How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?
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Affiliate Marketing

How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?

Are you eager to make money by promoting affiliate products?

Are you trying so hard in making money by promoting affiliate product but failed all the time?

If YES, I can tell you why………..

That’s because you are too eager and try too hard making money by promoting affiliate product?

What does that mean?

So, how to promote affiliate product on my website?

Promoting affiliate product is not only about the technique but also some user experience and empathy.

In this post, I’ll point out:

  • 5 Questions to ask yourself before promoting
  • 3 ways on how to promote affiliate products on your website
  • 5 common mistakes newbie make in Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Mapping on how to promote affiliate products on your website.
  • What matters the most to promote affiliate products on your website?


5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Promoting

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  • WHO are the buyers.
  • WHAT Problems and Pain do they have?
  • WHY do they have the problems and pain?
  • HOW can you help them to solve the problems?
  • WHERE to get the best deal?

Before looking for the affiliate product you are going to promote, many people forget the original purpose of doing the promotion, which is to help people.

They only focus on how much commission they can get from the product.

Stay calm. And take a breath.

Think about who are you helping? What is their need?

It will much crucial than the make-money part.

The solution will be the affiliate product you are promoting.

Remember, VALUE always come to the first priority, not the money.

If you bring the value and build trust with people. The money will come to you next!


3 Ways On How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website

How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?
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  • Writing reviews
  • Making video
  • Find a better deal and make it flexible

#1 Writing Reviews

Writing review is an effective way to promote an affiliate product since the visitors are in the ready-to-buy stage. What they do is to make sure whether it is worth buying the product.

When writing a review, be comprehensive. Don’t put much emphasis on advocating the benefits too much. It’s also crucial to point out the disadvantages. You can offer some solution to tell the audience how to solve the problem.

Moreover, give some opinion based on your user experience. Tell the truth. Once the audience finds out you are lying, you will lose them and hard to get their trust again.

#2 Making Video

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures.

Creating video content is a good way to build up trust with visitors. What you can do is demonstrating the function of the product live, which will make the whole thing much real than pictures, photos and words in your content. Or, you make a basic tutorial telling people how to use the product and show the pros and cons to them.

Doing live broadcasting is also a great choice to promote an affiliate product. You can interact with the audience and answer their questions live.

In the make-money aspect, not only can you get the commission from the product but also gain another passive income from your video and ads.

#3 Find A Better Deal & Make It Flexible

Do research to find out better deals. You can select some choices of the affiliate products. List the pros and cons of all the products so that you give the visitors more options. They will purchase the one which is suitable for them.


5 Common Mistakes Newbie Make In Affiliate Marketing

How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?
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  • Trying to sell before having traffic
  • Focus on too much on keywords rather than the users
  • Trap into Black Hat SEO scam
  • Spending too much money on your blog
  • Not being patient enough

#1 Trying To Sell Before Having Traffic

Many newbies are eager to promote the affiliate product on their website.

Putting lots of affiliate links and banners are some of the things they would do.

That’s why they always fail at promoting a product and couldn’t make money from it.

The user experience is also crucial in promoting.

Try to think from the visitor’s angle, will you buy a product from a stranger or in the condition that you know nothing about the product??

I think most people would not do so. And so do I!!

So before promoting a product to your visitors, building up trust and make friends with them are important.

After you gain stable traffic and trust from your visitors, they will purchase the product you promote.


#2 Focus On Too Much On Keywords & SEO Rather Than The READER

The purpose of your promotion is to help people solving their problems.

People often forget or ignore this point.

What they do is trying to find a “golden” keywords and stuff the content with the “golden” keywords.

In the end, the content loses its value since the keywords stuffing makes the whole thing awkward and sometimes, it doesn’t even make human sense and unnatural.

Don’t put much emphasis on the keywords and SEO.

Focus on adding value and stand in the targeting buyer’s shoes.

Try your best to solve the problem.


#3 Trap Into Black Hat SEO Scam

Want your product-promoting content to get better ranking and traffic?

Here is the common scenario you will come across:

Service ads that help you to get better ranking, buying backlinks or social bookmarking that kind of stuff.

Basically, anything that involves trying to manipulate Google and thinking that your website is going to be awesome.

And then it asks for you to buy the service.

Don’t trap into this scam!!

There is never a safe to try and manipulate Google.

You can try and it might work in a short period of time.

But, as time goes by, your website will suffer since Google is always updating.

If you just stick to write natural and good quality content. You will be found!


#4 Spending Too Much Money On Your Blog

Don’t buy any fancy banners, theme, plugins and logo sort of cool stuff when you are still in the newbie stage.

Before getting traffic, don’t worry about how your website looks.

As your website evolves into an authority with constant traffic then you can start to buy some fancy stuff for it.

#5 Not Being PATIENT Enough

It is a long term business.

Don’t expect to see the result in the first few months.

Before getting ranked by Google, you have to keep writing content and wait.

Just keep developing your knowledge in the niche and writing good content.

Reach out to the social platform. Start networking. Keep closer to the targeting visitors.


Content Mapping On How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website

How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?
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  1. Information post (feeder pages)
  2. Review post
  3. Video content

Information Post (Feeder Pages)

In the information post, you share niche-related knowledge and know-how in the content. Educate people by sorting out some resources or tips. The key point is that you give value to the target audience and help them solve the problems or give them some guidance on the information they are looking for.

[ Examples of information post ]

Review Post

As for review post, you do the evaluation for a certain product. The product can be anything such as cars, books, services, food or game, etc…….. Basically, all the things can be evaluated by you.

Usually, we put the review post as the “HOT” content’s internal links to get a higher conversion, which means the percentage of the visitors turn into buyers through your review post.

But first, you need to build up trust and offer value to them. And then you take them to the review post to get further information if the visitor has an interest in the stuff you are promoting.

[ Examples of review post ]

Video Content

The video content I referring here is that you point out some key point in the content you wrote. Or, you do some demonstrations in the video.

For instance, if I’m creating the video for Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019. I will sort out some main point in the Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019 and walk you through the platform in Wealthy Affiliate lively. It can guide the visitor to the training or make some demonstration for them. Just show them how it works and how you feel.

Let’s say you write an informative post called ” How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing “. And then you write a review post of Wealthy Affiliate called ” Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019 “.

What you are trying is to promote Wealthy Affiliate to your visitor. So you educate them and offer value for them at first, then you mention wealthy affiliate in the information post. And then you attract those who have a further interest in the review post.


What Matters The Most To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website?

#1 Content Is King

Just stick to write organic, natural and good quality content. As three to six months go by, you will be found by Google!!

#2 You Are Aiming To Help Others

Never ever to think ‘how fast can I make some money’. Don’t try too hard rather than help your visitors. Value always come to first then money. You offer value. Then you will get revenue in return from buyers.

#3 Be Consistent

Don’t be eager to make money by promoting affiliate products to your visitors or buyers. Keep writing and give value to your visitors. Gaining trust and make friends with them! Sooner or later, you will become an authority and people will trust you.

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