can understand the process. Keep up the good work.

  93. Robert Trevor says:

    Affiliate marketing really works, if you have the right training,I have been involved in it for less than a year,my daughter introduced me to it, via Wealthy Affiliate,which I joined and with her training and experience, began to find my way into this exciting field.

    W.A. have a very comprehensive training program,and teach you how to find your niche,(I chose home handyman as mine) and then to build your website,using Keyword search to find the words, that will drive business to your site,with lots of training videos,and lectures to guide you in your work.

    One of the great things about affiliate marketing, is that using the internet,you literally have millions of potential customers,all around the world,and can be selling 24-7 hours a day.and if you refer to various brand name tools and goods from Amazon or similar suppliers,you generate income through your referrals.

    In my website, I get many people asking for help and advice, in setting up their home workshops,where to place machines,lighting and safety observances,what machines and brands to buy,(from which you get commission),.how to make various items,it is a very interesting business..

  94. Thanks, Sany. You make it sound very doable by presenting the information in steps that are easily achieved. The success stories are great. But how much does the average member make? I read somewhere that said 90% of people fail after starting affiliate marketing. Failure happens because the cost of entry is so low, they are expecting to make money quickly. They often realize the hard part is getting enough traffic to their websites to make money.

  95. Baraka says:

    Dear Sandy

    This is educating and helpful article.I have been an affiliate for about a year.According to my experience young affiliates fail because of lack of proper training especially on choosing keywords as well as how to attract visitors in their websites.Thank you for addressing these issues in this article. This article is very helpful to new affiliates.All the best


  96. Cinderella says:

    Thank you for showing me a way to make money anywhere through affiliate marketing, it sounds great and especially that it looks you work on your own pace.

    I love dieting and I have found a natural way to do it and I will definitely turn it into a niche and see where it takes me using the Affiliate Platform you have recommended.  Thanks a lot 

  97. Dalibor says:

    Good advice. I was wondering how to make money on the internet, but I am afraid it would cost me more than I could afford.Besides, I don’t know how to make a website. I don’t know to write code like that.

    What would you suggest to a beginner? Should I try something that brings money or try to write something I love? 

  98. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you so much for this post – I really wish I had read something like this a long time ago. I’ve just started my online affiliate marketing business, and it would have been so helpful to have seen this before I started. I really love that you have shown some proof here, of other people’s successes. It really makes you realise that this is not a scam and is the real thing. I’ve never wanted to be a part of the mundane 9-5 office job lifestyle, and so I work from home doing other things, but the idea that I could make good money doing something I’m passionate about is so exciting! Thanks again for putting this great infomation out there, it’s really helpful.

  99. Aye2019 says:

    First of all, I have to commend the writer of this article for the effort he/she put to come up with such a great content.

    I know a bit about affiliate marketing and even have a blogging website which I use for affiliate marketing. I am only here just to refresh my mind on the topic and learn something new.

    I didn’t understand a niche well before but I think I can explain what a niche is to people now. In my own view, briefly, a niche is a particular topic you have interest in and will be more comfortable in writing about. Please correct me if that’s wrong. 

    One of the things I’m taking away from this content is the equation/formula, P+N+R = S (Persistent +Never Give Up +Right Training = Success).

    Thanks for sharing.

  100. Anglewolf says:

    Thank you for your post. You provide a  good detailed road map to succeed in affiliate marketing. I am new to affiliate marketing and I am finding to difficult to generate traffic. My site has only been up for 3 months and I am still learning. From knowing nothing I am getting there. Which affiliate programs do you think are worthwhile to sign up to? I have been with amazon but have not sold anything and so they should be closing my account soon. 

  101. Kirsti says:

    You´re so right, it takes persistence to make it in affiliate marketing. You can’t expect to make any money within the first few months, yet you need to keep working relentlessly. I’m not an experienced affiliate marketer yet, but I have already learned so much in Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Wow, that must have been hard when you started affiliate marketing on your own. I agree it´s too hard to do it on your own. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing when I started, and luckily I had Wealthy Affiliate’s support from the start. Without their training, I wouldn’t have had any idea how to get started as a complete beginner!

  102. Willy says:

    This is a really enlightening post is must confess. It has not only finalized my perception of affiliate marketing as a legit platform but has also giving me a lot of insights on how to grow in this platform. Building a good niche in line to my interest would really create ease as I work and this is really helpful. Thanks for sharing such a great review. It would go a long way in adding value to my life. Kudos.

  103. Norman says:

    This way is becoming more popular with those who want to work for themselves beating the nine to five. Affiliate marketing is really great and really do offer some great benefits. There are so many in this type of work and is making a good living. I believe that is is the way to go. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Travis says:

    Great read. 

    I love the layout for explaining affiliate marketing and include wealthy affiliate. 

    A lot of people don’t realize or are scared to get into the affiliate marketing because they believe they need to create their own products. Just as you pointed out, that is definitely not the case! 

    I enjoy finding different niches to blog about all the time. Seems like there is a never ending amount of niches available online. 

    Great read all around!

  105. Derek. says:

    I have scoured the internet with the intention of starting a online business, I never thought of becoming an affiliate marketer.  After reading your review, I truly believe I can do it.  You mentioned there’s no risks!  I’m sold!  There’s not a business on this planet that doesn’t involve some kind of risk, but this doesn’t! I’m truly blown away.  I’ve started searching for my niche!  Great stuff!

  106. fityourselfbarre says:

    Hello! Very clear informations about how to start an affiliate mariketing business on line and make money. The hardest step is chosing your niche and find ideas of content. I have started myself in october 2018 and as I move on, I am still very motivated and excited about this adventure. Reading the success stories, I was reminded that I am on my way to success myself!! Thank you!

  107. affiliate_ghost says:

    This really is a complete start to finish map on how affiliate marketing works and although i am just 6 months in, I so much believe and trust in this business model as it has helped improve many aspects of my life.

    I have been opportuned to learn, earn and network with people from around the world.

    Thanks for the success stories, I am not earning that much yet, but i know i would get there soon if i keep working hard.

  108. I am a member of the WA community and I would just like to share my experience. WA actually changed my life and I am very thankful to the founders Kyle and Carson, and of course to the community. Everyone is very active and all my questions are being answered. Because of you guys I was able to grow my own online business and able to monetize it! 

    For the newbies, you can go ahead and click on the link in this article on WA and at least take advantage of the free version. You’ll never regret it! Great article by the way! All the best!

  109. Vanessa says:

    There are so many opportunities to make money online but affiliate marketing is my absolute favorite! It’s definitely a no hassle way to make money online once you put in the required effort. The 4 crucial attributes you highlighted are really important, especially the second and third one. You definitely can’t have an instant mindset when it comes to making money online and you can’t have a successful business with that mindset that’s or sure. For anyone getting into affiliate marketing using strictly SEO techniques, you definitely need to give yourself time and treat the opportunity as a business. To me, the right opportunity coupled with the right mindset and effort, make for phenomenal affiliate marketing success.

  110. Kevin says:

    This is a great post about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is definitely my favorite way to generate an income online, but like you say in the post, it’s not just about the money. In fact, I found that making marketing something you love will lead to much better success. Taking the steps that you mention are a great way to get started. Do you by any chance know about any other interesting methods to monetize your site without affiliate marketing?

  111. Robert says:

    As an affiliate marketer I love reading new articles on how to make money online in affiliate marketing because many people on the outside do not realize how we make our money. Another thing they do not realize is that it is possible to make passive income by just sharing information and recommending products that “other” people sell.

    You have provided some great information here and this will help those people who have yet to experience the joys of making money from their passions. When I started I was shocked at how I could earn an income from my passion of natural health and wellness. I knew it wasn’t a fluke because I also made money with my passion for video games.

    Affiliate marketing is a steadily growing industry. Marketing analysts are saying that it will be close to a 7 billion dollar per year industry by 2020. There is so much potential in this industry and I encourage anyone reading my comment who is not yet an affiliate marketer to get educated and build your affiliate marketing business. Being your own boss is amazing!

  112. christopher james says:

    HOW TO QUIT MY 9 TO 5 AND DO WHAT I LOVE, this should be changed to “HOW I..”

    Also, How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website? is kind of confusing title and the first paragraph is confusing to read.

    overall pretty promising site! I would take a day or so and run through all of your pages and make corrections so people can better understand your wording,

  113. Wendy says:

    It does sound like affiliate marketing may be a great way to make money online. I’ve been thinking about affiliate marketing for some time and haven’t really been sure quite where to get started. When you think of everything that needs to be done to start making money, it will take a lot of work and it may be a bit overwhelming. But I am just going to focus on doing one step at a time. You make it seem like I can actually make this work. Thanks for all of your tips! I think I got this.

  114. Marisa says:

    Hi Sandy, well done for the lovely site. It is visually attractive and highly organised. Step by step instructions and easy to read through it and find the information you´re after. Nice related and call for action images. It is one of the best website I´ve seen so far related to your making money niche. Keep posting and helping others with your step by step teaching.  

    Wishing you best of luck and may your dream job come true in the very near future. Marisa

  115. Claudio says:

    Hello Sandy,

    Being also a member of wealthy affiliate, I consider affiliate marketing one of the best ways to make money online. Everything is very well exposed in your article, the reality is also that this discipline will take time and dedication. 

    The choice of the product will be key since we can find many “buying” people that will leave us very interesting commissions. Excellent article, very real by the way.

    Greetings! Claudio

  116. marci redmond says:

    Hi Sandy, great article on affiliate marketing and how to make money online! I appreciate the step by step guidance and the suggestions you make. I think it’s necessary to guide people to where they should go for the best start if there looking to start making money online. I also think it’s great you share some examples of those who have made money online it definitely is a motivator to get started right away. 

  117. Thanks for sharing your insight and examples of affiliate marketing websites and resuts. There are definitely some advantages to selling with an affiliate marketing setup rather than doing it all yourself and desiging a product and fulfilling orders yourself. This is a way to get setup much more quickly and get started with a niche business!

