How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?

How to write a blog post for SEO?

To have great content for SEO is not just about writing but also contain researching and marketing strategies

In this blog post, I am going to guide in all the tips of researching, writing and marketing that you need to leveraging great SEO post.

The GOOD NEWS is that a newbie blogger can also get their post ranked by using these tips!!!

Let’s dive into it RIGHT NOW!!

In How To Write A Blog Post For Seo, I’ll walk you through:

  • 4 Researching Tasks
  • 10 Writing Items Of A Blog Post
  • 5 Marketing Strategies For Blog Post
  • 3 Final Tips To Write For SEO
  • Hot Seat Q&A


4 Researching Tasks

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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#1 Topic Idea

What is the topic you want to write content about in your blog post? To start a blog post, you should have a rough idea about what to write first, which is the topic you would like to talk about in the content.

  • Blogging: SEO / content / traffic / WordPress / niche / start a blog
  • Swimming: gear / warm-up / diet / swimming suit
  • Affiliate marketing: affiliate program / writing review / avoid scam


#2 Keyword Research

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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Right now, suppose you have a topic idea on the hand. Next, what we gonna do is finding some “ low hanging fruit ” for the blog post.

The best way to think of keyword ideas is to type in the topic in keyword research tool such as Google search engine, Jaaxy, etc.

Keywords are the keystone for your site to get everything ranking on the search engine. Finding a golden keyword with high search volume and low competition is vital.


#3 SERP Competitor Research

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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SERP competitor research is a technique to know about how your competitors are doing. For instance, maybe they have ads, video or pictures, or lots of steps in their content.

In the section of doing competitor research for writing a blog post, you don’t need to dive too deep in it, just look at the SERP competition is sufficient.

What you can do is to write a bit better than those competitors or do what they do but do it a little different to outrank them.

Sandy’s HINT // How to know if you can outrank the competitors or not?

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  • Download Moz
  • Click the Moz button on the top right of the web page.
  • The blog posts with PA lower than 30 are those competitors easier to be outranked.
  • See what they do in their blog post. (images, external links, video, layout….)
  • Write a bit better than those articles.


#4 Article Research

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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Where to know what readers want

  • Q&A platform:, Quora
  • Ecommerce store review area: Amazon, eBay, Shopify
  • Social group on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter …..

In this phase, you are in the procedure of collecting materials for writing the blog post. In other words, finding the source to add in your content that can offer value to your readers.

Do some research for that particular keywords or content to create your article.

When collecting the source, think about what the readers might want to know or what they want and then you give it to them in your blog post.


10 Writing Items Of A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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#1 Write A Catchy Title

With your targeting keywords in the title.

  • The “How-To” Headline
    • How to Write a Blog Post Every Day
    • How to Land More Clients As a Freelancer
  • The “Transactional” Headline
    • Give Me 30 Minutes And I’ll Give You More Blog Traffic
    • Try These 5 Tactics for a Week, And Be Twice As Productive
  • The “Reason-Why” Headline
    • Why Your Blog Posts Get Ignored, And How to Fix That
    • 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media In Your Marketing
  • The “Probing Question” Headline.
    • Why Don’t Doctors Get Sick?
    • Do You Wish More People Bought Your Book?
  • The “If-Then” Headline.
    • If You Can Send and Receive E-mail, You Can Build a Platform
    • If You Can Follow a Recipe, You Can Write Better Headlines

At first, people would not read your content. What they do are scanning, scrolling and browsing your whole page to see whether it’s the article they are looking for or not.

If you couldn’t grab the reader’s attention, they would just leave and never come back. That’s why we need to have eye-catchy titles in your content.

Even an article with great quality would fail without a good title.

It’s quite hard for a newbie blogger to write a catchy title in the beginning. However, by practicing again and again, you can get better in writing a great title.

Sandy’s HINT // How to write the CATCHY title?

  • Read the title of MAGAZINE in your niche.
  • Buzzsumo: read the most popular blog post with the same targeting keywords.
  • Take note of those titles
  • Think about why they are catchy titles.


#2 Meta Title

The meta title is where it is shown in the Google search engine.

Sometimes, your blog post title is too long so you can cut off some words in the meta title.

Also, Your meta title can be different than your blog post title.

For instance, you can have your blog title, “ How to make money in affiliate marketing. “ while having your meta tile, “ How to make money in affiliate marketing with 7 brilliant ways. “


#3 Meta Description

The meta description is your content abstract shown in the search result page.

Sandy’s HINT // How to create an EYE CATCHING meta description?

Capitalize the first letter in every word on your each meta description. People would tend to click it than others since yours standing out from the crowd.


#4 Social Meta Image

Social meta image is quite often forgotten about, which is an image that shows up inside of social sharing area.

Remember, it is much easier to gain trust from people when you have an avatar or image of you.

Having an image is crucial to get better ranking because it is much possible for people to interact with you rather than the one with no image.

In addition, try to have an image with professional shooting, which would catch people’s attention as well.


#5 Internal Link

An internal link is a link which linked to another blog posts on your website.

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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  • Create relevancy
  • Create an internal site map for your site content
  • Make the readers stay longer on your site


#6 External Link

External links are the link which linked to another site especially for the authority and influential website.

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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  • Amount: Internal links = External links
  • Be relevant to the content

You need to have a balance of internal and external links, which means the amount of those two had better be the same.

What’s more, you should link your external link with relevant content instead of putting it purposely but not making any sense.


