How to start a blog and make money for free
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How To Start A Blog And Make Money For FREE?

Most people want to start a blog because they want to make money!

Or, some of those take it as their new job and want to get rid of their 9 to 5 jobs.

Blah blah blah…………

There are tons of countless reasons why people blog.

Whether which is the reason why you blog,

What I can guarantee you is you should have a well-planned map to start your new life in blogging and that you follow right guidance or training before you get things rolling.

However, blogging is a long journey.

Many people quit on the way of it since they couldn’t get the result they want before the magic happens.

That’s why I’d like to talk more about how to get success and the reasons why people failed in this post.

How to start a blog and make money for free?

Do you want to be a success in making money blogging?

Let me show you the CLUEs to get successful in making money blogging right away!!

In How To Start A Blog And Make Money For FREE, I will walk you through:

  • Where & How To Start Before Making Money Blogging?
  • How To Make Money Blogging?
  • The Best Way For Beginners To Make Money Blogging!
  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Blogging?
  • The 7 Actionable Tips To Make Money Blogging A Success!


Where & How To Start Before Making Money Blogging?

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Elements you need before getting started:

  • A blog
  • A niche
  • Methods to make money

Before starting making money blogging, you need to have a BLOG, a NICHE and the METHODS to make money in your blog with the niche you are.

Let’s jump into each of those and get your online business rolling right now!!

How To Start A Blog And Make Money For FREE?

Start building can be complicated and quite time-consuming.

But there is always some way to shorten and simplify the whole procedure.

Do you want to start a blog in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS for FREE?

Know more details about how you can build a blog in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS for FREE!!

How To Find A Profitable Niche That Makes Money?

A niche is a targeted segment in the market for the online entrepreneurs to make money with their blog or online store.

There is an enormous niche online.

You can make money with each one of those, however, not all the niche is the same.

Some are competitive which means it will be harder for you to make money with it.

Some are too narrow that you can hardly make that much money than others.

As a result, it’s crucial to know how to pick up a suitable niche for you to get things rolling.

Learn more about how to pick up a great niche for you to start making money blogging now!


How To Make Money Blogging?

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Each of the methods can create income streams for you.

However, picking up the one that can work for you is vital.

In this section, I will guide you to choose the one that works for you and get started making money blogging! Ready to start?

1. Advertising

Quick note

  • Suitable for INTERMEDIATE bloggers who already have constant traffic.
  • Requires LOTS of TRAFFIC to your blog.
  • SIMPLE for everyone to operate.

How to make money with advertising?

Know more about how to make money with advertising here.

The pros & cons of advertising

It’s hard for newbie bloggers to make that much money by just making money from ads unless you have LOTS of TRAFFIC like millions of visit per month.

No traffic means no sales.

The more people come to your site, it will be more possible for you to make money on advertising.

It’s a pretty SIMPLE method to operate for everyone but not everyone can make much money with it.

2. Sponsorship

Quick note

  • Suitable for PRESTIGIOUS bloggers who can help the sponsor to make a great return on investment.
  • Dealing with the sponsor issue is time-consuming.
  • Sponsorship is similar to the advertisement but with higher profit.

How to make money with sponsorship?

Making money with sponsorship is somehow a higher class of advertising.

You see some area selling stuff with a picture or slogan on it or a blogger you know and trust recommend you to buy the product.

Tell the truth, which one would you prefer to purchase.

Of course, we will buy things from the blogger we trust and like.

You see sponsorship is similar to the advertisement and that it’s suitable for those bloggers who already have a good reputation and fans.

The pros & cons of sponsorship

You can make a great deal of revenue by taking the method of sponsorship.

However, it takes lots of time on managing the tasks of coping with the sponsor such as finding sponsors, booking sponsors, managing the schedule with sponsors, etc.

For those who are just starting their blogging journey, sponsorship can be hard to work for you.

You can consider trying this method if your blog grows into a prestigious one.