  118. Regina says:

    This is a outstanding topic and my question on the topic would be why didn’t you state NO THIS IS NOTA SCAM ON YOUR WEBSITE.  You when into explaining why but did let people know it’s a real wonderful business to make money.  On your discussion on the topic I notice you have multiple replies which you have not replied.  Q and A is very important on your website for you to keep up with in my opinion.  My experience is very advanced online when responding to people online.

  119. Julesmym says:

    This is a thorough overview of affiliate marketing and very well laid out with plenty of visuals. 

    As a newbie to this environment it’s interesting to see how the WA program fits in to a website. I would be very interested to learn more on how you can set up other affiliates and which ones you would recommend to reach the end goal. 

    There is lots to go through here and gives me plenty of food for thought. Thank you.   

  120. Mariam says:

    Very clear and explanatory. Thanks for this article. There are so many ways to make money online, and I believe Affiliate marketing is just one of those channels that provides a lot of opportunities for people to make money, to take advantage of the online population. 

    Though, through patience and hard work. As explained in your article, it’s a business.  And businesses take commitment, resources and diligence to stand. 

  121. Floyd says:

    In my experience affiliate marketing is a bit more difficult than what most newbie bloggers or influencers might think.

    Even tho there is a lot of upsides and less risk to it compared to most of the other business models online.

    I always recommend every newbie to get a mentor when starting out in affiliate marketing becuase it takes dedication to achieve results.

  122. Stella says:

    Hi Sandy,

    I liked the way you slowly introduce people to WA by putting yourself in their shoes and asking questions. Also, you have a really nice design and your content is well laid out.

    When people read about your review, they will definitely want to know more and how you created your website using Wealthy Affiliate marketing tools.

    I wish you all the best in your journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best!

  123. fyre says:

    Picking a niche was so difficult for me back when I got my start in Affiliate marketing so, I’m glad you gave some examples to your readers.  I was just like you too– I never gave up on myself no matter how many times I messed up.

    Earning an income wherever I was in the world is why I got involved in this industry in the first place!  I always wanted to be able to travel more without having to take an allotted ‘vacation’ every time I needed to get away from it all or, simply go see the people I love that don’t live nearby!

    The proper training is so crucial and, after reading this I can see — you have presented a great framework of  the tools needed to succeed in this exciting business.  

  124. Alice says:

    Having a 9-5 job used to be the only way to make money in order put food on the table. Well, not anymore and definitely it’s not how I want to spend the rest of my life, or at least until I reach retirement age.

    This is the reason why I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing for a couple of months now. I just don’t know how and where to start because to be honest, I have zero knowledge which makes me a bit skeptical diving into it. I’m just really glad I found your site.

    There are so many sites out there promising success in making money online but you must be willing to put in time and of course MONEY. I’ve checked out quite a number of them already and while most of them highly suggest having my own website and some tips on how to start, none of them actually mentioned the 6 must-need steps.

    Thank you so much for outlining them clearly for me. Now I just need to get the necessary training so I will definitely be checking out your recommendation. 

    By the way, if you don’t me asking, how long have you been doing affiliate marketing? Have you already reached the point where your online business is able to sustain you and your family without having to work 9-5? I just really need some encouragement and motivation.

    Thank you Sandy, this article was of great help to me.

  125. Stevie says:

    Thank you for your post.

    Your explanation of how affiliate marketing works is very clear and concise and you really explain it with realistic timelines.

    It’s great to see your success, but also see how much time and work you have put into it to get where you are now.

    Well done, wish you well.


  126. Misty Outdoors says:

    Hi Sandy, You have done an excellent job of describing what affiliate marketing is.  I currently have affiliates with Etsy and Amazon- it is so nice making money without the need to carry the product and then ship!  I started in January and have seen some success so far.  The key is to remain consistent and persistent!  I love your real life examples too to get across to people that WA is not a scam. From my experience, it is the best program out there to make money online. Great Article!

  127. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this great post!  You’ve managed to break Affiliate Marketing down into digestible chunks that are easy to understand.

    I have to say, the examples you’ve provided have really piqued my interest.  I am so ready to get out of the traditional 9 to 5 rat race and affiliate marketing might just be the key to doing so.

    Thanks again,


  128. This is a very good post and I like the time taken to explain the concept of affiliate marketing. It is nice to know that unlike so many false claims out there about instant millions! You say it upfront that an online business is a business and should be treated as such. My question is must a content creator strictly stick to a product or service that resonates with his content or can he experiment with other products one in a while?

  129. Jack Stephens says:

    This is an excellent synopsis of the main training ahd execution flow of Wealthy Affiliate. The points are clear and make good sense all the way through and the real life examples of those who have succeeded should be a great encouragement to those who are considering affiliate marketing. There are times I lose sight of the goal of success because I am not “there” yet, so this was very helpful to me. And if helpful to me, surely many others will benefit as well.

  130. Marvin says:

    First up, Phenomenal Article on How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing, Well Done!!! Im fairly new to affiliate marketing and this article has been a blessing. Its good to see that there are a few examples of affiliate websites doing well, give me a bit of hope that the grind is worth it.  You have provided a roadmap to success and I thank you 🙂 Keep it up 

  131. Bobby says:


    I’m very impressed with how you explained affiliate marketing. Having tried it myself, I’ve experienced some of the ups and downs that comes with it. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick thing like most people think it is. I have a question for you though. What are some ways you get traffic to your site? I’ve been using a lot of social media but haven’t bit the bullet to promote anything yet. Thanks for your post!


  132. Christine says:

    This is explained so clearly. I like your honesty. Most sites promise quick money, but you’re honest about it, and it’s a lot more realistic knowing that you have to work for it instead of expecting immediate results. Every business venture takes time, dedication, and effort.

    How long did it take you to get some results with your blog? Is it different for everyone? 

    I am also wondering if some niches are more popular than others. I think I need to work a little more on researching keywords. I’ll check out the link you added.

  133. Christine says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for, an online business to allow me to quit my 9 to 5 job.
    I am a total newbie in the online business world.  I am afraid to fall into a scam program.
    Affiliate Marketing seems like a good choice for me. Since I have no previous experience in building a website, I really need a good training program. What is the cost of the training program? I can only spend 1 to 2 hour a day to learn the program.
    Thank you for the information.

  134. Tania says:

    What does bear fruit mean for those who dont know??

    I got lost after clicking on pink words which took me somewhere else maybe wait till reader has got to the bottom of page.  Pink text was hard to read also.

    Headings could be a bit more standing out or bigger.

    Overall I liked your layout great work!

  135. Affiliate marketing is truly one of the best ways to start an online business, as it is easy to get started and you don’t actually need to have your own product to sell. All you need is to get the proper training and tools to get started. And for that, I think Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform for someone new to get started on. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 6 months back, and I’m starting to see progress. What I like best about WA is that you will never feel lost at anytime due to the excellent training and helpful community on it.

  136. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for this article.  I have read countless articles on which programs are the best to start an affiliate marketing career. I love that you put the success stories in the article with dates.  I have been looking for a realistic timeline of how long it would take one to succeed in this field.  Thank you so much for putting this together and giving your readers hope that our hard work may pay off if we follow your recommendations!

  137. Zerek says:

    This website has been very helpful and kinda explains the things that I was wondering about. It was able to fill in some of the gap of information that I was missing. Also, It showed me a couple of tips that I might incorporate into my website. So far I have successfully built a website and got it indexed by google. So I will continue to follow some of your steps and hope to bring in more “traffic”. The layout of your website is nice and simple and very easy to follow. I also like how you broke it into simple sections that didn’t try to cram everything into one fat section. I will be coming back to check for update in tips and ticks. Thanks for all the info.

  138. Brandon says:

    I have been trying to make money online for months and have come across affiliate marketing many times but I’ve got a couple of questions before I try it out. You say we need the right training, well what is the right training? Also, how long will it take to start making money with the method you mentioned? Thanks in advance.

  139. Happy Eating RD says:

    Hi Sandy!

    Thank you for this very interesting post on affiliate marketing.

    I am a few months into it, and honestly, today I just needed the motivation of seeing that others are actually succeeding with wealthy affiliate. It can get tiring to work towards a goal where you can’t see the results yet. But, I know it will be SO worth it.

    Everything I have seen from wealthy affiliate so far has been excellent. Their training resources and help from the community is amazing, and I truly love being part of the platform.

    I am two months into my membership at WA and I believe that I am close to a breakthrough to start making sales!

    Anyway, good luck to you and thank you for this great post.


  140. Find Me And My Tribe says:

    I’m currently doing the laptop lifestyle and it definitely takes some hard work in the time management and discipline sector. is there a routine you suggest to stay focused and productive? How do you know what type of work to do? What’s the earning potential with doing just affiliate marketing?

  141. Katya says:

    Very easy to understand and well explained affiliate marketing! Knowing me, I’d have a hard time being patient and keep working my the niche website even though the money isn’t flowing in (yet). Do you have any suggestions how to battle this and how to keep on track in the times like this?

    Thank you,


  142. Nethmal Sellahewa says:

    Explained all the things step by step. That’s the main thing I liked about here. Easy to understand and easy to follow all the details. Well I’m newbie at this topic because of that I learned many new things just by reading half of your article. One last thing, those examples are really motivational. Thank you!

  143. Success Business Online says:

    I like your post on how to make money anywhere with affiliate marketing as an online marketer.

    The beauty about affiliate marketing is done we can promote any high quality products with our readers when we want to.

    With the right traffic source, we are also able to push the right audience to our website for conversion.

    However, I agree with you that we need to find a reliable and comprehensive program for us to get started.  Wealthy Affiliate is one such program with a group of like minded entrepreneurs all under one space.

    Thank you for sharing such comprehensive article with us.  

