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How To Write A Great Content?

Do you think you are already doing a great job on writing great content? Or, you are haven’t but want to?

Content is king. That is the golden sentence in the world of digital marketing.

How to write a great content?

Can I do that even though I’m not a professional writer?

Of course, YOU CAN DO IT!!

In this post, you are will find out that you yourself is the key to making the content to be king and how.

Also, there is something that most of us forget about which is the reason you are still getting stuck in writing great content.

Can’t wait to get started right? Let’s jump into the content NOW!

In How To Write A Great Content, you are will learn:

  • What Is A “Great” Content?
  • Great For SEO
  • Great For Readers
  • Great For Making Money
  • 5 Tips For Newbies To Get Things Rolling

What Is A “Great” Content?

I know some of you are might already read some content about how to write great content. And some author would say that great content doesn’t mean it has lots of traffic. Well, that doesn’t make sense right? If the content is great, then why not people share it or there is not many people come to visit you are site? Plus, the definition of “great” is not the same for everyone. So let me tell you are my definition of ” great ” here.

  1. Great for readers
  2. great for SEO
  3. great for making money

I have three aspects to talk about what ” great ” content should be. Also, I’ll walk you are through all of them in this post. Before we get rolling, I’d like to let you know what process is a great content looks like.

Steps of great content that brings you are revenue

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I think most of the people who are writing content has the same final purpose right? That is to make revenue. If you are are not, then I suggest you are to skip the SEO and Make Money part in this post.

The mapping of content means that if you are ignoring one of it, you are content might be not a great one which means no money. That’s not you want, is it?

Some newbie put too much effort on the SEO stuff but forget the user experience. Some of you have comfortable and informative content but don’t have an effective call to action or you are even don’t have one, then the reader will just slip away from you are website since they don’t know what to do next.

That’s why I said each of the steps plays an important role in the content to be ” great “. Let me guide you are one at a time in the next few sections. Supposed you have a clear idea on how to write great content on you are own by the end of this post.

Great For SEO

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The SEO is like the entrance for the traffic to come inside you are website.

No matter for an authority website, or a new website, SEO really matters. No SEO means no traffic.

You may start to wonder if a newbie website can compete with an authority one.

The good news is that ……….

There are some methods for a new website to survive and by using the SEO technique, you are can still bring readers to you are website and keep it growing into an authority one.

The SEO can mainly divide into two part which is the inside page factors and outside page factors. Let’s take a look!

The inside page factors for SEO

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The inside page SEO are the optimization actions done on you are website. The logic of SEO is somehow making yourself to be seen by others easier. That’s why you need to look for low competition keywords, put internal and external links, etc.


The outside page factors for SEO

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The inside page SEO are the optimization actions done outside of you are website. It can be a social platform, a forum or video platform. Learn more details on How To Do SEO For Your Website.


The 9 tips of doing SEO for you are a blog post

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After learning how to do SEO for each blog post, suppose you get more and more traffic to you are website. Right now, the next step would be how to let the readers stick to you are website.



Great For Readers

In the section of how to write content a great content for readers, I will walk you are through not only the physical needs of readers but also the psychology which is often ignored in most of the novice post. What I mean by psychology is the user experience. It’s something that is invisible but plays a really important role in the world of digital marketing.

  • Nice user experience

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Managing a website is like managing a coffee shop or restaurant. Why do I say so?

Imagine you have a reunion with friends in a coffee shop beside a river and park. You guys are having a great time in a lovely afternoon. With gentle wind has a flavor of the flower and coffee, you are and friends feel so relaxing. Then you are guys start chatting and enjoy the cake that just comes out from the oven.

And then you are friend wants to order a cup of signature coffee but don’t know which to order. The waiter then comes to her at a fast pace and help her to choose the one she might love. Just a few minutes later, the waiter takes the coffee to you are guys with a big, sweet smile and say, ” Enjoy the coffee:))) Let me know if you need any help! ”

OMG~~~ What a lovely and perfect afternoon. That’s the user experience I was saying. Look at the picture at the beginning of this section and think about what I said in the previous paragraph. Isn’t managing a coffee shop similar to managing a website?

Be cozy. Treat the readers like you are friends. Ask yourself each time after finishing a blog post. Does the tone look like I’m chatting with my friend? Am I friendly?

