Is Grammarly a scam?
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Is Grammarly A Scam?


Is Grammarly A Scam? Well, I had the same suspicion about it when I first saw Grammarly as well.

As an online entrepreneur whose first language is not English, I really need a tool like Grammarly to help me check grammar or other content mistakes. In this review, I will share my comprehensive user experience among these years of using Grammarly as my grammar checker.

Suppose you would have a clear idea that whether Grammarly is a scam or not. Let’s dive into this review together!

In Is Grammarly A Scam, I will walk you through:

  • What Is Grammarly?
  • Who Is Grammarly For?
  • How Does Grammarly Work?
  • Pros & Cons of Grammarly
  • Why Do I Recommend Grammarly?
  • Get Rolling With Grammarly RIGHT NOW!!

What Is Grammarly?

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Grammarly is a grammar tool that helps the writers to find out mistakes on their content.

Based on my user experience in these years, I can say that Grammarly is a great content assistant. It helps us to revise in grammar, punctuation, spelling and almost all the problem you would encounter when writing stuff.


Who Is Grammarly For?

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We are in an era of the online world. Almost everyone connects through others with a computer or mobile phone. Also, we gradually type more than writing. When it comes to typing, we face the issue of grammar.

So the answer is crystal clear. Grammarly is for EVERYONE who uses the computer or phone. No matter you are a teacher, a businessman, CEO, student, father, mother, grandpa or grandma, etc.

Don’t worry about it is for the elderly or kids to use Grammarly. The platform is simple and easy to understand. Everyone can make good use of it right away.


How Does Grammarly Work?

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The free version of Grammarly has the main function of checking the Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, Techniques and Style mistakes in your content, which is covered almost 50% to 80% or even 90% of the content mistakes we would encounter.

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Mechanics
  • Techniques
  • Style

What I like about Grammarly is that it almost appear everywhere on the working platform we usually work on such as Facebook, Gmail, WordPress and even the text form document on the computer!

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • The Text document on the screen

Let me show you guys how Grammarly work on each of those previous platforms. You will be amazed by Grammarly and realize how powerful if Grammarly!

  • How does Grammarly work on Facebook

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  • How does Grammarly work on Gmail

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  • How does Grammarly work on Google Docs

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I actually did some ” technically ” mistakes to show you guys how Grammarly really work, so don’t say something like, ” OMG, this guy really has poor English grammar. ” I do know “this” should “these”! That is kindergarten grammar! Don’t underestimate my English, OK?

  • How does Grammarly work on the Text document on the screen

1. Click the Grammarly on the top of the web page and click ” Grammarly for Chrome “.

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2. Upload the text form document in your computer.

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3. Grammarly would point out all the mistakes you have. You can even download, print or copy to clipboard as you want.

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Everything sounds good to use Grammarly. But there is still something in the downside you have to take into consideration before you use it. Let me show you the comprehensive pros and cons in the next section.


Pros & Cons of Grammarly

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  • The platform of Grammarly is user-friendly and nice-looking. It’s easy for everyone to know how to use it.
  • No late, no anger and no charge. (If you use the free version)
  • SUPER fast. It takes only less than one seconds for Grammarly to find out errors.
  • The free version is already good enough to cover the need for most people. (You can consider upgrading to premium if you are a professional writer.)
  • You can choose American English, British English, Australian English, and Canadian English!
  • Grammarly can enhance your writing efficient and quality.
  • You can level up your English while using Grammarly.
  • Grammarly is almost everywhere on the platform you use such as Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, mobile phone, etc. With Grammarly, you can fix all the stuff!


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  • You should have a basic ability for English. Otherwise, you can’t recognize if Grammarly revises the content correctly.
  • It can not teach you how to write an essay or content from scratch. You have to do it on your own.
  • Never ever to expect Grammarly to teach you how to write an A+ essay.
  • Grammarly will do no help if you don’t know how to write at all.
  • Grammarly only support text file, it can’t help you to check the grammar in PPT or other formats.
  • The free version can not discover the word that is not appropriate in a certain condition and only finds out the spelling error. (show the picture)
  • Not all the mistakes are mistakes. You have to judge it on your own whether the mistake is really incorrect.


Why Do I Recommend Grammarly?

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As a Grammarly user whose first language is not English, I can say that Grammarly is a savior for me. My English is fine but checking the grammar is just consuming too much time.

Guess how I revise when there is no Grammarly yet. I have to ask for my English teacher or American friends to help me to check my stuff. I know it’s better to have REAL people to do the checking but the point is that it takes TIME and you have to WAIT, WAIT and WAIT!!! Also, it will be really impolite that I force them to help me out in a short time.

Time is money. Each time I have to spend AT LEAST 10 HOURS waiting for my teacher or friend’s reply. Sometimes, if I’m unlucky, I would come across the situation that everyone is busy or don’t have time to help me out. Can you imagine my pain? I lose the possibilities to write more content just because I’m waiting for professional revising.

It may seem to be nothing to you. But let me do the calculation for you. If I spend 10 hours for each content than the general people and let’s say I write 3 content for each week. There are 52 weeks per year. That means I only write 156 contents while most of the people write 3 times more than mine. That’s massive!!!

Thanks to Grammarly, it’s one of the great invent that I’ve seen so far. At least it is for me. I can say I would never leave Grammarly. I already stick to it.

The Benefit I Get From Grammarly

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  • It saves me tons of time on checking grammar or content mistakes.
  • Level up my content quality.
  • Instant check and instant revise.
  • Grammarly everywhere! In the WordPress content editing platform, Google Translate, etc. Wherever you are on the computer, Grammarly will always with you.
  • It’s like hiring a 24-hour grammar checker to work for you all the time. No late, no anger and no charge. What a lovely private secretary:))
  • Learning when revising. You can add the words into your dictionary in Grammarly. Grammarly is not only a grammar checker but a learning resource as well.

I did know that grammar plays a crucial role in content, but not until I read this report do I know how much would poor grammar be harmful to your online business, which means that we can not neglect the power of grammar. Those who can use them wisely can boost their brand and reputation. Otherwise, it will stop you from getting better in the career path.

You know what? It would only take you a few seconds to fix it right. Let me show you how to install the Grammarly free version step-by-step in the next section. Simply a few buttons can lead you to go on a better career path!

Back to the point, is Grammarly a scam? I can say that Grammarly is definitely NOT a scam but an amazing and zero cost tool that can help you out!! Want to install it right away? Keep reading and follow the guidance in the last part of this review!


Get Rolling With Grammarly RIGHT NOW!!

How to install the free version on my computer (for Chrome user)

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and type ” Grammarly for chrome ”

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2. Click ” Add extension ” button.

3. You will see this page come out if you install Grammarly correctly.

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4. If you want to use Grammarly on other platforms, simply scroll down this page and pick up the one you’d like to download.


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