    Looking forward to your next post on how to make money online.

  144. Edwin Bernard says:

    You made a very convincing case to pursue Affiliate Marketing. At the same time you also provided reasons why this wont work for some people. Those who need money fast or are looking to get rich quick. I have been building my Affiliate Marketing business for seven months and I can see my traffic increasing. I do not expect to be earning decent money for at least another year. I know by then I will have exceeded 100 posts on my website and that is when Google will consider I have created an authority website that will help my rankings. 

    Thanks for publishing a very informative article on Affiliate Marketing. 


  145. Russ Green says:

    This really is a brilliant article on how to make money with affiliate marketing, it is perfect for a beginner, I love the way you explained every detail of what it takes to start up in affiliate marketing, this post is very in depth, thorough and informative, I myself am fairly new to affiliate marketing and I have to agree with all of your tips and advice on getting started, thank you for sharing.  

  146. Hallo there Sandy, 

    I have to say your post was a really awesome read for me. Explains things in a very simplistic way that I have understood very well, and I have now sunk in the concept of affiliate marketing. 

    You have helped me know pretty much everything I wanted in the shortest time possible and I would like to follow your advice as I want to go in the right direction. 

    I have bookmarked your post so that I can go and make some decisions about this opportunity first, and then get seriously started on it.

    I will come back to get more help and guidance from you. Thanks heaps.

  147. Carmen says:

    Thanks for sharing Sandy online marketing ideas; It is an amazing and systematic presentation, which helped me to understand affiliate marketing better. A little observation: review your post because you wrote
    “Click here to see how you can find ideas and content inspiration from other’s post.” But forgot to post a link.

    All the best to you

  148. Hollie Rose says:

    Affiliate marketing really is the way forward in 2019. The only thing to remember when starting out is that you will not make a proper income straight away, so don’t give up your 9-5 job just yet. It can take months or even sometimes years to make a full-time income. Like you say, only with continuous effort will you see results. I have been doing affiliate marketing for some time now and only the last few months I have started to make money. The key to success is not to give up!

  149. Dexter Teo says:

    Hey Sandy! Great post on affiliate marketing! I love affiliate marketing as it just clicks for me. I love sharing my knowledge to help others when i can. So affiliate marketing clicks as I get to earn from sharing and helping! The best part is that i can leverage products that have already been created instead of having to create it myself!

  150. jessie says:

    Hi, i am a fulltime mom who hardly can find a 9-5 job due to family commitment. Well, this affiliate marketing online business inspires me to commit and let me have a freedom to work at home. Indeed, it is not a fast make-money-online scheme, i know it will take times to build my entire business. Thanks to your article about making money online in affiliate marketing to let people like stay home mom to find hope again in life which they never thought could be possible to earn money by just working at home. 


  151. Queen says:

    I have always wanted to start an online business but really confused as to how this affiliate marketing works.

    Reading from your post, I now get a lot of grip on the basic concept.

    I really feel inspired by these success stories you shared with us.

    I want to take these same steps you recommend and hope to tell my own success story soon.

    Thanks for sharing this…


  152. rina says:

    I love how you explain how to make money online with affiliate marketing very thoroughly. I myself have been an affiliate marketer for almost 4 years and I can totally relate with what you wrote. Initially I tried to learn this internet marketing things by myself but I was getting nowhere. Now, after I joined this wonderful community, my website continues to progress. I write about things I love and make money from the comfort of my home, by just working one hour a day. Finally I reached my dream, staying at home so that I can focus on my family and children, but at the same time earning money from things I love. And if I can do this, I believe everyone else can, too.

  153. Mike says:

    This is seriously cool thanks so much for sharing. 

    I really like the way you break it down into 4 steps. The one that most people seem to struggle with is to actually get the traffic to your website. Do you have any tips to help someone new actually be able to drive traffic to their website?

    Thanks again


  154. Glenn Hodges says:

    Hello Sandy,

    It was a pleasure reading your article regarding Affiliate Marketing. I am very new to the process and it reassures me when I am able to read success stories.  The pages of your website are very well linked, I was impressed with the additional information available throughout your site.

    What are some of the Affiliate Programs that would be best for a beginner?  Are some of the Affiliate Programs easier to work with than others?  Thanks for any help you can provide, in advance.


  155. Jackie Rogers says:

    Hi Sandy, you make affiliate marketing sound so easy! I must admit that I have always wanted to try affiliate marketing, but I always worry about competition. With your clear action points, I truly understand now that there is certainly enough work to go around! And thank you for your recommendation of how to start a blog and monetize it. It’s so nice to see that there are good programs out there for complete newbies like me!

  156. Wilson says:

    Hey Sandy, thanks for the great info on affiliate marketing. Really liked the diagram at the start. Nice and easy to understand. 
    I’ve started producing content in the self-help/psychology niche. Super competitive niche that has a lot of contributors but it is what I’m passionate about. Also, there are many affiliate programs to monetize with. From books, courses, and even software. 

    The case study examples at the end are really inspiring. I’ve actually learned quite a bit from one of the people you’ve listed 😉

  157. Richard Hattaway says:

    This general presentation appeals to me because it offers a simplified confirmation of what I have already decided to do. It makes good sense. For me, the attraction was an opportunity to stay home during my retirement. I was aware of the trend toward Online marketing and the decline of many brick and mortar stores and shopping centers. It is especially exciting to know that I may reach a potential 6 billion customers. A “laptop lifestyle” is also appealing, since I like to take trips. There is lots of good advice within this post and I would like to follow further articles like this. 

    Thanks for providing insight!


  158. Krista says:

    Your comment about persistence + never give up + the right training = success is really great.  I will be sure to pass this on. The options you offered will help me to communicate to others about what being an affiliate is all about.  How long have you been in WA?  All the Best, Krista

  159. Jim S. says:

    Really nice site, easy to read and informative.  I really like the Pinterest links. I’ll have to do it myself. 
    And I do agree that if you have the right teacher this is a great field to get into. I’m hoping I can ditch the 9 to 5 someday myself. Thank you for the great information and clear outline. I love the “4 don’ts and three cans.” It’s a very nice way to lay out why this is a good avenue for financial success.

    Only one thing to add, in the first section you say, “Watch out!!!” Usually, that is for a word of caution. Maybe, “Check it out!!!!” might be better:) (It’s the English teacher in me coming out. That was my past 20-year career!)

    I love the layout and the easy readability of everything. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I think I learned a thing or two today!
    All the Best,

  160. Dwain Laing says:

    Thanks for this site I have been thinking if starting my own business for a while now but as a newbie there is a lot of programs out there with very different content and cost so when i came across your post I can say I am very better informed building a online business takes time a lot of get rich schemes out there do you think Wealth Affiliates is the best ? I found the Training high quality ???

    All the best and thanks 


  161. Sandy says:

    Thank you for this interesting article about affiliate marketing. You’re right, working from 9.00 am to 5 pm isn’t probably anybody’s dream. I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a much better option. 

    In your article you kind of summarized the main steps and points of affiliate marketing. Well done! I hope it’ll inspire some people to learn affiliate marketing.

  162. SpiritualFitness says:

    Nice post Sandy!  I liked the way you laid this out, particularly with the 3 niche areas and what the affiliate marketers are making. The $29.330.68 in a month was particularly motivating!  I also enjoyed the Persistence + Never Give UP+ Right training = Success!  I agree that in this fast evolving digital world, we must continue our training to be effective.  

    Bobby O.

  163. Justin says:

    Making income through an online business or affiliate marketing isn’t that hard. It is frustrating sometimes when you know you’re doing what’s needed but don’t see any results. I wonder on average how long it takes the individual to see results such as being found on google or making a first sale ?   I have a few sites that I consistantly work on, but seem to have been stuck on the part concerning traffic for quite some time. I find sites on yahoo, bing, and other SE, just not google.  I try to follow the training but see no results. What did you do to overcome this hurdle ? 

  164. Dave Mahen says:

    Your site is clean and well organized with a great use of headers, paragraphs, and images. I like the bulleted list of things you can do and don’t do. I’m an affiliate marketer too, and I admire what you’ve accomplished. Consider making your font the next size bigger. I zoomed my screen to read the text.

  165. ReviewsForThePeople says:

    Hi Sandy, first I love the pic on the horse. It shows a bit of personality and we as readers like to relate to the Author more than be sold. I like the informative breakdown of what you are going to discuss and present before the next part of the posted article is displayed. It brings clarity and an outline to what to expect before getting into it. Your article is very clear and precise in the steps and order of how to build an affiliate online presence. Good job!

  166. Daniel says:

    Hello Sandy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online and I encourage folks to try that. I am in affiliate marketing for 2 years and I am very satisfied so far, I can say that a patient is definitely the most important factor and it pays off.

  167. Murray Balmer says:

    A good introduction to your website. The picture showed what you need…. To sit down with your computer with your coffee and build a website.

    The small print from Wikipedia was a little difficult to read. Don`t know if you were able to increase the font size a little.

    The circle showing how Affiliated Marketing works was a little confusing to me. I still like the straight line showing how to get to the end result even if it may be boring to others.

    I liked your content. It was very thorough. The success stories were also very interesting and really good as they gave insight as to the work required to achieve in Affiliate Marketing.

    I bookmarked your web site as I believe it will help me in my endeavours to become an Affiliate Marketer. 

  168. dkirk1 says:

    Looks like some of our previous training. The site has good detailed information, they have listed

    all of the key points. They explained what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Anyone that

    needed a good explanation of how to do affiliate marketing. I feel like they were right on track.

    Probably would have used more images to get the readers attention. Other than that  i enjoyed

    the site and found that it had good information.

  169. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    I really like the title of your post about making money anywhere.  It certainly applies to affiliate marketing or any online business projects.

    You do a good job pointing out the numerous niches available to get started.  All of the information you have presented is very useful to folks considering this area of business,

    Anyone with a strong desire to succeed and is willing to make a commitment can succeed in this business.  Thanks for your great presentation in easily understandable terms.  All the Best.