3. Product

Quick note

  • Suitable for those have their product to sell.
  • Requires much more extra effort than others.
  • Get a higher profit.

How to make money with selling product?

You can write some content in your blog to teach your audience how to use your product or how can you can your stuff solve their problem.

Or, you can operate your blog as an online store to sell things on it.

  • Physical product
  1. Books
  2. ……
  • Digital product
  1. E-books
  2. Online course or workshop
  3. Service
  • E-commerce store

The pros & cons of selling product

You can try this method unless you have your product.

However, selling your product requires much more effort since you have to deal with the shipping, customer service and other problem on your own.

What’s good about this method be that you don’t need to have a huge amount of visitors to make you a success.

Moreover, you can get a better profit by selling your product.

4. Affiliate

Quick note

  • Suitable for NEWBIE bloggers
  • No experience necessary
  • No start-up cost
  • A simple but powerful method to make money
  • You can make money based on WHAT YOU LOVE.

How to make money by affiliate?

By promoting the affiliate product and sharing the links on your content, you would get commissions as the readers purchase the product or service through the affiliate link.

The content can be a review, an article to educate people on how to use the product or a video.

Learn more detail on how to make money with affiliate marketing now!

The pros & cons of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great method to try for total blogger newbie.

Don’t need to worry about the issue of shipping, customer service, and other complicated problems. The affiliate company will cover that for you.

What’s more, you don’t have to pay any start-up fees to participate in the affiliate program.

Once you feel want to go away from the affiliate program, you can cancel it at any time!

Although affiliate marketing is a simple method, it doesn’t mean that it takes less effort to make money.

You still need to take a great amount of action to manage your blog.

5. Donations

Quick note

  • Suitable for bloggers who have quite a lot of great quality content on their site.
  • A RISKY way to make money.

How to make money with donations?

2 ways to make money with Donation:

  1. Patreon: A platform to help creators ask for donations.
  2. PayPal: You can simply create a donation button on your blog to request donations from the readers.

You can try both of the two methods at the same time.

The pros & cons of donations

Would you donate to someone who just gets started and still have almost nothing on their site?

Probably not right?

But it doesn’t mean that newbie bloggers can not use this method. You can still do so, but you might end up getting not much money or even no money.

That’s why donation is better for mature bloggers to operate.

Blogger already has a good reputation, “sticky” fans and great quality contents can make money with donation much easier.

However, it’s a RISKY one to make money with because we can hardly know when and how much you would earn.



The good news is that you can have multiple income streams. What I mean by that is you can operate those five methods at the same time if you want.

I know it would be overwhelming to blogger newbies so what I suggest you be that to START WITH ONE of the methods and FOCUS on it.

Once you succeed at one of those then you can move on to the next one which creates the other income stream for you.


The Best Way For Beginners To Make Money Blogging!

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Why Do I Recommend Affiliate Marketing?

Most of the newbie blogger must be overwhelmed at the beginning since there are too many methods to earn money blogging and too much to learn.

As a result, they start to get lost and have no idea where and how to get started on making money blogging.

Well, if you are in the same situation, what do I suggest you be that pick one suitable method and then focuses on it until you start to make revenue.

In the previous brief introduction about some methods to make money blogging, you can see that not all the methods are appropriate for newbie bloggers.

Many of those need constant traffic and amounts of great quality content, which is a mature blog or even an authority blog.

That’s why I highly recommend affiliate marketing as the money-making method for you to get your blog rolling.

Let’s take a look at some benefit you can get from affiliate marketing and why is it a great way for a newbie blogger to make money at the beginning.

4 ” Don’t ” & 3 ” Can ” Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Good Choice

  • You “Don’t” need to design or own the product.
  • You “Don’t” need to deal with the shipping issue.
  • You “Don’t” need to cope with the after-sell problems.
  • You” Don’t ” have any risk in affiliate marketing.
  • You ” Canget the commission through each purchase.
  • You ” Can “ make money through your interest.
  • You ” Canhelp others by sharing what you know and love!

