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How To Write Good Review?


How to write good review? A “Good” review has to be “ PERFECT “. That’s a myth for some newbie when starting their writing journey on reviewing. Also, it is one of the biggest reason why they get stuck and not moving forward.

The “Good” I refer is to offer value to the readers and has a high conversion which can make more sales and make money. Before we achieve that goal, there are several crucial points you need to know. Or, if you are a newbie that would be fine! I will guide you step by step in the post.

In How To Write Good Review, you will learn

  • Why People Read Review?
  • Types Of Different Effective Reviews
  • The Golden Rule You MUST Know!!
  • How & What To Write In A Review
  • The ONE Strategy You Need To Change NOW!!
  • The Winning Review Content Format
  • The Final 5 Tips On How To Write Good Review

Why People Read Review?

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“I’ll have what she’s having.” is exactly the perfect sentence to describe the human behavior that how people make choice when they want to do something.

Human base choices from other people. That’s why people like to read reviews and do some research on what other people said about the product or service that they have an intent to have one before doing the purchase.

What you need to is sharing the experience you have about what the readers want. Have no idea where and how to start? Let me show you types of review you can work on and how to operate the review based on your own user experience in the sections below.

Types Of Different Effective Reviews

Before start writing a review, let me walk you through the 5 types of review you can work on:

  • Simple product review
  • Unboxing review
  • How to’s review
  • Video review
  • Interview

Simple Product Review

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  • [Product Name] Review
  • What is it
  • Who is it for
  • How it helped
  • Pros & Cons
  • Why you recommend it

Simple product review is the classic way you can create a review. I suggest you start with this one if it’s the first time on writing a review. Why is that? Since the simple product review is no experience and technique necessary. Oh, I forget one thing. You have to know how to type words on the computer.

The parts of How It Helped and Why You Recommend It where attracts the users the most are extremely vital. Be sure to put more emphasis and effort in these parts.


Unboxing Review

  • [Product name] unboxing
  • [Product name] assembly
  • [Product name] sign up
  • Quite popular on YouTube
  • People want to see what the product looks like before purchasing
  • Good for assembly-based products

People often want to reduce the risk of buying garbage before doing the purchase. They’d like to see how exactly the product looks like, all the pros and cons and see as much as more information. Take digital product for an example, people like to watch how to sign up for the product and all the stuff in it. You see, the more demonstration the more attractive of your unboxing review.

Sandy’s Hint People love to see the whole process of SIGNING UP a digital product and how’s the platform looks like.


How to’s Review

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  • Passive review
  • A great method for capturing sales that may not have direct intent.

How to’s Review is an effective review type. You can educate people on how to use the product in details and how they solve the problem by using the product. You see how to’s review match the golden rule of, ” find out what people want and give it to them”, which makes it so effective. Also, it’s a passive review since you are not promoting the product to the readers directly, instead, you are promoting while teaching them how to use it.

Sandy’s Hint SHOW it instead of TELL it. Use better way for the readers to absorb the content what you’d like to let them know such as photos, videos or anything you can think of.


Video Review

  • Some reviews are best done via video
  • Visual-based product

Not all the product is suitable when reviewed by video. The visual-based products such as mobile phone, clothe, equipment or the product that is hard to be described by words are better reviewed in the video review. Guess what? People love to watch video much more than words. So next time, try to make a video review!!


Interview Review

  • Some people want to be inspired before purchasing a product.
  • This is where interviews come in

You can simply understand what is an interview review. That is, have some guests to talk about the certain product or service with you. Well, it would make your review more convincing because you are offering more information based on the user experience from other people’s angle. Moreover, this type of review is a bit more dynamic and interesting.

These are the five types of review. Remember, don’t be limited by the types of different ways of writing review. You can mix them up or have them all in your content! Whether it’s a simple product review with an unboxing video teaching people how to use it or an interview review with people who already use the product plus a video showing all the pros and cons. Just be CREATIVE and give the readers WHAT THEY WANT.

The Golden Rule You MUST Know!!