  170. Judy Strong says:

    This website is attractive, easy to follow, and delivers a great deal of information. Through a logical sequence of questions and answers, Sandy gives you the fundamentals for affiliate marketing. It’s friendly and to the point, accompanied by nice images. 

    It’s a good resource for anyone getting started or already realizing a profit in affiliate marketing. I plan to bookmark it for future reference.

  171. Helen and Cleopatra says:

    Hi Sandy, thanks for a very clear and easy to understand explanation on affiliate marketing. I wish I had read this a few years ago lol. I agree with choosing the correct niche which you are passionate about really helps you to build content. Thanks again and I look forward to more of your great posts. 🙂 Helen

  172. Alvaro says:

    Awesome post about affiliate marketing. Success comes with dedication, hard work and following a passion that will grow even more as you progress through your journey. I won’t lie. It is has been hard for me so far but I know what went wrong and where I need to be to be successful. Your post gives me the motivation once again to keep up and don’t stop doing what I love (write about fitness wearables). Thanks for the post. Sincerely, Al. 

    By they way, you never go wrong with WA. The community is always there to help and that’s not like that for all of the site/companies.

  173. Christie says:

    I’ve been researching affiliate marketing for a while now before I jump right into it…

    This is an excellent post for anyone looking to get into this business.

    I especially appreciated the successful story section of your site and just from those examples it appears that at a minimum it takes about two years of content creation to start seeing some profits? 

    Is that about right?

    This alone is giving me some trouble in finding my niche.  Any suggestions on how I should go about this?

    Thanks for your post and I welcome your insight!


  174. Randi says:

    I really liked your article! It’s nicely broken down in a step-by-step format to show how to make money online. I also like how you included that it takes a lot of hard work and persistence. I especially liked the success stories at the end including links for them as well. Each step you provided was clear and accurate. A very well written article! Thank you for the information! 

  175. smac says:

    Hi Sandy. This is a great post about Affiliate Marketing.  You really spell out a lot of details and make it very appealing to a newbie that wants to break into the affiliate marketing business.  I and 6 months into my affiliate marketing business and I will never look back.  This is the best career move I have ever made.  I look forward to reading more of your posts going forward.  Thank you for sharing so much great information.  

  176. Peter says:

    Great information. I often wondered how bloggers made money. You have planted the seed for a few ideas on how I can make money as a blogger. Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a very good model that is ‘hands on’ and you control how much you can or can’t earn by how much work you put in. It also allows you to write about something you have an interest in. Thanks for sharing.

  177. HighLife101 says:

    Great article on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.  I have been planning on starting my own blog and have been investigating how to integrate affiliate marketing to make money and create a revenue stream  Your post offers a ton of information and is so helpful that I have to bookmark it because I am sure I will be referencing it again and again. I am also interested in Wealthy Affiliate, the product you are recommending, I am a newbie to all this and I could use lots of help knowing what needs to be done to have a successful website and to help sole any issues that might arise along the way.  Thank you again for sharing all of this extremely helpful information.

  178. Petra says:

    Wow, who’d have thought you could make so much money in such interesting niches! I was really impressed by the travel niche guy who gets to travel for a living! Who wouldn’t love that! 

    And the MMA guy who made $30,000 a month, wow!

    I’m definitely not going to put off the post writing any longer. It’s just so easy to lose track of your goal and get discouraged if results don’t show straight away. 

    It just takes time and effort and persistence. Thank you for the inspiration!

  179. Jerry says:

    This is a nice introduction into the world of making money online through affiliate marketing. I would suggest that finding a niche, based on your passions, hobbies and interest is a very essential one. Why? Because you will be busy with your niche, talking, studying, researching and above all writing about it, on a daily basis. So, you better like what you are going into. I agree that it is not something that will make you money overnight, as with all start-up businesses. It will take commitment, dedication and effort to become successful. And yes, you will surely need a reliable, scam free support program to do so and I can fully support your number 1 recommendation.

  180. Chandrashekhar says:

    Dear Sandy,

    A very good & very informative post for the beginners of affiliate marketing. You have written it to the point which will definitely useful for the beginners. But as an affiliate marketer myself, I feel that you must add the two main points in the ‘Build Up Website’ paragraph. Those points are 1) Domain Purchasing 2) Hosting, so that the information will complete. 

    Another advice from me is making all the clickable links to open in a new tab. Some of your links are opening in the same tab which can irritate the visitor. It is no doubt that you have made the BEST use of WA platform to show success stories.

    Very good article indeed! All the BEST!


  181. AnthonyIB says:


    Your website theme is a very relevant one for those who prospect to go into the internet to make money. What I find interesting is that you provided the tips in well laid out format and the points are very straight forward for anyone to easily comprehend.

    In addition, you made it real by telling us what can be accomplished within a reasonable time frame much as you indicated that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

    I particularly appreciate the facts, figures and numbers you showed of the various niches that you have ventured into over a period of time.

     for one have read so many materials about affiliate marketing and have always seen it as something that may not ve worth the while. But now I know that its a very green field with a lot to harvest.

    However, I had a problem the second time I tried to access the website. Even though I accessed the website, it suddenly popped up a Norton warning with the link below which you may wish to check up.

    This is the link that popped up this morning. you may want to look into this and see if anything can be done to improve the site security.

    Besides, I left a few more comments on your website.

    I wish you the best and evermore.



  182. Mike Adkins says:

    This is great information as you have found a way of showing the crucial & key points in a clear and concise manner.

    Its great too read a page aimed at a starter/newbie that describes the start of the affiliate journey in a simple and easy to understand way.

    I have read so many reviews and guides to Affiliate marketing that just cloud my thinking as the reviews are full of jargon and language that I don’t understand – Your post is great as it shows things so clearly.

    Thank You.


  183. joseph says:

    Hi sandy

                 I love your post. It’s very thorough and informative. I totally agree with your post. Ditching the 9-5 job is a possible thing. It’s not an easy thing I tell you that but it’s doable! Yes, it’s hard work. Yes, it will require you to have the discipline to run a blog. There will be challenges but at the end of the tunnel, there is a success. People want the safety of the 9-5 job. They want a sure thing. But there really is nothing sure in life. You need to take the leap and try something that you have not done before. When I first started I don’t really know what to do. Thanks to WA which really guided me in my journey and provided me with the direction. There is money to be made in affiliate marketing. But you need to be prepared and get trained. And I believe sandy that is where you come in, to guide people. You could spend months even years and get nowhere. so guidance is key

  184. Richard Brennan says:

    Hi Sandy

    Anyone looking into affiliate marketing who reads this post has all the information they need to get started.

    The examples you show of real people with real experiences to relate back up everything you say with solid proof of the concept of affiliate marketing.

    All these people who’s success stories you have highlighted here all started off as complete beginners and persisted with the learning process, not expecting results to come in over night. Too many people come in with unrealistic expectations of making big money in a short period of time.

    It takes time, effort and due diligence, but the program you recommend provides everything a newbie needs to get started and become a success.

  185. Fany Ferreira says:

    I first learnt about affiliate marketing at university in the digital marketing module when I was studying for a business management degree. I desired to write blogs and I had learnt that content is very important to build traffic. I came across a platform for affiliate marketing when I was looking for work that I could do from home. I became a member. I’ve been a member for three months now. I have ten articles with three of them ranked number one on Google. Thus, I’m currently in the phase of building traffic. Your article gives exactly the information needed for those that want to be on an affiliate marketing platform knowing beforehand what is required to avoid disappointment.

  186. Brendah Kest says:

    wow. Am glad am a starter of affiliate marketing. when i see an article about AM i feel overjoyed because the process is good, the money is well better than $20 per hour and the community you share with what you are going through is amazing though depending on the program you join. Am glad that i see my best program in your article. Thank you for helping the folks out there who struggling to find Financial Freedom.

  187. Thank you for your efforts in making this a simple step-by-step process! The success stories at the end were a good read also, you make me feel hopeful as I soon plan to begin affiliate marketing too. I will choose the tricky path, a bit of ard work should pay off in the end! Thank you for this post 🙂

  188. atwabi says:

    Hello, thank you for teaching us about affiliate marketing and recommending wealthy affiliate. Am a member for wealthy affiliate for 2 weeks now. however I have a question for you. how long will it take me to make money doing internet marketing? is their awebsite where I can make $400 per day doing affiliate marketing? let me hear your response.

  189. Robb Corbett says:

    Awesome post on affiliate marketing.  You explained all aspects of it perfectly.  I also agree with you that affiliate marketing is one of the best business models online for someone to get into. Not having to create your own product is a huge time saver.  Simply provide great content and recommend products and services based on the same.  Love it.  Cheers

  190. Tanya says:


    Your website has a ton of great information. As a newbie blogger myself, I know first hand how hard it can be to get the ball rolling. I appreciate sites like yours that help us along the way. I didnt know about some of the ways I am able to make money doing what I love until I read through your site. So thank you, I will be implementing a few of your tips and strategies into my own site. Hopefully some of these thing will help give me a boost where I need it. I do agree with you when you say that it is not an overnight success and how you have to put a ton of hard work into things to see results. I thing so many people believe its an easy path. However I believe with sites like yours as a guide for us fellow bloggers, this gives us hope and inside info to help along the way. Thanks again for all the info and tips!


  191. Washo says:

    Thank you for this post! I have an affiliate site in health niche, which is about 10 months old and finally I started to make some small revenue. I already wanted to give it up few times, but I didn’t. I like real examples in this article, because many people think that affiliate marketing is a fast way how to earn money online. It isn’t! It takes time to get traffic. Very well written informative post!