As you can see, you just need to have a blog, a niche, and some content promoting products to earn revenue.

Once the readers purchase the product through the link you share on the content, you can get the commission from the affiliate program or the product producer.

What Do I Like About Affiliate Marketing?

When being a total newbie blogger with no experience, I had no idea which method to pick. And then I tried many but failed.

Guess what? I even invested money on it such as buying ads but never get them back.

Affiliate is the one different from other methods, which has no risk and everyone can start operating it for FREE!

Well, there are even more great points about affiliate marketing. Let me show you.

  • No difficult techniques.
  • No start-up cost.
  • No experience necessary.
  • No risk. You can cancel the affiliate program at any time as you want.
  • Easy to operate in a blog.
  • I can choose to enjoy the program I like to work with.
  • I can help others by promoting a suitable product or service for them.

Simply share the links on your content can you earn the revenue, sounds good right?


There is a tremendous amount of affiliate program and product online and NO LIMITATION for how many you can take part in.

Do you get my point? You can see how much potential you can earn from affiliate marketing!

I recommend you start with affiliate marketing. Think about it.

No difficult technique. No start-up cost. No experience necessary.

What’s more, there is no risk which means you can cancel the affiliate program as you want.

What a great way to pick! So why not give it a try?

Okay, let’s dive into more on how you can make money blogging with affiliate marketing!

What Do You Need To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Like what I said, it’s easy to operate affiliate marketing in your blog and requiring no techniques.

Let me show you what you need to make money with affiliate marketing. Trust me, you will be amazed by how simple it is.

What you need to get things rolling

  • A Blog
  • A Niche
  • Contents

Remember the graphic I show you at the beginning of this post?

You need three elements to start making money blogging which are a blog, a niche, and method to make money.

Let’s take a look at the other graphic and dive a bit deeper to see what you need if you choose affiliate marketing as your methods to make money blogging.

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  • Review
  • Article
  • Video
  • Anything you can think of

Content is something that you put on your blog. It can be an article, a review, or a video.

With affiliate links being put in the content, you can get the commission and make money as people buy something through your links.

That’s it! Easy to understand right?

** Articles you might interest in if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing. **

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Blogging?

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“ How long does it take to make money blogging? “

“ Why am I still not make money blogging yet? ”

“ How long before I make my first commission? ”

Those questions from blogger newbie appear again and again when it comes to the issue of making money blogging.

Well, the answer is that it DEPENDS.

You can probably start making money on the first few months or even one and half a year.

But the GOOD news is that by following the PROVEN METHODS and TRAINING can help you to get success FASTER.

Also, the only way to fail is by NOT TAKING ACTION.

You see……….everything depends on YOU.

Why Did People Fail As Making Money Blogging?

  • Not focusing
  • Not patient
  • Not serious

Not Focusing

There is too much to learn and many ways to make money online.

Most of the newbie bloggers could not find a one to focus.

What they would do is operating too many methods at the same time.

That’s why they could hardly see the result they want which is making money.

It’s better to focus on only one at first.

Once you are good at it and start making money.

Then you can move on to create another income stream with a different method.

Not Patient

“People DO NOT fail at Internet marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.”

It takes time to be succeeded in online marketing.

Making lots of money blogging can come true unless you keep putting effort into it and waiting for the fruit of winning.

I don’t mean that you just press a few buttons and write a few contents.

Then standing still there doing nothing to wait for the money.

What I’m saying is you consistently adding valuable and helpful contents to the blog until you start making money.

Not Serious

“ I will do it when I have time. ”

Many people view their blog as a sideline rather than a career.

They don’t take the blog seriously and would operate their blog only if they have time.

If you don’t take your online business as a serious issue.

You can hardly really make much money on it.

Some of you might ask some questions like, ” Doesn’t make money blogging a passive income? Why should I take it seriously and put so much effort into it? “

I can guarantee you that making money from blogging can be a passive income, but only if your blog grows into a complete system.

