how to make money on website
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Steps To A Successful Recurring Income Website For Blogging Newbie

How to make money on website?

There are endless methods to make money on the website.

However, here are some GOLDEN TIPS you can apply to no matter what methods you pick as the way to make money with your site.

The good news is that these tips are suitable for EVERYONE even for blogger newbies.

No experience required and no skills needed.

Follow these hacks in the post and make money with your website RIGHT NOW!

  • Make Your Long Term Goal
  • Staying On The Right Path
  • Avoiding Shiny Distractions
  • 7 Steps To Successful Recurring Income Website

#1 Be Familiar With Your Niche
#2 Carry Your Special Voice Into Writing
#3 Have A Good Funnel To Your Money Page
#4 Tracking Your Success & Turn It Into Money Making Funnel
#5 Brand Your Site
#6 Create Evergreen Content
#7 Find Out What People Want & Give It To Them

Make Your Long Term Goal

How to make money on website?
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  • How much money would you be happy about earning?
  • How much would you be ecstatic earning?
  • And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
  • What do you want your online business to be in a year?
  • How many sales would you like to make in the first 3 months?

It is crucial and helpful to have goals regardless of which kind of online business.

With goals, you can quantify and make a practical plan for you to run your business.

Not only write those goals down but post it on social media or you can even make a dream board with these goals and watch them every day.

If you can see your goals every day, then you would feel motivated each time when you see the goals to help you achieve them.

Make sure you put your goals on the spot that you can see them on a daily basis.

Sandy’s HINT // How to make long term plan with your goals?

Step 01 Set up long term goal (a year)

Steps 03 Quantify your goals (time/sales/ money …. )

Step 02 Break them into smaller goals on a monthly or weekly basis

Make sure your goals are challenging but achievable for you.

Otherwise, you probably feel it is hard to achieve the goals and then you would probably quit in the end.


Staying On The Right Path

How to make money on website?
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Try to find the path to the solution the fastest way.

Sometimes, people would prefer to fix the problem or obstacles by themselves for several days or even a few months.

However, it can easily be fixed if you hire someone to solve the problem, which might only take you some dollars but save lots of time.

You probably can fix the problems eventually, but it would take you a long time to go back on the right schedule tempo.


Avoiding Shiny Distractions

How to make money on website?
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  • Stay focus
  • Follow the proven way
  • Be consistent

While running an online business, you are gonna face lots of opportunities to promote something that can improve your online business.

Here might be the common scenario you face: you click the ad promoting about getting more traffic.

Next, you go to the web page of getting more traffic.

Then, you come across another ad of ranking better.

And then you repeat the process again and again…..

Finally, your online business ends up getting stuck or even getting worse.

YOU are the main factor to get your online business successful.

It is YOU that decide what to do and where to go.

As finding the best way that really works and improves your business, keeps consistent and being patient.

Stay focus and not distracted by anything else.

You would bear the fruit in the end!


7 Steps To Successful Recurring Income Website

How to make money on website?
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#1 Be Familiar With Your Niche

Niche really MATTERS.

I discover that lots of people looking for the opportunity before looking for the niche when first stepping into affiliate marketing.

For instance, you find diamond niche really profitable, however, you know almost nothing about diamond!

Can you make money with something you almost know nothing about?

Of course NOT. And it doesn’t make any sense!

Instead, you would discover that if you are familiar with the niche then it would be much easier for you to write and create content about the niche.

That is, it would be easier and quicker for you to make money with your blog.

Sandy’s HINT // How To Find A Great Niche For You To Blog About?

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#2 Carry Your Special Voice Into Writing

Try to carry your special personality into your writing.

Think about the content you always like to read.

You might like to read those content because of its unique voice.

Voice makes your content like a human.

Also, it is the voice that attracts people to read the articles.

As a result, really work hard on delivering a unique voice in the content and just carry that through your content.


How I Find My Voice & How You Can Do It TOO!

  • What do you like to say?
  • What do people like about you?
  • How do you like to be?

Originally, when I just start learning to write content in online marketing and sort of stuff, I get stuck since I find out I don’t have special voice and personalities in my blog.

My content just like articles written by a machine, which are cold and no personal thinking.

People like those content with temperature and life.

They like to read human things that have VOICE, OPINION, and STORY.

Through testing and practicing, I gradually find out my voice.

People like my humorous voice and being interactive, which is the personalities that I like to be in reality.

And you know what?