  192. Steve Costello says:

    I think this is a great GoTo post for a starter in affiliate marketing or somebody who has been around and needs to brush up on their skills / knowledge. There are too many hype posts out there that I think put people off and raise alarm or scam warnings and this isn’t one of them. I think it’s a great base to start developing trust and confidence in you and what you offer. Thank you 🙂

  193. Sharon says:

    I am a stay-at-home mom and have been searching and reading a lot about making money online, especially affiliate marketing. By far, your introduction and explanation are the best and most detailed I have read. Furthermore, it is in such simple words and easy to read. Thanks for this. I must check out your link.

  194. Stefan Ivanov says:

    I am too in WA and it is a very good affiliate school. My question is that I work in two places and try to maintain a website too, can I get away whit like two articles a day and how much is the medium articles for a week so you get a good rank that will leave to traffic? And is it a good idea to make a second website and have two websites that I write two articles a week or one that get four or five a week?

  195. Chituru Collins says:

    Wow this a great affiliate website, that will have to develop more on your video content, you have to change your keywords to that page, the specific on website not anywhere. Be genuine.change the social networks positions. Because this can distract viewers from seeing basic items on your site. Add more images and get more videos on YouTube to develop beginners  and create more directions. Your site is great 

  196. marlasmith says:

    I like your “4 don’ts” and “3 cans”  I think that is really going to help me remeber what I need to success.  

    I have some questions.  How do you go about creating a website and how much does a website cost?  I am not sure of what tools I would need for creating a website and am hoping for some guidance.  

    You mention a training program to learn affiliate marketing, but do you recommend any program that can help me set up a website.  

    What is the cost of your affiliate marketing training?

    Thanks for your help.

  197. Garrett says:

    This is really cool. It has always been a goal of mine to quit my regular grocery store clerk job and make a full time income online. But like with everything that is worth having, that is easier said than done. The thing is that I’ve tried affiliate marketing before and the program where I was supposed to be learning how to be an affiliate marketer end up being a scam just to get my money. After that, I was just cool off of it until now. This article inspired me to get up and try again so that is exactly what I am going to do. Great article, do you have any recommendations as to where I can learn how to be affiliate marketer without it being a scam lol.

  198. Goldroad (jay) says:

    Thanks for your insight on affiliate marketing.  I really enjoyed reading your blog post.  My favorite part was the case studies at the end.  I loved how you organized those and they gave me some wonderful ideas for the future.  The definitions and steps along with the don’t and can sections were very helpful.  Thanks again,


  199. Ben Clapton says:

    Thanks for this post. It sets out affiliate marketing very clearly and shows it to be a viable income stream for many people, even becoming their full time income stream. I was just wondering whether you saw any downsides to affiliate marketing? Obviously, you want to paint a rosy picture of it, but surely there are some things that could be better, or that you need to be aware of in order to avoid failure? I guess what I’m really asking is what are the trickiest aspects of affiliate marketing to navigate?

  200. krystlezee says:

    I recall when I first tried my hand with affiliate marketing.  I was at a point in my career where I was questioning if I wanted to keep going in the same direction; then I heard about affiliate marketing.  I did some research and decided to try it out.  It was a struggle because I jumped in without being entirely sure about what I was doing, and the direction I was taking my chosen niche towards.  On top of that, I was also trying to juggle various activities.  So it’s great to see you advice curious readers about giving themselves adequate time to work on their niche and websites.  And that going down the route of affiliate marketing takes time and constant effort.

  201. Dr. Baker says:

    Great article! I, personally, am an affiliate marketer. The instructions that you have provided are wonderful. I especially enjoyed reading some of your niche ideas! Most people are leery when they come across making money ads online. But… this really IS a legit way to make an income. Thank you for some of your recommendations! I will definitely be utilizing some of them.

  202. Teresa says:

    Hi Sandy

    Thanks for the informative post. Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more appealing these days as the go-to approach to escape the rat race. The idea of writing about what you love and sharing it and helping others along the way is definitely good for the soul!

    Patience, hard work and determination are key to make your online business a success and I’m glad you mentioned these in your attributes section. 

    I’m happy to hear that you have found success within your chosen niche. Did it take you long to see results?



  203. Claude Langlais says:

    Hello Sandy. 

    In the things you do not have to do if you want to get into affiliate marketing, you do not have to collect your customers, you do not have to deal with returns, you do not have to have an office to deal with complaints.

    I really appreciated the fact that you mentioned Stephen’s success with his travel site.I think that being able to earn a great income is very encouraging for people who want to bring their work with them no matter where they are in the world.

  204. DorcasW says:

    Hello; how to make money in Affiliate Marketing? Well; you have covered a wide area I should not have an issue finding my way. The Website, the Niche, the content, are three fundamentals that one must consider in a bid to make money online. 

    According to your number one recommendation, training is available. And what makes it more interesting, is it is of no extra cost. I think I want to follow your recommendation


  205. Fran says:

    You have presented a good overview of affiliate marketing and I, for one, am definitely interested.  I am not afraid to work and I know you don’t build a business overnight.  I think I could do well with affiliate marketing. 

    Providing the stories of some of the people you have met who are successful is a really inspiring part of your post. It’s one thing to read about how something is supposed to work wonderfully, but it is another to read about people who have done the work and are succeeding.  It gives you a feeling that this opportunity might be the one.  Thanks for posting.

  206. Alexa7 says:

    Hi, Sandy.

    I am really glad that I stumbled upon your post. What a great and detailed piece of advice regarding affiliate marketing. It’s especially useful how you pointed out which are the most essential steps in order to make money. I’m an affiliate marketer too; a beginner. While I don’t have any problems with creating content, 

    I still must get used to certain social media marketing strategies. Your article, however, is extremely uplifting and I am quite confident that I will succeed, as well. 

    I wish more people would see the benefits of working online. Truly now, I doubt that a 9 to 5 job can satisfy anyone. It’s just not paying off, whereas, with affiliate marketing and the right training, not even the sky is the limit.

    Thanks, again, for this contribution.

    Warm greetings,


  207. Dennis says:

    What an amazing article! I cannot believe there might be anyone anywhere who would not be motivated by your words! Thank you for writing this! Ut sounds to me like the online world is the way of the future. If there are any disadvantages what would they be…?.How many websites does Wealthy Affiliate let you build?

    Thank you for your post!

  208. Stratos K says:

    There are so many ways to make money online that you only need the right guidance to make it happen. The worse thing is that with so many scams people don’t believe that affiliate marketing is a viable way to make legitimate money because they believe that they can be successful fast when this could not be more far from reality. Without a lot of dedication and persistence you cannot achieve anything even in the online world.

  209. sama says:

    Wow, an excellent post on Affiliate Marketing with simple and easy to understand explanation. Sometime back I came to know about Affiliate Marketing and loved its business model, “you make money anytime anywhere”. Despite knowing the pluses of AM and the entire system, I do not have any website relating to it, the reason is I am on a full-time job and simply can’t takeout time to allocate for AM. Very soon will start it though. I will be subscribing to your newsletter to receive emails in the future, this will help me when I decide to start my own website with Affiliate marketing Program. thanks again for your insightful post.

  210. rjkennedy says:

    Everyone seems to have something going on now-a day online. The beginning entrepreneur always has to be on the lookout for scams. Yes, you can earn anywhere online, but you have to watch where you step. (The ‘quicksand’ scammer is out to get u). Do you think once you’ve been scammed, it’ll scar you for life? Some beginners will give up and take a long time to recover.  The seasoned entrepreneur will pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on. All ‘make money now’ sites are Not what they appear to be!  

  211. Jill says:

    Hi Sandy,

    I found this post on how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing just what I needed to read today. I have been putting off getting into the Affiliate Marketing side of the business but realize that if I want  (and I do need) to make money, this is the way to go.

    You had really good ideas and I shall be bookmarking this post in case I need more help along the way.

    You put it all into perspective for me and have given me the push I need to do it.

    Having spent hours writing posts on my chosen Niche, it is now time to monetize.

    Thank you,


  212. Bob Roman says:

    Wow! It’s a really motivational and thorough article about affiliate marketing. I’ve managed to get a great deal of information about this type of business. How actually would you recommend to start in this online business? Is there any beginner type of free option for this? I’ve spent so much time and money different courses, methods, products and software and nothing worked so far. There is an ocean of ‘fake gurus’ out there on the internet who are trying just to get your buck and at the end, there is no business just struggle and frustration. Can you guarantee that the method you recommend will work? Wish you all the best! Bob

  213. Mathessa40 says:

    How can you succeed in this Business? Making Money Online seems like impossible for others who doesnt understand how the online business works. So creating this kind of website help them to get started and I thank you for that I like your website different from the rest and its unique.

  214. Sandy says:

    Hi Sandy – I was considering trying to write notes here – but I think it has been easier to prepare a document for you to read. if you would like to message me your email

    Its 2 pages of the words or phrases copied – and my considerations for the changes I feel might help language wise.

    Mostly to do with punctuation and another issue is the light coloured pink as a highlight, which makes the content of those links very difficult to read.I’ve spent quite a while this afternoon looking over this page for you – very good focus over the whole sight.

    Kind regards

    Sandy19 🙂

  215. Riaz Shah says:

    You encouraged me to start Affiliate Marketing, sounds like everyone can get started, yaay! I’ve been hearing good things about it and I’ve been meaning to give it a try but never had the confidence because I never knew what it’s all about. Out of curiosity, if I keep working weekly for my website, do you think I would be able to make a commission within my first year maybe? 😀

  216. Haripriya Jayachandran says:

    The overall article was very insightful. The best part of affiliate marketing is that we Don’t have to design or own the product. At the beginning I had confusions with picking a perfect niche. But later, I was so surprised that Niche can be anything of our own interest. Writing content of something that we are not familiar must be frightening But since our Niche is based on our own interest, we shall enjoy writing contents. I personally recommend wealthy affiliate. They teach us everything and their 24/7 support is incredible. 