#7 Supporting Images

Supporting images is the pictures or photos that you put beside the paragraph to explain and clarify what you said in the content.

  • Put images in between small paragraphs and bullet points
  • Be relevant to your content
  • Increase the content quality
  • Offer better reader experience
  • Create great layout

Sand’s HINT // How to create an awesome layout?

  • The font of heading, subheading, and paragraphs
  • Small paragraphs with bullet points and images
  • Design the SPACE to create nice looking
  • See the great layout sample on Pinterest


#8 Alt Description For Each Image

The Description you alt is abstract to tell what each image is about.

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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You don’t need to have your targeting keywords in all of your images, but just make the description RELATED to the keyword and content. Or, you can simply put the targeting keyword on it.

Click the image in the WordPress content editing board, and click the button with a pen.

There you are the area to alt description for the image.


#9 Embed A Video

In embedding video, you don’t necessarily need to do it in every blog post.


Video helps the visitors to stay your site longer and reduces the bounce rate which can help to get a higher ranking.

Since the time that visitors stay in the post is one of the metrics to rank in the search engine.

Sandy’s HINT // How to embed your / others video in your blog post?

  1. Copy the link from YouTube
  2. Insert it in the “Text” area inside the WordPress blog post-editing area


#10 Write A Call To Action

A CTA is a hint that tells visitors what to do as they read your blog post. Moreover, you are also creating engagement as you put the CTA in the blog post.

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  • Come buy
  • Click
  • Subscribe
  • Leave a comment

A CTA doesn’t necessarily need to tell the readers to buy things. It can be as simple as something like, “ Hey, let me know what you think about this topic! “ or “ Feel free to ask me any further question below. “

Moreover, It also helps the visitors to stay longer in your blog post.



5 Marketing Strategies For Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post For SEO?
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#1 Submit Your URL To Google & Bing

The reason why we submit the URL to Google & Bing is that it’s the faster way to let them know and rank your blog post.

First, you sign up for both Google Search Engine & Bing Webmaster Tool.

Secondly, you submit your URL to them each time when creating a blog post.

How To Submit a URL?

  • Google Search Console

  • Bing Webmaster Tool


#2 Post To Social

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

People would prefer to follow or trust those who often post valuable content and interact with them.

As a result, being consistent and active is the key to social media.

The benefit of doing all this stuff is that people would probably share your blog post or they might leave a comment or question.

Google likes those blogs post with engagement and interacts, which means you can get better ranking!!


#3 Get Comment

  • Compelling CTA (call to action)
  • The give & take thread in a group
  • Be engaging and willing to help

Like what I said in the previous section, Google love content with interaction and engagement.

There mainly two methods for a blogger to leverage getting more comment for a blog post.

Firstly, add compelling and relevant CTA in your content. CTA is the button to tell what exactly people should do such as leave a comment, click, sign up or purchase.

Otherwise, the reader would just leave and do nothing since they don’t what to do.

Secondly, you can build up a group with blogging friends and setting up the give and take rules.

What I mean by that is anyone who leaves a comment for a certain blog post can get a comment from the blogger who receives the comment from you.

Sandy’s HINT // How to make good use of the comment?

  • Insert the internal link in the comment.
  • Gain more content idea from people’s comment.


#4 Audience Engagement

  • Reply to the comment in your blog post
  • It can be short
  • Ask readers question

Reply to as much comment in your blog as possible. People would love to interact and leave a comment for the bloggers that respond to them.

Not only you can get a comment from people passively, but also you stay in the active position by asking people question in your blog post to create more engagement.

  • What do you think about …….
  • Which part of the blog post do you like?
  • Come back and share what you feel about the product….

For instance, you can say, “ what do you think about …… “,  “ do you like …. and why ….. “,  “ tell me if you ……. “,  rather than just say, “ please leave a comment for ….. “.

Also, being engaging and active in helping and offering value to the readers so that they would trust you and come back to your site!!

#5 Email Broadcast

You can start to consider using email marketing if you have constant traffic come to your site.

It doesn’t matter how small is your list. If you have only 10 people on the list, that’s still 10 people that would direct to your post.



3 Final Tips To Write For SEO

#1 Being Consistent

I often see people’s online business and income suffer as a result of not being consistent. They have great content and do well in no matter SEO or other sorts of things.

However, they think that they don’t need to do things they do to get where they are. Even you get great traffic and make great sales, you still need to stay in a consistent tempo with all these things.

#2 Write A Bit Better

  • Add more images
  • Give more tips
  • Have a Q&A section
  • Embed video

To outrank those competitors with the same targeting keywords, you simply do a bit better than what they do.

#3 Content Is King

  • Find out what people want
  • Give it to them

Value always come to first rather than money, traffic, keywords, SEO and other things.

We offer value through our content.

Also, the value is what people want such as a tutorial, an answer, etc.

By giving what readers want in your content, you can gain trust from people and they would come back to you, which help get better ranking!



Hot Seat Q&A

Q1. How to get a comment?

You can use give and take thread in a group.

Q2. Does internal link need to be linked to the blog post in the same category?

Nope. But you have to link to the RELEVANT blog post.

Q3. When you outsource in Upwork, do you give the writers the access to your WordPress site or do you receive the article and post them on the site?

You create content with the title and you share with the link inside Google Drive to them

Q4. Where should I link to for my external link?

The intent for the external is for Google.

The external links are mainly letting Google know that you do not only link inside of your site but also have linked to those site outside of it.

Q5. How many words should I write in my blog post?

At least 1000 words!!


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