What are the characteristics of why my friends like to be with me!!

So, it is time for you to try out finding your voice!!

Think about what you usually like to talk about, what people like about you.

Lastly, how you like to be?


Make Your Site Unique & Have Your Own Voice

It is the same thing in building up your site.

You had better having your voice in the site, which can make your site be unique and stand out from others.

The reason why I’m saying to have your site being unique is that you might look at someone’s site that is doing the same kind of things and just literally copies it.

That’s why you need to have your own voice, opinion, and story.

Sandy’s HINT // Tips To Find Your Voice In Writing Content & Building Up Site?

Step 01

  • Ask your friend and family
  • Do some case study
  • Keep track of your conversation with others

Step 02

  • Find out the voice that works the better
  • Ask people why they like about it
  • Think about how you do it

Steps 03

Simply bringing the voice that works the best into your content and site.



#3 Have A Good Funnel To Your Money Page

Have a great funnel that leads your reader to your money page which might be a particular review.

In order to direct people to a particular page, building up funnels and test them out are necessary.

Try out the best funnel which converts better. Don’t be afraid to change things.

Through experimenting and testing, you can find out which review page or funnel works and converts better.

What’s next, you can start scaling your funnel by copy the successful module in other posts and adding more traffic into your site.

By doing so, you can make more sale to earn more revenue by simply leveraging the funnel.



#4 Tracking Your Success & Turn It Into Money-Making Funnel

Where to keep track of the trace

Now that you have a funnel that works.

Afterward, get to know more about your audience and guide them into your funnel!

Have some strategy to track which CTA or affiliate link is working better.

You can make as much tracking ID as you want.

Just make the ID understandable to you.

What would I recommend is that not only make those ids but also create a list like Google Doc that can outline those tracking ID and their location.

It will easier for you to know which ID is on which page.

The more you know which one is work and what area seems to work well in certain page, the better you can leverage that into getting more traffic and sales.



#5 Brand Your Site

  • Logo
  • Profile image
  • Color
  • Theme

A brand can make your site to look really nice and stand out from others because when you have a nice looking site, it attracts people more and makes them stay.

In addition, try to use a simple and stylish theme to brand your site.

Something that looks nice but not over-complicated would a great theme for you to pick up for your blog.

What I highly recommend you to build your brand is doing lots of case studies and researches online.

Collecting the logo, profile, color, and theme you like.

Next, evolving those elements like the brand into your site.

Sandy’s SHARING // The Brand I Like & What I Like About Them

Why do I like Their Brand?

  1. No shiny distraction
  2. No gone-too-far ads
  3. Nice-looking and clean theme
  4. Nice profile image



#6 Create Evergreen Content

( I know you are creating several contents or you already have some on your blog)

Evergreen content is those content that never goes outdated.

To Create some evergreen content which never goes away, your content should offer value and helpful recourse for the targeting audience.

Find some evergreen keywords and write content with them.

Write useful content that always attracts the attention of your target audience.

The more useful it is, the more following you get.

The more following you get, the likelier it is your traffic will increase in the future.

You see…..

Content is the KEY to make more money and the king to lead your SUCCESS.

It would take longer to rank but you can finally get lots of traffic from these content.

It’s tough but it worths.



#7 Find Out What People Want & Give It To Them

  • Find out what people want
  • Give it to them

How To Find Out What People Want

Where To Find Out What People Want

  • FAQ platform: Quora, wikiHOW
  • E-commerce review: Amazon, eBay, Shopify
  • Local event: attend the event or conference about your niche

Through doing research on those recourses above, pay attention to those problems or questions that people are asking all the time.

These are the things people want.

Also, scroll down and take a look at the reviews that people comment for the certain product on the e-commerce store.

You can get more inspiration on what people are looking for and then you can offer that in your content.

Lastly, don’t forget that you are interacting and to write content for the REAL HUMAN.

By taking part in some local event, you can collect the information and get to know more about what people want face to face when having some conversation with the attendees.

How To Give What People Want To Them

  • Solve the problem
  • Bring your voice
  • Offer awesome reader experience

Finally, you are in the phase of giving what people want to them.

Simply offer the solution and tips to solve the problem in your voice or with your opinion, people would love to read your content and would come back to you again!

Also, don’t be too SALESY.

Take care of the user experience in the content as well.

Remember, VALUE always come to first in the online marketing world.

Once you give what the readers want, there would come the money!!


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