  217. J W RIDDELL says:

    I loved your page what great inspiration for my self who has just started on this journey? I enjoyed your post on getting traffic to your websites to treat readers like family and friends are precisely right advice and of course, interactive social media doing engagement campaigns on facebook. But overall, I think content good consistent quality content released adjusted on all those platforms and also Linkdon and use Tic Toc now I hear through the grapevine these platforms are growing if you get to the point of releasing 1-2 bits of content quality you will have the traffic coming out your ears. Less politicing and moring executing useful articles over time, you will improve your site’s looks and learn other SEO tricks.

    Many Blessings  John W    

  218. Jamie says:

    This post motivates me so much as I only start my new website ( it’s also a travel niche), I don’t let myself to think any failure and only believe that I am on the right track and everything will work.

    There is a lot to learn when becomes an affiliate marketer, I agree with you that should have professional trainer if we really take this seriously.

    A small investment and hard work will bring true success.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    I enjoy it!



  219. michael says:

    Thank you for putting such great information out there about how to make money online in affiliate marketing.

    I am an affiliate marketer as well and I will be sending my subscribers to your site Making Money Anywhere, I will definitely let them know that they can get quality content when they visit your site.

    Your website is great. It is really clean and professional I like it very much. I went ahead a bookmarked so I’ll be back again.

    Looking forward to your next article

  220. Nate Stone says:


    Great article, the visual really helped me to understand the process of how affiliate marketing works and how to make money affiliate marketing. Your steps have helped me to understand the different landmarks I need to hit in order to get set up, in the case studies that you provided most people seemed to start earning commission about a year in,

    in your experience is that the average?

  221. Success With a Home Business says:

    I am passionate about marketing. And I know its not get rich quick scheme. You are so on point when you stress the importance of being persistent. You will need intense training to create an online business. No one does this alone when starting out. Moreover, your effort will determine what you get out of your journey in affiliate marketing. I know this article will point all newbies on the right path.

  222. Sherman says:

    I love this! You’ve done an excellent job of simplifying what affiliate market is really all about. I think the most important thing that you mentioned was that it can be done in any niche and people can really make money while writing about something that they are truly interested in. I wish I had found an article that laid it out this clearly years ago!

  223. Hi this is a great article that covers all basic aspects of affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to understand. But I think you can elaborate more on certain points, e.g. explain what a niche is, you wanna assume the reader is a total beginner and knows nothing about affiliate marketing.

    Also in your success stories, “How long had been Sgrecrx working on his website?” this question has the same member name for all the stories, you should correct the names asap. 

    Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

  224. Audrey says:

    Being in the Affiliate Marketing world for over 6 years now I love the fact that you explained everything so well with easy to swallow bites. I loved even more that you shared the success stories with how long it took them. It definitely is not a get rich quick business, after all, you are building an online business that will sustain you in the future. Great article and I know it’s going to help many people finally understand what Affiliate Marketing is and all the benefits to it. 
    Be Blessed,

  225. I’ve just started giving affiliate marketing a try, your steps and pictures pretty much summarizes it nicely! I like how you captured the most basic of steps. One things that I greatly learned was “research!” I had no idea that you had to research to help drive traffic and then eventually revenue. That was an eye opener for me.

    Great read – this should be a sticky for anyone who wants to read up on affiliate marketing.

  226. John says:

    Hey Sandy, 

    great post of how to make money online with in affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way of making money, especially as you can choose a hobby or something that you are interested in and that will help many people find financial freedom.

    It isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, like you say.  But it can be really rewarding when you do start to get traffic to your website and that in turn turns to sales.

    thanks again for the great post


  227. codevonish says:

    Thanks for the detailed and very informative article on affiliate marketing. I tried affiliate marketing for a while, but switched to promoting my own creations. To be honest it is not as easy as it may sound, but it can work with the right training I am happy with your No 1 Recommendation for the training process.It’s where I get my training also. Thanks for sharing.

  228. Yanuaria Batista says:

    Congratulations for your work.

    Working from home with affiliate marketing has helped me greatly. Now I spend more time with my family. I can take my children to sports and wait for them at home when they arrive from school.

    The affiliate business takes time to see its fruits but it is worth the waiting time.

  229. Nathaniel says:

    Hello Sandy – You’ve done a good job in explaining what affiliate marketing is about and laying out the steps involved.  Your post reminds me of the won I read before I joined Wealthy Affiliates in March.  I’m a newbie and I can relate to not making money in the beginning.  But I’m enjoying the preparation for the lift off.  I’m concentrating on posting quality content to my sight and learning the nuts and bolts. 

    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post!

  230. Johnny M says:

    Great post. I’ve been wondering for a while about how people are making money online, and now I have somewhere to get started. I didn’t understand the concept of keywords, but you’ve really broken down the process of affiliate marketing into bite-sized, manageable steps. I can’t wait to get started!

  231. Stanley says:

    Hi Sandy, first and foremost, I like your site. It looks fresh and definitely has your personality and touch on it. Thank you for explaining affiliate marketing and how it works. It definitely help clear the air on this subject. I am interested to build an online income as an additional source of income. 

    You mentioned niche, but to identify and select a niche sounds daunting. You have given some examples of niches which is helpful but I have some questions…

    How does one get started in each of these niche since they are all different?

    How are you paid as an affiliate?

    How do you generate consistent monthly income?

  232. Claudia H. Blanton says:

    Hi there, I agree on all of your points, especially regarding knowing your customers – I made that mistake originally, not researching my target audience, and just flailing about, rather than being targeted in my efforts. Of course, that got me nowhere!

    Keyword research is also very important, you are correct there as well! That is another point that many people I know have overlooked.  There are many great websites out there to help anyone with that, however, I prefer Jaaxy.


  233. Trevor M says:

    Thank you for this honest post! Really detailed information and helpful tips. Affiliate Marketing has helped me achieve my goals and has given me a reason to help more people in another way! It takes time however like I always say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life and this is a great place to start if you have the knowledge you can do what you are passionate about and share it with others! 

  234. Hello Sandy, I really enjoyed reading this post. Not only did you make it clear what affiliate marketing is all about, but you gave us some insight as to what someone new to affiliate marketing can expect and also offered valuable encouragement and advice. 

    I am currently building out my website with Wealthy Affiliate and you are so right when you say that we have to treat our niche and website as a serious business with persistence and hard work. There were a couple of times when I thought about “throwing in the towel” but with the guidance I get from WA, I’m still sticking with it and getting closer and closer to realizing my dream. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise!


  235. Michael says:

    I am really intrigued with this affiliate marketing approach to making money online.  I’ve recently retired and this seems like a good prospect for earning some supplemental income to make life a bit easier. I’m just not sure what I’d select for a niche. After reading your article, I will have to explore that a bit. What is the best way to actually get people to look at and read articles?  Thank you for providing this information.

  236. Affiliate marketing, like anything else, still requires hard work and perseverance. But unlike many other things, it is easy to get started (especially with the help of training). This really helps to break down the steps into workable tasks, and its great to see that there are regular people out there earning an income from their sites and talking about their interests. As you say, do we stick to the same old routine, or go the road less traveled? I know I prefer the road less traveled!

  237. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for your great, easy to understand overview of Affiliate Marketing.
    I certainly agree with you about the 9-5 not being the life most people want.  Worse still its increasingly 8AM to 6PM for many and when you add in the increasing commute times and office politics.  Well surely there is a better way….

    I like how you describe why affiliate marketing is a good choice.  Especially that you ”Can” help others by sharing what you know and love!  This is really powerful and makes me want to learn exactly how I can do this.

    Thanks for sharing how ordinary people have achieved success with their hobbies/interests like travel and pets.  This really opens up my mind to the possibilities, thanks so much for sharing

  238. Christopher Harvey says:

    Thank you for all the effort you have put into this article.  I love the idea of affiliate marketing.  I have often thought about getting started but I don’t really know how to pick what to sell.  It seems like a big undertaking.  Do you have any suggestions on what would be a good product to promote as a beginner? 

  239. Hey Sandy, I like your post. I like how detailed you were at describing everything affiliate marketing is and how to actively get ahead in it. I’ve been at this 2 years and haven’t made a dime and my niche is video game and video game tech. But, I have a different way of obtaining the results I seek. Your article was a great read and gave me something additional to think about. Good job!

  240. ROBERT JONES JR says:

    I want to thank you for inspiring me to keep going. Sometimes I find myself saying this is too much work and I just feel like quitting but your post reminded me of something my football coach always told us players, “Quitters never win and winners never quit” So with that I will not quit.

    Are there affiliates for a religious and political blog? What affiliates would you recommend for this niche? And how soon should I try and monetize my blog? Should monetization be determined by traffic, time, or number of posts?

  241. HI Sandy,

    i am happy that I came across your site, as I am in the process of promoting WA and you have given me some awesome ideas that i can incorporate into my next blog.

    Love the way you have managed to keep it upbeat and exciting, that captures your readers from beginning to end..

    Hope my next post / blog is as captivating

    Keep up the good work


  242. Bonnie says:

    Wow, there is a lot of great information here. I didn’t realize there was so much involved in an online affiliate business. I really appreciate this article, because you really broke it down nicely. My biggest concern is the niche. I don’t want to choose a niche that wouldn’t be successful. Do you have any suggestions about niches that you have found successful?

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    Always interesting in ways to work affiliate marketing.

    The site flows well and most of the links work except the Wikipedia quote picture.

    The blog explains the process well and moves the reader down to a WA link a place we all want them to be.

    I liked the testimonials but found a few word errors that distracted me.

    Affiliate marketing is difficult to explain to a newbie however you have managed the concept well.

    Peter H

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    What an easy to understnd overview on what affiliate marketing is and is not. I wish I had found this years ago,instead I learned it through trial and error. Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model and yes you absolutely have to treat it and grow it as a business if you are to succeed. 

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    I am so happy to read this article as people don’t have a proper idea about affiliate marketing and how much they can make from this. I would also suggest that if you are into writing and fed up of your 9-5 job just like me you must give it a try.