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What you must know that I’m going to tell is effective not only in writing a good review but also everything you will cope within digital marketing such as creating content, keyword phrases you target, videos you create or the product you develop, etc. Keep the rule in mind and apply it to your online business! What is such simple that you never imagine and could be amazed? SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • Find out what others want
  • Give it to them

You see the golden rule is simply just to find out what people want and you give it to them. Let’s talk about more on how you can utilize the rule in writing a good review.

Find Out What They Want

When it comes to how to find out what people want, I have two methods to help you get rolling on researching your targeting audience and get closer to understand what they need.

There are mainly two ways you can do to understand what people want. Sometimes, what they want is a solution to their problem. Or, it could be something that they want to know and you give them an answer or guide them step-by-step on how to do it.

How to do the research necessary to know your reader’s need?

  • 01Method Find and attend the forum or webinar to get to know the problems.
  1. Think about the generic terms used for the product category that you’re working with, and take those generic terms and combine them with the word forum.
  2. Read the threads in the discussion forums, and see what people are talking about.
  3. Look for topics that keep coming up over and over again.
  4. If there are “real-world” seminars, go to those seminars and talk to people who are there—not about your product, but their problems. Especially attend the question-and-answer sessions at real-world seminars. Listen to the questions that people are asking.
  • 02Method Pretending that you are the users.
  1. Google search on your product, and also on your target market (example: search “pug” as well as “pug owner,” “pug lover,” “pug training,” etc.).
  2. Try to form in your mind what your market is looking for and start searching for keywords that they might use.
  3. Pretend you’re a Pug owner looking to find something you need or want for your pooch.

Give It To Them

Now, supposed you already collect some materials about what your audience wants and also have some ideas about which of those different review type is better for you to work on the review. Then what’s next? Before we get started at writing the review and put all the materials you collect into convincing and make-sense stuff. Let me tell you something first and then we will move on to how and what to write in the next section.

  • Add value
  • Over-deliver

Remember the most crucial thing about doing a review is that you give VALUE to your readers. What I mean by that is you are HELPING people based on what you know. That’s the value. The more you help people, the more value you give to them. Moreover, by over-delivering value to your readers, which means you give something more than the reader’s expectation, you can gain their trust or they will even stick to your site and never leave.

Now, let’s move on how and what to write in a review. Don’t forget the golden rule of, ” find out what they want and give it to them, ” as we move forward!

How & What To Write In A Review

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Now that you do the research about what the readers want and also have ideas about how to create the review with some different types of review that I mentioned. Let’s jump into the practical part about how and what to write in your review and give it to your readers.

  • A GOOD review doesn’t have to be PERFECT.
  • Create a product review template of your own
  • Focus MORE on Intros & Conclusions
  • Incorporate CTAs
  • Apply the SEO techniques correctly WHILE writing your posts FOR your readers!

A GOOD review doesn’t have to be PERFECT

Even the review on the first position on Google is not a perfect one. It’s hard to believe right? But it’s true. You see……. you don’t have to write a perfect one to get high rankings in Google and make sales on it. What you need to do is focusing on giving VALUE to your readers and practice more. Plus, you learn how to rank. Then, BOOM!!! Here comes the good review!

Create a product review template of your own

While writing a review, you need to have a product template to work on which is like the structure of the review. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Just keep writing and you will gradually find a one. What’s good about having a template is that it makes the whole writing process more efficient and can clear you thinking while writing. There is one way I highly recommend before you find out one of your own. That is, taking a look at what others template and then evolving it to your version.

Here are some examples you can take a look:

  • What is [ product]?
  • How does [ product] work??
  • How it helped me?
  • Pros & Cons of [ product ]
  • Why I recommend [ product]?
  • Conclusion
  • What is [product]?
  • Why does [product] work? so well?
  • What I like about [ product]?
  • What I don’t like about [product]?
  • What do others think about [product]?
  • Do I recommend [ product]?
  • Conclusion

Focus MORE on Intros & Conclusions

People would not read your content at first. What they will do is skimming, scrolling, scanning and not believe in your content. They will stop and get started reading once they find out that you can offer what they want. Before they read the content, what you have to do is to capture their attention and interest, which is why intro and conclusion are so important. People will have a quick scan at those two parts first. Put yourself in their shoes, think about what they want and capture their attention.