  1. Your tone matters
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Easy to absorb the content

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About how to absorb the content, you are can make a short glimpse of the finished blog post and check if it is a jammed content. Imagine if you are are the readers, would you feel comfortable when reading this? Usually, more graphics with small paragraphs can make it much easier to read and absorb for the readers. Or, you are can make good use of bullet points to conclude the key point you are would like to say.



  • Provide value to readers
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  1. Solving the problem. Be precise, concise and informative. Give the readers what they want.
  2. Offer readers recourse. The resource can be an extra material to learn or an authority website with abundant data.
  3. Show it instead of telling it. Series of screenshots showing how to do or a live video is much better than a thousand words.

Remember, value always come to first then everything. Before you want them to do something for you are, you have to do something for them and give them what they want. I couldn’t get it when still being a novice. I was too eager to make revenue online and ignore the key which is to HELP others without asking for feedback. Whatever value I mentioned you are should offer to the readers, the origin and the most precious to do what we are doing right now is to HELP.



  • Make a difference and be better.

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There are tons of millions of similar content on the search engine results. Imagine if most of the content is similar, how can you are stand out and be memorized by the readers? That’s why to be unique is the key to stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at some aspects that you are can make a difference.

  1. Do a bunch of research about the readers, the competitors, and the topic.
  2. Add you are personal experience in the content. Whether you are telling a story or show it by a video clip. Just be unique by giving more personal element into the content.
  3. Answer in your opinion. Talk about what you are thinking to the readers but make sure the opinion is supported by data, recourse or something that can prove you are thinking.

You YOURSELF is what makes you are different from others. Try to find out you are style and be yourself when writing a content.

As for those who are writing for the content which has limitation for putting creation on(what I mean by that is it has the standard answer such as how to do SEO for your website) or you are haven’t found out you are style. Don’t worry! There is still something you are can do to make a difference and be better than other competitors. What you need to do is to be a little better than their content.

Here is something you are can do:

  1. More relevant and high-quality images.
  2. More tips and solutions to the problem.
  3. Show how to do it by video.
  4. More helpful recourse by adding more external and internal links.
  5. Maybe you are can have a common FAQ area.


Great For Making Money

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If the SEO is the entrance for traffic, then you are can say the call to action is the export. What’s more, you are can even turn the readers into buyers if you are can generate the call to action well! Call to action is telling readers what to do such as chick a button, sign up their email or doing a purchase, etc.

  • Don’t be “SALESY

If you are writing a content promoting a certain product or you want the readers to sign up, purchase or do something. Make sure that you are don’t make the whole process in a rush tempo, you have to think about the user experience in this stage.

Before convincing the readers to do something of what you want them to do, building up trust and credibility is the first step.

Marketing funnels is one of the important methods to build up trust and credibility with the readers. Moreover, once you find out the funnels that work. You can scale it by adding more traffic so that you are will gain more revenue.

5 Tips For Newbies To Get Things Rolling

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If you are are a newbie blogger or just start learning to write content.

Here might be the scenario will be: You are overwhelmed by this and still don’t know where and how to start.

Or, you are just can’t do it and feel struggle or sometimes painful.

Well, that’s because you are are not good at it YET.

Human has a tendency to do something they like or something they are good at.

You know what? It was hard for me, too!

My mother language is even not English. Writing English content is like an impossible mission for me.

But, guess what? Writing 3 contents per week is a common routine for me right now. I can’t believe I can do this!

And how can I achieve this? The answer might so simple that you think I’m telling a joke!

Just WRITE, WRITE and WRITE!! Turn yourself into a writing machine.

Not only keep writing is the key to produce great content, but you also need some tips to enhance you are writing ability.

Follow the mapping and tips below, let’s upgrade together!

Tips for writing great content:

  • Write, write and write! I know it’s hard to keep yourself writing content in such an intensive tempo. See how I motivate myself to keep writing for nonstop!
  • Do keyword research. Find keywords with low competition.
  • Great user experience to let the readers stick to you are website.
  • Do the SEO for you are each blog post.
  • Call to action. Tell the readers exactly what to do at the end of the content.

Keep writing is crucial, but gaining great training can help you are to improve by leaps and bounds!

Resources that I highly recommend:

Practicing is vital, but a right training platform with all the resource and tools you need can help you are to boost you are business. Also, you are can save more time on doing something in vain. What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a community with tens of thousands of successful online entrepreneur. You can learn from them and get to know how they did that simply press a few buttons or ask a question. I’ve been in Wealthy Affiliate for half a year so far. I can clearly see how I improve in such a short time!!

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