  250. Juliet says:

    Hi Sandy,

    This information seems to be what I have been needing. Looking at your 6 important steps in affiliate marketing. I have been successful with the first three and need to work a lot more on adding content to my sites and getting enough traffic to them. My niche kind of cuts across information, service and products. I am having a hard time monetiseing my niche. 

  251. LineCowley says:

    This is an easy to read article and you have outlined the basics of affiliate marketing in a way that is easy to understand. Keyword research and deciding on the right niche is certainly a main part of being successful in affiliate marketing. It is also a great way to work from anywhere you want to be and earn passive income at the same time.

  252. Martin Burt says:

    Thanks for the great article on making money with affiliate marketing. Like you mention this isn’t a get rich system but as your case studies show with hard work and commitment you can make some serious cash. I started about 10 months ago in this industry and I am starting to see results. What do you think of using paid traffic? I am trying to decide whether to or not as my free traffic is building.  

  253. sirshendu says:

    Nice Post…..The success stories really motivate newbies and help them believe in themselves. Also, you have proven the fact that with proper training one can be a successful affiliate marketer in any niche. You just need to choose a niche where you are really interested in and follow the steps you have mentioned. Really an inspiring article.

  254. Chris says:

    I’ve been studying the subject over the last couple of weeks as I’m looking to monetise my blog and get some money back off the traffic I see. 

    I understand the process behind affiliate marketing now, but I am a little confused about the affiliate platforms – do you have to have any requirements in place before you start selling their products?

  255. Gomer says:

    I have heard good things about affiliate marketing so I searched for it online and found your site. The explanation is so good that it actually helped me figure out what I’m gonna from now on with my life. I’m jobless but luckily I have a desktop computer and a good internet connection, and I’m thinking of making a living with affiliate marketing. I appreciate your advice to not expect to make a lot of money on the first month but I’d like to know, would it be possible to at least earn enough money on my first month to cover my living expenses?

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  257. Richard says:

    Hi Sandy!

    I love how engaging you content is, if I wasnt already making my own website, I would 100% take action on your advice, haha. I just wanted to ask you, how hard is it for you to find the right keywords and still write about something that is fun for you? And do you prioritize better keywords or topics you have fun writing about? 

    thank you and take care!


  258. Hendrik says:

    Hi, great post and it is always so refreshing to see and read about other people succeed in the online space. Those once also seem legit unlike; Hey I just made a $1000 in my sleep. Sure it can happen but like you show it takes time and years of dedicated work. I am into my journey for a little more than half a year and I see traffic climbing slowly but surely. I guess the key is to stick with it and to choose a niche that you are passionate about because hard times will come. Thanks

  259. Hillary says:

    I currently work a 9-5 job and am looking for a way out! I have been reading about affiliate marketing and really think this is something I can do. I have always felt hesitant with starting an online business because I didn’t want to have to create my own product, but the idea of marketing other people’s products are great! Thank you for this insight, I am definitely going to try out your recommendation! 

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    I have now signed up with quite a few affiliate programs. Do you recommend going with many programs that are relevant to a niche or do you like to keep them down to a minimum for each website?

  262. Louise says:


    Thank you for this informative article.

    It really does give the new starter to online marketing some great ideas and advice from which they can start to build their online business. Easy bitesized points that make for straightforward reading and understanding. It reads simply and that is what is required for someone new to the whole thing. Too much information on this subject can be overwhelming. I think here you have hit the right balance.

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    And the income that I’ve earned from affiliate marketing is not steady. My goal is to make more than $500 a month. I think it could be possible with reocurring affiliate programs like the one that Wealthy Affiliate offers, but I still haven’t been able to sell one single premium membership. 

    Despite of this I haven’t lost hope and I think that affiliate marketing is a good choice for earning passive income online and I will continue trying. 

  265. Intania Karinz says:

    Hi Sandi, I also saw and heard the success of many people in the world of affiliate marketing, they were initially the same as only with a good website and niche capital, their tenacity and resilience could succeed, thanks for this input the best posts I was looking for, Most successful people above can certainly build a business from affiliate marketing and develop it, but for beginners like me still learning and continuing to learn and i also want to reach my succes like them. Thank you for this very good article, success is always for you.

  266. Rick says:

    I love the idea of having an internet business and I can see the steps you point out on how to build a business seem simple and easy to follow but the big question is traffic.

    How do you increase or direct traffic to your site? Is social media the way to go and if so, what have you found to be the most successful in driving traffic to your site?

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    Looking forward to reading more from you!

  268. Jessica Stanley says:

    Great job on breaking down the topic. How did you find yourself wanting to become an affiliate marketer? What encouraged you to try it? Did you think that you would make money at first? Do you have success or failure stories to share? I think personal stories always help people make a decision because they can see the success stories of others, which will encourage them to join.

  269. Gaurav Gaur says:

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    Thanks for the very precise article on Affiliate Marketing. The bullet point to describe the process and step by step formulation was too useful. I bookmarked your site to go through more such articles.
    Four Don’ts and three Can’s stole the show – you sold your point. I am going to use these points.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  270. Taetske says:

    Good evening Sandy,

    I hope that by reading your post on how to make money online I will learn some tricks as the internet world with all its mysteries is rather new to me.

    What makes Affiliate Marketing looks really attractive to me is that you actually only need a good website. No need to own a product, neither is there any hassle with the shipping part, and you are not responsible for after-sell problems. It sounds really “easy” but I suppose it does not happen just by itself.

    You will have to be able to gain the trust of your readers so that when you offer a service or product they will follow your advice. This, of course, does not happen overnight and I am sure it will need persistence and hard work on your part.

    I understand having patience is a must as too often people give up too fast as they lacked the patience to wait. Ok, I will be patient and continue at a steady pace and will get there sooner or later.

    Regards, Taetske

  271. Tracy says:

    Hi there, great article loaded with some great information.  As an affiliate marketer myself now for only three months and have since realized that, you do have to put in the work, and you need to dedicate yourself to the business in order to see results.  Proper training is crucial and necessary for adequate results.  

    I totally agree with you when you say, “if you want something to happen” and “if you want to change the direction of your life, you’re going to have to do something different”.  So true!

    Stepping outside my comfort zone to start my journey into affiliate marketing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  It’s posts like these are helpful for those folks who may be sitting on the fence unable to make a decision to jump in or not.  

    Your post clearly outlines the process in a very clear, concise manner.

    Thank for your post 

  272. Gregory says:

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  273. Alex says:

    This is a really great explanation of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. More people need to read this. It is an incredible idea to follow your passion with affiliate marketing and niches like the travel one, and make money doing the things you love. I am ready to start my own online business now.

  274. Robyn says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for the in depth explanation of affiliate marketing. You are correct in saying that this, like any other business, takes time to develop. I would like to see how to get inspiration from other’s posts but your link didn’t work. Do you have a URL I can plug into my search bar? I, too, love the wealthy affiliate platform, but is there another that you would recommend for additional ideas/ training? 

    Thanks again for the insight.


  275. Henri says:


    Could you go into a little more detail about how long an affiliate marketing website takes to come into its own? I’ve heard about Google sandboxing, and I expect that nothing much happens for the first six months or more.

    I’m particularly interested in your case studies. Of course, I don’t expect those results to be typical. But, in your experience, how long does it take a typical website to generate enough traffic to produce income?

    Good luck with what you are doing.


  276. Eden says:

    This is a really clear article on how to make money with affiliate marketing online. Training yourself up online with a site like Wealthy Affiliate can really make a difference and make a newbie feel less overwhelmed. 

    It is so very true that you have to keep putting in the hard work. The hardest for me at the moment is adding content to my websites, but researching helps. It is about adding your own personal touch to the content and just sharing all the time on social media to get more followers and traffic to your website. 

    I always feel to not get to bogged down with how the website looks, keeping it simple. You may not make money in the first six months, it may take a lot longer, but you just got to keep believing and never give up. 

  277. jpaliskis says:

    Thanks for the great review of affiliate marketing. Also, for breaking down the process in small pieces. It is beneficial to understand the process of how to start affiliate marketing. I’m in this business for four months. I have done halfway, but I have some problems with ads. Trying a lot but fail, trying to catch up, watching Life Events, following the rules, taking classes, but I feel I am behind all the time.

    Your niche guide helps find a nice niche for my site. Also, all these things you went thought (a lot of stuff to organize the right way, the digital world is like a giant maze, got lost and overwhelmed), I am going through.

    Your post gave me the power not to give up on my site and my goals. Thank you again.

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    Would you suggest going premium quickly as I did? I mean after all, it’s free to join!

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  280. i really loved how you gave the niche examples of how long it can take to make money showing how its really indeed not an overnight thing and to encourage people to be a little more realistic, and that’s WITH putting time and energy and work into it. though I do have a question, in your own personal endeavors, what your own frustrations have been getting traffic to to the affiliate links and keeping that traffic.

  281. missy says:

    Hi, thanks for the thorough review about affiliate marketing. It sure clears up some questions I had about the topic. I love how you basically mapped out a blueprint of how to do affiliate marketing. It’s clear to me what I have to do to get on the right track .I need to learn more about keyword research. Do you have any articles on how to write good content?

  282. T.K. says:

    Affiliate marketing appeals to me because I am not the type that does well dealing with the stress of office politics. I appreciate the fact that you emphasize that success in this avenue takes time and dedication, so many online careers are described as easy get rich overnight. I found your tips about coming up with a niche extremely helpful because I found the process daunting but writing it out on pen and paper in the brainstorm format seems to be helping.

  283. Anastazja says:

    I found your website to be easy to read through and clear.  I joined WA, a few years ago, through a website that discussed affiliate marketing.  Your site explained the concept much more thoroughly.  When I joined, I was interested in check out the free website, but I really did not know what it was about.  Your site does lead to the free website, but explains the blogging portion, the affiliate concept, the need to define a niche and write good content.  Your site is much more informative and realistic than the site that brought me to WA.  I do suggest that you check the site for some typos.  I think you will find success with this site because its clear, information and energetic.