Incorporate CTAs

You are almost done in writing the review. Then what’s next? Well, the purpose of why we write a review is to make sales. But people would not know what to do if you don’t tell them. That’s the reason why we need Call To Action (CTA). By incorporating CTA in the review can convert your readers into buyers if they like your content.

Apply the SEO techniques correctly WHILE writing your posts FOR your readers!

A good review would not be a good one without the SEO techniques. Why? Because your review would not be rank on Google if you don’t use the techniques. None wants their content to be read by none right? The GOOD news is that even though you are a newbie can be ranked high in Google by just following these techniques. So, don’t worry about SEO once you learn how to do it.

The ONE Strategy You Need To Change NOW!!

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Many people know that put banner ads aside from the content can really make more sales and we should do the same thing in the product review as well which can bring more sale right? WRONG! If you have this habit when managing your site, please don’t do that again when writing a review.

What not to do & why

Remember, DON’T put banner ads in reviews again. That will hurt your content. And why is that? Think about why you write a review. You want people to get the things they want by reading the content we give to them. However, it will be annoying when something not relevant keeps appearing beside the content they are reading.

  • DISTRACT your readers from the content
  • SCARE the readers away

When putting the banner ads besides the product review. It will distract your readers from the review or even worse, the banners make you really, ” salesy, ” and would scare the readers away since they think that you just want to sell something to them and want them to do the purchase. That makes the readers feel bad. In the end, they go away from your site and never come back. It’s not the perfect ending we want!

Don’t Be “SALESY”

Only when the banners ads RELEVANT to your content can you put them aside. Otherwise, never to do that again. When can see, the experience is also vital as you write a content since what the readers FEEL MATTER. As a result, I will walk you through some methods to write content that is offering better user-experience to the readers.

The Winning Review Content Format

Why using the content format in writing review? Well, we just mentioned that not only the value you give to the audience is crucial but so does what they feel as reading your review. The content format is a series of content you are gonna guide the audience to read in your website, which also creates a user experience as they move on. What you are going to learn is how to create an AWESOME USER EXPERIENCE to the readers so that they would trust you or even stick on your website!

  • Format 01 The DOUBLE Review

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The DOUBLE Review is mainly composed of two reviews. The first one is guiding people on a certain type of product.

For instance, if you are looking for a keyword research tool. You can have the choices of Jaaxy, Soovle, SECockpit or Keywords Everywhere. What you can do is to find out all the similar product or service and then make a general introduction or what you think and feel about these tools in the first review.

Next, you can pick up some tools which you prefer and make further detail reviews about those tools. In the second review, you have to be more comprehensive than the first one. Also, it’s better to tell more details based on your own user experience.

  • Format 02 The STEP-BY-STEP Review

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In The STEP-BY-STEP Review, you first have some informative contents to educate your readers or help them to solve their problem and make a recommendation on the product you are going to promote in it. But don’t talk too much. You have to hook the readers and lead them to the second review which is the product review.

Informative content is an article or video giving some information to the audience. What’s important about informative content is that you offer VALUE to the readers. You HELP them to solve the problem, you guide them one step at a time on how to do it or you give lots of useful resources to them.

The second review can be created by all sorts of different types that I mentioned. The point is choosing the best way that is suitable for the product.

Don’t Be “SALESY”

The concept of the winning review content format is similar to the marketing funnel which is about creating a better reading experience and BUILD UP TRUST with targeting audience. If you let the readers feel that you just want them to buy the product then they will feel not that comfortable or even be scared by you. Remember, VALUE always come to first in the digital world. You have to know what the readers want and you give it to them then they would trust or like you. Then they will finally buy from you.


The Final 5 Tips On How To Write Good Review

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  1. Tell a STORY based on your own user experience.
  2. The “How to’s” review is the most effective one.
  3. Stop putting non-related ads in a review. You are distracting your visitors.
  4. Use the golden rule of “ find out what they want and give it to them.“
  5. You can mix up the types of different reviews together.
  • A video review with a simple product review
  • The how to’s review with an unboxing video

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