Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019

Attention, blogger newbies!

Are you someone who wants to have control of life and still finding the way to it?

Or, do you want to live a life traveling and earning the revenue at the same time?

If you are someone like this and still looking for a way to earn passive income online.

Then I will show you how I do this and how important for you to have great training like Wealthy Affiliate before you dig into the online business!

I stepped into the online business about 10 months ago. I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for 8 months now. So I can really share the whole thing to you.

Since I learned in Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of months, my business starts getting rolling. As a result, I’d like to write a Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019 about my experience with so far.

In this review, I’ll discuss what is Wealthy Affiliate, my user experience in this learning platform, what other members think about it and how can you enjoy the learning program and learning for free in it!

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019 will be detailed out in the following section:

  • What is Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How Wealthy Affiliate works?
  • My thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate.
  • What do others think about Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Pros and cons
  • Conclusion


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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Program Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: FREE or $49 per month or $359 per year

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Do I recommend? Yes!!

Wealthy Affiliate is like a digital university offering training to help people build up their online business from scratch.

In Wealthy Affiliate, the training is targeting the affiliate business model.

But they also have other digital-marketing related training and recourses such as video marketing, email marketing, content marketing and all the things you want to learn in the digital marketing field.

Just type your question or some keywords, then there will pop up lots of related training or discussion about the information you are looking for.

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge affiliate learning community founded by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can easily get access to the founder and even ask some question to them.

To get success, the best way is to learn from those who already get success!

Kyle and Carson are professional affiliate marketer who has experience in affiliate marketing for at least one decade.

In this platform, the main training (online entrepreneur certification and affiliate boot camp) is taught by Kyle himself!

You can just gain the knowledge and technique right from the founder himself!

So, are you ready to build up your dream life right now? It will take you only a few second to joy the big family!

Just click the button below, you are one step closer to achieve your dream with the best affiliate learning platform For FREE!

In the next section, I’ll talk about more details in all the main training of wealthy affiliate.



How Wealthy Affiliate works?

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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How Does This Online Business Work?

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate aims to help people establish their blogs and guide us on how to write some content reviewing or recommending the product or services to a certain targeting audience.

And then, you can get the commission from each deal the audience purchases through the links you share, which is “ affiliate marketing “.

Moreover, there are other aspects of related learning materials and recourses in this community.

Those extension help the members to get higher techniques or strategies so as to enhance our online business.

In the next part, I will dive into all the training in Wealthy Affiliate.

The Training

As I mentioned, there are three main training in Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s take a look at each one of those:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp
  3. Live Webinar Training
  4. Other bonus training by members

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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Do you have an interest or is professional in a certain field?

If YES, this training can guide you on how anyone can build up their online career and earn money based on your interest!!

Let’s say you are a travel lover, then you can have a website in “the niche” of travel.

Whether you’re traveling with lots of experience.

Or you just have an interest and travel sometimes.

Either one is fine!!

Kyle will guide you on how to build up your website step-by-step!!

This is different than the ordinary jobs, right?

You don’t have to choose to earn for living or earn what you really love.

You can actually have both!!


2. Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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This training is for those who want to build up their online business in the “MMO (Make Money Online)” niche.

You can earn some revenue by promoting Wealthy Affiliate or some other digital-related products or services.

3. Live Webinar Training

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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I like this training the most so far~!!

Live webinar training is the extension of learning materials in Wealthy Affiliate.

You can pick up certain topics or the things you’d like to learn.

For instance, you want to know more about video marketing. Then you can find a series of webinar talking about that.

In each lesson. The webinar coach Jay will show you all the stuff LIVE, which means you can see a real and professional online marketer how he do the whole things.

Last and for the most, at the end of the webinar, you can ask the question LIVE!! And Jay will help you out and even show exactly how to do it!! Cool, right?

4. Other Bonus Training By Members

Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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If you still have further question, don’t be panic!!

Just type your question in the search engine of Wealthy Affiliate.

It will come out a bunch of training, question and answer, related-topic blog and learning materials shared by other members.

What I love about this part the most is that you can even contact the member in a private message or leave your reply and further question below.

The members of  Wealthy Affiliate will reach out to you!!

Get Started & Cost

  1. FREE Starter Membership – $0 (Free for life) —————-  Try It NOW!!
  2. Premium Membership ——- $49/month or & $359/year — Sign Up HERE!!



My Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate

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The possible condition with trying to make money online is that you end up feeling overwhelmed, getting confused and not even knowing what you should be doing.

If you want to work and establish a career that way, great, but that’s not enough.

Your daily basis is probably like this: looking at what others are doing and wondering: “ How can he/she do that? How can I do that too?” No matter how much effort you put into the business, it just likes a road with no end.

Learning to build up the online business yourself is the same as doing a gigantic puzzle.

There is too much stuff to learn. No matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together.

What I love about wealthy affiliate is that I no longer feel confused and frustrated.

The step-by-step training helps me to learn and also build up the online business at the same time!

Also, Wealthy Affiliate contains all the tools and information you need.

Just type the keywords in the search engine of Wealthy Affiliate, it will come out with abundant recourses.


The next part of this review will be devoted to what others have experienced in Wealthy Affiliate.



What Do Others Think About Wealthy Affiliate?

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  • Janice
  • What does she say about wealthy affiliate?

I have been a member since 11/2017 and studying and finding affiliate work through Wealthy Affiliate, I have found to be one of the joys of my life!

I am 68 years old and needed to be able to study and work online from my home.

Being a million and a half member company, with well-respected and educated Teachers, with Training that makes WA a university-level education, It has proven to be everything it says!

I can recommend this study and work program like no other, for it’s Community Give and Take makes WA the Best!

God Bless and Good Luck!


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  • Mitch
  • What does he say about wealthy affiliate?

To me, Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity to go from where I’m at to where I want to go.

It’s an opportunity to learn skills that have the potential to make my dreams come true!

I hope this helps,


Above the review, I believe that you already get some basic knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate. In the next section, I’d like to summarize the whole thing about it.



Pros & Cons

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  • Pros
  1. All in one. Save your time!
  2. It’s an updating system.
  3. Learn from the successful online entrepreneur!
  4. None of your questions will be left in here
  • Cons
  1. It’s NOT a shortcut.

You need to put lots of effort into your online business and view it seriously. If you are looking for some way to earn money in a few weeks or even a few days. Then I can tell you it’s not the stuff you want.

So how long does it take to start earning revenue from the online business?

I have the other content to talk about this classic question that all the newbie would ask.

Or, you already know this truth and eager to try but has no clue what should you do to speed up the success of the online career and earn the revenue.

I will summarize the actionable key points that help you achieve your dream to come true earlier!

     2. You need to pay tuition on a monthly or yearly basis.

For those who are in a serious economic condition.

I suggest that you can find an instant job and built up your online business at the same time.

After the online business gets rolling and start getting revenue, you can quit the 9-5 job and enjoy the passive income business!!

It’s impossible to find a platform that really can offer you high-quality and comprehensive training without any paying tuition, right?

Or, if there is something like that, I think it is a scam surely!

As my experience and just to look at how much I improve and learn in these 8 months. I can promise you that it is totally worth it!!




Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2019
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I’ve learned in wealthy affiliate for 8 months so far.

Only in such a short time, Wealthy Affiliate can also evolve and keep updating.

Not to mention the comprehensive training in this community!

Moreover, the tools offering in Wealthy Affiliate are really helpful.

It’s ALL In ONE!!

The updating of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Affiliate Programs: You can find All affiliate programs you’d like to promote just in this platform!!

The training in Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Live Webinar
  • Other Training by the members

Tools service in wealthy affiliate:

  • WordPress
  • Jaxxy (Keyword research)
  • Site Manager (Website management)
  • Site Builder (Website build up under 30 seconds)
  • Site Domain
  • Site Content (Editing content)
  • Site Comment
  • Site Feedback
  • Affiliate Programs

I highly recommend wealthy affiliate to you!!

Now, ………

You’re at the point of decision.

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled.

The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received.

But, ……………..

if you want something different to happen,

if you want to change the direction of your life (or your relationships, or your finances, etc.)

you’re going to have to do something different!!!!

Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome!!!


Extra BONUS!!!

Join the starter, it’s totally FREE!!!  You can come back here to my site and yell at me if you don’t like it (seriously).  Upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first few hours. I want you to make me one promise however if you do join…that you will set-up your account. It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0!! Get started right now!!!

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When joining your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). As you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “greeting” and more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus. Believe me, this is going to be some AWESOME stuff.

You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.


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