Before that, you have to put lots of effort into your blog and take it seriously.

The Path To Be Successful In Making Money Blogging

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How to be successful?

That sounds so difficult and unreachable.

Let me show you the tips you can follow step-by-step to be a success!

The 7 Actionable Tips To Make Money Blogging

  • Choose a suitable method for you. (How are you going to make money?)
  • Keep taking action.
  • Set clear & measurable goals
  • Take daily action towards your goals
  • Engage with successful online entrepreneurs
  • Give yourself time.

Choose A Suitable Method For You

Choosing the right and suitable methods is much more important than anything.

The wrong method would lead you to a path with no end and you might end up quitting and doing in vain.

Pick up the SUITABLE method and FOCUS on it until you start to get positive results.

Keep Taking Action

Doing works and take actual action consistently.

It’s not a scam so you have to do real stuff and put effort into it.

Keep adding valuable and helpful content in your blog.

The harder you work, the more successful you will be.

Set Clear & Measurable Goals

You have to know where to go otherwise you will get lost.

People often not set goals or even don’t have one.

Also, one of the common mistakes I see is that people don’t set REAL goals.

They have some goals like: be successful in digital marketing, I want to earn lots of money, etc.

Well, it’s hard to achieve these unpractical goals.

What you should do is to have a PLAN and then divide it into CLEAR, MEASURABLE and PRACTICAL goals, so that you can follow it and move forward step-by-step.

Some practical plan and goals example:

Earn $500 per month in the first 6 months.

  • Write at least 2 reviews and 1 post per week.
  • Create at least 2 tutorial videos per month.
  • Send 1 email per day to my email list.

Get 1000 followers after first 2 months.

  • Create at least 1 video content per week.
  • Raise at least 3 campaigns per month.
  • Interact with the audience every day.

Once you have your plan and know exactly what you want to achieve, one the very best way to fast-track that success is to take part in the right training with proven methods.

Getting the right training can help you to take action step-by-step in the right direction.

Of course, it’s important to choose a training platform that has a good reputation and with the proven cases in it.

Take Daily Action Towards Your Goals

Now that you have a plan and goals.

The next thing to do is following it and take daily action.

With practical and clear goals, you can keep track of yourself if you are in the right way.

Remember, “A dream will always be a dream if you don’t take any action.”

Engage With Successful Online Entrepreneurs

If you want to climb the Mount Everest, would you find someone to guide you if he or she never been to there before? Definitely not!

That’s the same logic if online marketing.

I encourage you to find someone who is doing the thing you want to be doing and learn from them!

By learning from those people who already achieve the goals you want, you can get what you want faster if you follow their step and take action.

What I mean by that is not copying but paying attention to those who are where you want to be and doing the things you want to do to achieve the success you are after.

Sometimes people failed not because they are doing things wrong, that’s because they are with the wrong person.

That’s why I suggest you participate in a community with a bunch of successful online entrepreneur so that you can engage and learn from them directly!

Give Yourself Time

Before you get the result, you have to wait for traffic to come into your site.

If you don’t take consistent action, disappoint by there is nothing happen and then quit.

You will regret!

In the world of digital marketing, things do not happen overnight.

Remember what I mentioned the three reasons why people fail?

They are not focusing, not serious and not CONSISTENT.

You have to do hard works for nonstop until the magic happens!


“How long does it take to make money blogging?”

Well, as I said, there is no standard answer to this question.

But what I can guarantee you that you WILL get to where you want…….

IF you do the hard work AND give yourself the TIME to succeed!


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  1. Wow, you provided a lot of exceptional information about blogging and earning money online. I really like how to used the “Blog, Niche, Method, Content” graphic to help explain the concepts. I’ve been trying to show my wife how to start her blogging as well, and I will share this with her.

    1. Sandy says:

      Thanks for your sharing and comment, Nathan!
      All the best to you and your wife!
      Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any further question:))
      I will help you out as soon as possible

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