  284. Bonnie says:

    I love your website.  As I was reading, I got lost in a couple of areas where you suggest we go to learn more.  I forgot I was suppose to do a review.  Staying focused on this subject when there is so much to learn is hard. 

    I liked the way you directed everyone to different areas they may be needing in there training.  I am only on #3 in training on how to make money.  You are so right about getting traffic.  becoming established with google seems to be the hardest thing to do.  

    There are a couple of things that you showed me that I need to learn.  I have seen it in other posts so I hope it is in our training.  Amazon has a new way of advertising that we are suppose to be learning.  But my head can only jam in so much till I have to look to more experienced Bloggers to see how they are doing things.

    I really never thought when I started this journey it would consume so much of my wanting to learn more time.  It is an exciting journey. 

    Thank you.

  285. Hi Sandy, really like the content of your website. I like the way you link your page pictures to you contents and the overall structure of your site is amazing. How do you manage to get traffic without using keywords? I also personally thing it might benefit your site to offer customers price discount they could get when they join affiliate premium membership within few days/week from when they first join the platform. Just though that would also add some incentive as to why they could be drawn to the idea of joining. Lovely structure on your site keep the good work going 



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  287. Nice read, and thanks for sharing the results of some members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I feel more motivated now. Now,  what you mentioned about persistence is true. You really need to be persistent to succeed. I’m guilty of doing too many things at the same time, and giving up too soon. Fortunately, I realize my problem and I’m determined to change that. Thanks for your article, inspiring and interesting at the same time.

  288. Hello! There are quite a lot of helpful tips in this article. But what i did find interesting in this particular platform was that there are a lot of people who want easy money. They are not willing to put in the effort that is required in order to attain the fruits that are to be provided in it.

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  290. Anna says:

    Hi Sandy!

    Great post! Thanks for all of the helpful tips. I am currently on step 4 of my affiliate marketing journey! I am looking forward to moving on to step 5 and promoting different products and services. I know it takes time though. What is your advice on moving from step 4 to step 5? How do you know when you have enough content? 

    Your easy to follow steps are definitely going in my bookmarks for future reference! Thanks again for the great info!

  291. rmjia says:

    Hi. I’ve always wondered if Affiliate Marketing is right for me to venture in. Thank you for sharing the success stories of those who have made it. It’s very motivating and inspirational. Nothing comes easy towards success as you have rightly said, persistence and right training is the key. I will work towards that. Thank you so much!

  292. Myles says:

    Hey, caught your article and just wanted to weigh in on our suggestion to make money online with affiliate marketing. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate as being a wise choice for training and tools to build and online business… I totally agree. After a lot of trial and error I found Wealthy Affiliate and in my opinion it is one of the best, honest programs available. The providers of this program are truly genuine and hard working people. The community they have built is also a huge benefit to members. I just want to encourage anyone thinking about creating a real online business to take Wealthy Affiliate for a test. You can actually get started for free and see for yourself how it all works before investing your hard earned money. That alone is a testament as to legitimacy of the program. Cheers.    

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    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for just over 4 years now and I know for a fact that the figures people are making at WA is just not HYPE!

    Wealthy Affiliate is probably the safest Internet Marketing platform to start a new career and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to create passive income online.

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    I read the story about the guy making 30k in one month.  It is inspiring to read real success stories. It is unreal that someone can make that much in just one month with Affiliate Marketing.  

    I am very interested in Affiliate Marketing and in learning to make money online.  I will definitely give your suggestions a try!

    Thank you!


  295. Neil Brown says:

    Great information, I have started my own niche website a matter of months ago now I started rolling on my second  website but I haven’t made any money yet, but I can say I definitely made the right decision in starting up a affiliate marketing program because I know it will eventually lead to a great investment tool to build my future on, thanks.

  296. George says:

    Hi there. Nice article on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a simple process (as you have shown in the first image), but as everything new you need time to learn the skills and apply them. Of course the process of learning new skills and applying them never ends, and that’s what makes it more fun.

    I like the success stories you have there. It clearly states the fact that (if you are beginner) you will need time and effort to get results. Thumbs up for the Crucial Attributes section!

    Thanks for the interesting read. Looking forward to reading more about affiliate marketing! Have a nice day.

  297. Zikora says:

    This is very helpful review on affiliate marketing. I always had an interest with making money online but I was not sure its even something I can do. Being stuck in a 9 to 5 and not sure when i can afford to retire is not a good place to be. The  step by step guide is really helpful for anyone with the interest and not sure where to start. This is the kind of help that got me started. The figures you show here are encouraging! This review is very helpful, thank you for posting. Thank You!

  298. Sonia Karel says:

    Your site is really easy to read and has some great tips for people starting out in affiliate marketing. I came across the opportunity to begin marketing online after having worked in an outside sales environment for a couple of years. I was someone who had worked in almost every field and never found one that I genuinely enjoyed, but when I started working in sales (and mind you, outside sales is no piece of cake) I knew that I loved it right away. It took a few months of hard work and no pay in the beginning but once I broke my first sale everything became alot more doable and enjoyable. For reasons I can’t quite explain, I ended up giving up that life (though I would have done it all over again, given then chance) and I found myself back in one of those 9-5’s that just droned on. Now that I am back on track with affiliate marketing I cant ever imagine falling off the wagon again :).

    Your site is so helpful especially for those beginners who are not quite sure how to start.We need sites like this to keep us motivated and to remind us that marketing puts us in a community nothing like anyone else’s.

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  300. Blessing says:

    Your post has encouraged me not to give up on affiliate marketing. Thanks for your honesty in explaining that this is not by any chance a get rich quick scheme but will take consistency and hard work. This gives me a reality check not to get disappointed after a few months of no income. I was encouraged by the examples that you gave in your post of people that have made money, how much and after how long, that has given me a good perspective of where I may be going in my own affiliate marketing journey. Looking forward to more of your inspirational and educational posts

  301. The Introverted Affiliate says:

    A well thought out post with bold, actionable steps. Reading from begging to end you are left with a clear path to making money online with affiliate marketing. Written in a simple to read format I would have no hesitation sharing this recourse with my followers… Adding the all important examples is the kicker. The strategy truly works, you just need some motivation and drive to keep consistent 🙂 Its Possible! 

  302. Virendra says:

    Thank you for your post here! It’s great to read all the experiences from other people who are having success with Affiliate marketing! It looks like a great way to get some extra income and to work for yourself, from wherever you want! Do you think there is still room for more websites in an online world that is already so crowded? And how do you think others could succeed?

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  304. Sforza2004 says:

    Great site, lots of informative content and advice. I liked your definition of affiliate marketing programs and how to go about getting started. I will be using some of your ideas!! I did find it difficult to reads your external links, they are in a very light colour and on my laptop where not very clear. Maybe you could use a darker shade. Robert

  305. Rebecca says:

    You have comprehensive information on affiliate marketing and you’ve given me some things to think about. I haven’t found much success with affiliate marketing yet, but I’ve mainly concentrated on Amazon. I think I need to widen my net and find other affiliate programs. Where do you find the best affiliate programs/products? How long have you been doing affiliate marketing? Thanks for all of these tips! They are very helpful!

  306. Camden says:

    I like the way you have your content and text layed out. Very easy to read and is engaging as well. I found myself wanting to continue reading the whole article. 

    The success stories are a nice touch. Have you thought about including one of your own? I may have missed it in the article if so I apologize.

    One thing I will give for an improvement is the way you have your social media icons. I accessed your site via my phone and the icons covered up part of the article. It was a lil frustrating to be honest.

    Other than that great job and keep up the good work.

  307. D. L. Beals says:

    Nice clean site!  Great job, Sandy!  

    You may try highlighting some text bold to make it stand out some – otherwise, very easy to navigate and impressive.

    I believe this is the up and coming market today, I have heard about affiliate marketing and now it will take time; now that I am retired I have the time to make it happen.

    Good luck with your site, Sandy!

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  311. Rina says:

    I am the sort of visual learner that needs to be shown step-by-step by way of videos for example. Is there a programme that can do this for me? I really am keen to start an affiliate business but would require plenty of support to make it happen. I think your advice about giving yourself enough time would be critical to my success. Would a few hours a day be enough? What do you think? I do already work full-time but would one day want to replace this with an online affiliate income.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  312. Babsie Wagner says:

    I have been running my own businesses most of my life, and then it happened.  I was offered a high-paying sales position that I “thought” I just couldn’t give up.  Well, I should have, because I got stuck back into the 9-5 hellhole routine, and I regretted it immensely.  That’s when I discovered affiliate marketing, and now I am working from home, doing something I absolutely love, and no more J.O.B.  

    If anyone is unhappy in their current position, then I highly recommend looking into affiliate marketing.  Now, it does take time to build the business, but once you do, you wake up with more money in your paypal account than when you went to bed.  That is a beautiful thing right there!

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    I also have a question. In your “4 crucial attributes”, your point number 3 stated that one must be willing to give oneself adequate time in order to get results. What kind of duration do you suggest?  A few months or a couple of years?


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    you are so right about affiliate marketing – it is definitely a second source of income but it is hard work.

    I have been doing this more than a 1 year now and i barely make $500 a month and my target is $3000 per month. But doesnt mean it wont work out. a friend of my mine who started after me is making $5000 p/m but then his niche is different and he posts 3 articles a week and does alot of promoting of his posts through various social media sites. He says he spends 20% of his time writing the post and 80% promoting it.

    I’ve decided to follow that and Im sure by the end of the year i’m gonna make more money!

    whoever decides to do this – just remember one thing – this is a full time job and you need a lot of time and patience to see its returns. Think of it like going to a gym – regular workouts and over time you will see the results.

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